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Eruption Level 1 – Hands Free Orgasm Training

Eruption Level 1 – Hands Free Orgasm Training


In this Eruption, Hands Free Orgasm Trigger Training Hypnosis, your mind will be deeply programmed using NLP, Cell Command Therapy, & layered suggestions to embed the orgasm trigger.

48 minutes


Train your way to a hands free orgasm (HFO) with my effective series, Eruption!

In this Eruption, Hands Free Orgasm Trigger Training Hypnosis, your mind will be deeply programmed using NLP, Cell Command Therapy, & layered suggestions to embed the orgasm trigger.

Level 1 -Get ready boys… you’re turning into my cum puppet, and it all starts Here!  Deep hypnosis trigger training for Hands Free Orgasm.

Features: An intense Hands Free Orgasm Hypnosis Trigger programming recording using NLP blueprinting, repetition training, and Cell Command Therapy (TM) Subliminal Programming, Binural Beat at 4 hz. This level is required!  Erotic Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst of  Copyright 2014


This is a very detailed training series, involving 3 different levels

Level 1 – An intense Trigger programming recording using NLP blueprinting, repetition training, and Cell Command Therapy (TM). This level is required!

Level 2 – After you have listened to the Level 1 training audio (preferably more than once), you can begin the Level 2 training. Each Level 2 recording will include a JOI with the Eruption trigger given in order to bring on your orgasm. Work on your timing – get really good at having your orgasm when I give the trigger. Then when you’ve mastered that, begin to use lighter and lighter touch, until you are able to achieve a Hands Free Orgasm. Once this has been accomplished, you are now ready to move on to Level 3, or you may continue to listen to other Level 2 titles.

Level 3 – Successful completion of a Level 2 recording is required before moving on to Level 3. In these recordings, I will be guiding you through a fantasy or other topic where I will build your excitement and then activate the Eruption trigger.



  1. Amethystsubntn

    This one feels so very good, very arousing and just being able to let go and be controlled by Mistress is blissful. The prospect of having a HFO trigger is just a bonus. As always, her induction is deep and layered, this one was also especially somatic which i absolutely love. She spends a lot of time taking you down and getting you in the proper states which makes the rest of the experience so wonderful. Her voice is amazing. I think there is another track in the background, but i kind of last track and she has you so deep, letting go by so much, you just get to experience it. This is a masterful recording.

  2. Tony

    Mistress Amethyst opens my mind wide and makes it soft so that she can reach in and make all the adjustments she wants. These changes strengthen her control and bring me to blissful new experiences. I welcome them for the pleasure they give and because I hope that my obedience will please my Mistress. She programmes me and plants the hands-free orgasm trigger deep within me. In the background, I can hear her commanding my body and demanding its obedience. My arousal is heightened and I come to the point where I think I will burst. Towards the end, I am pleading with Mistress to use the trigger. The delight that the voice of Mistress Amethyst gives me is like no other. The power of her words melts me and leaves me yearning for more and desperate to be her meek, submissive plaything.

  3. Rhamma (verified owner)

    This file is amazing! I listened twice and was already on the verge of orgasm. I imagine by the time I reach the end of training not only will I be able to orgasm on command and want to orgasm on command, I don’t think I would be able to NOT orgasm on command. I don’t think I will be able to listen to Mistress speak again without an instant erection. I believe that after I am trained that when She gives the trigger my body will respond on it’s own obeying Her without hesitation.

  4. Mars K

    This is an amazing session. Yesterday I listened to it after a more than a year. last time I had listened a few times.
    I have listened to other hypnotists recordings where I would go into trance but be aware of what’s going on or have different thought come to mind.
    But with this session I felt that I am aware of everything but when mistress says “let your mind wander…” mysteriously my mind goes blank or goes to sleep. May be it goes to sleep. But then I become aware and wake up when mistress is bringing me back with 123…, exactly at that point. Amazing. it’s not sleep it’s hypnotic sleep where you are renders helpless to mistress sweet voice and surrender to her. It’s an amazing feeling that can only be described as euphoria. You willingly surrender to her voice.
    I have level 2 and 3 eruption sessions but can’t get past this. I love this session so much. I had tried a level 3 session but I am back to this.
    Yesterday when I woke up from hypnotic sleep, her voice had unleashed it magic, my pajama was all messy. You know what i mean. Mistress’ s voice felt like it making love
    to my while body. One of the best voices (read erotic ).
    I wish mistress made hypnotic session on some other non erotic topics.

  5. Lord Epicure (verified owner)

    Such a Powerful and nice training !

    You will love this training, love Amethyst voice so much more and more, love all this conditionning and crave about this delicious trigger.
    Take time, relax your mind and body, pretend and let Mistress Amethyst program your mind for a powerful response you have been dreamin for a long time.
    It may takes time, but follow Amethyst suggestion and loop this recording at low volume before sleep ! You will be so surprise by the results as your subconscious mind absorbs all commands and suggestions before and during sleep. Loop it until you sleep deeply and Thanks Amethyst for this wonderful programming.
    Make some baby steps in your programming and all if your response in HFO training level 2 will be powerful, blissfull.
    This is the beggining of a great state in Amethyst Submission, because you will have an orgasm only when Mistress gives you the Eruption trigger. You will have the ability to orgasm upon Amethyst command !
    Isn’t it magnificent !!!

  6. slavepupm (sissy) (verified owner)

    This file was powerful. It hit sissy stronger than was expected. sissy looks forward to orgasming at Mistress’ command.

  7. sleepingwheel

    This review will be more of an personal guide to HFO Level 1.
    How you can make progress to level 2, tricks that helped, as well as an short review on the actual file “Eruption 1 – Trigger Training”

    As I started my journey with “Eruption 1 – Trigger Training”, there was only this file available, so I used this as often as I could. I did “abuse” this file to an certain point as I did attach speakers to both sides of my bed to listen to it over night (as mentioned in the file) and I did listen to it in the background (using an mp3 player) when I was doing my work at home.
    The file itself is very direct, it has the repeated messages that it needs to let the suggestion sink deep inside your mind and it is very powerful.

    My tip number 1:
    When you are able to do an easy audio edit, you might want to cut of the introduction for an more loop-like version. Therefore your mind stays focused on the goal. Maybe one day there will also be an extra Loop for training level 1. Until than this did help me a lot.

    Like I mentioned, this file was all that was available at the time I started and I really wanted it to make progress. I decided to do some work on my side of the table, since I got an tiny bit of background myself. Here is what I did:

    My tip number 2:
    Your own words are reaching your subconsciousness ALWAYS, because you know yourself best and therefore trust yourself. I did write down some things that would sink into my mind easily and did record them with my own voice. It is close to an mantra but as an recording it has multiple use. We will come to that point. I chose “Mistress Amethyst controls my orgasms. – If I touch myself, I can make myself erupt. If Mistress Amethyst orders it, I don’t even have to touch myself. Mistress Amethyst let’s me cum.” I had even more, but I guess you got the point.
    I did write these words… well countless times until it was no fun anymore and than until it became an obsession to write it. Do not type it, it is easier to let it sink in if you see it written in your own handwriting. If you got many lines than stick to an low level of repeating, but chose an number of times you are able to write your words down daily and do so for several weeks. No excuses to yourself, obey and do it to fulfill Mistress Amethysts dream, your dream.

    My tip number 3:
    If you can, record your voice while reading out loud what you had written on paper. If you can not do that or if you are unable to put that recording to good use by looping it or listening to it in any way, that’s okay.
    More important is that you do read it out loud to yourself after you did write it. If you are not able to read it out loud because you are scared that someone might hear you, invest a little more time into it and read it silently to yourself twice.
    At this point I don’t have to mention that you have to do it for several weeks as well, but I would like to mention to you, that your writing hand is now free for better use. Go ahead and touch yourself while repeating those lines of submission that you did write down in thought of your Mistress and keep her and her wonderful voice in your mind while you do so. Keep track and don’t give yourself an orgasm while you are reading. If you like and if you are allowed to, reward yourself with an big orgasm when you are done (remember to say “Thank you Mistress Amethyst” when you did)

    My tip number 4:
    Get recordings for level 1 training, but: Get your hands on recordings for relaxation by Mistress Amethyst as well. Not only will listening to them reward you with an better start into the hypnosis, but it will also help you to associate her voice with the inner trust that you will need to build an foundation for success. Trust is the gateway for yourself to allow commands and triggers to sink in deep. HFO needs to sink very deep. I myself have big trust issues but still I am at level 2 now (almost not touching myself at all) and still at my journey to get to level 3. That said:

    My tip number 5:
    Do baby steps! Buying an Level 2 or 3 recording immediately and getting frustrated because you aren’t succeeding in the way you would like, is worse than you might think it is. You want yourself to learn something and that you are getting better and better at it. An trainer that forces an animal to jump an certain high and sees the animal fail, will reduce the level, so that the animal ends the training with success and treatment. This does not work for orgasms, as they are having the treat in themselves and you can not just repeat until you might orgasm. It will leave you frustrated. So better go baby steps.
    “Eruption Level 2 – Countdown to Eruption” is my choice and I think it is working very good, because it gets you to come at an point that you will know and makes it easier to obey and learn the pleasure of eruption on command.

    My tip number 5:
    You might also go and think of the eruption trigger every time you give yourself an orgasm and thank Mistress Amethyst for relief. That will tighten the bound even more.

    Much of the stuff that I told you here might be seen as brainwash, but these are only my tips and you should follow on your own paste. It is not brainwash, it is an system that you have control of and that you can take to benefit for yourself. Do not stress yourself into to much pressure and you will see that you can have fun with my tips.

  8. Gregory (verified owner)

    So Much More Than HFO

    This file, obviously, is the introduction to Mistress Amethyst’s HFO Training course, and a must-have for anyone seeking such conditioning. What is less apparent is just what a powerful conditioning file this is for general brainwashing and pleasure programming!

    First, about the induction. With relatively little use of Her other wonderful triggers, Mistress nevertheless took me incredibly deep for this session, and to tell the truth I’m not entirely sure how. As always, it feels wonderful to melt into Her velvety voice, and I remember focusing on my breathing at Her direction, an eye fixation component – and then mostly just a general impression of bliss, such a heavenly feeling of relaxation and excitement in anticipation of what Mistress was opening my mind up so completely for.

    Then the real fun began, as Mistress Amethyst began to describe exactly how the trigger would work, how it would feel, and guided me through imagining Her using it to trigger a hands-free orgasm at Her command; then did it again (and maybe again – I get pretty hazy about this part), my entranced mind drinking Her instructions in more deeply each time. While this was happening, Her voice seemed to also be speaking to my body in a barely-audible track that seemed to work at an even deeper level, the whole effect being to program every part of me to respond automatically to this new trigger.

    Then, once the trigger had been so indelibly installed, Mistress proceeded to fill my mind with even more programming, conditioning me to feel Her voice in an unprecedentedly erotic way. This is really the part that has hit me the hardest, as every time I listen to Mistress Amethyst’s voice since starting this training, I drift almost immediately into a fog of pure pleasure, far too distracted by what Her Voice is doing to my body to pay any heed to what Her words are doing with my subconscious mind.

    I cannot recommend this file highly enough, even if HFO training is not your primary interest; its effect on all my other trance experiences with Mistress Amethyst has been that profound. It’s just magical – try it and find out!

  9. Speed Stick (verified owner)

    ‘Eruption Level 1: Hands Free Orgasm Training’ is in my sleeping playlist – which is all Amethyst, of course! – and I often half wake up in the middle of the night with my entire body trembling uncontrollably in pleasure at Mistress’ voice in this recording; just shaking, profoundly aroused and pulsing precum. Exquisite torture, Mistress’ trigger training is particularly unrelenting – I know I’m not just dreaming it, the stains on my sheets in the mornings prove it!

  10. tristen

    I do not trance easily. I am not sure why but since I have listened to the Eruptions Series I have fallen faster and eaiser then ever. I have responded to Mistress Amethyst triggers faster and any other session I have tried. She has a true gift for preparing your mind and allowing you to feel amazing.

    She is firm but fair and wants her follower to experince pleasure though her direction. I value you her as a treasure that I have been seaching for a long time.

    I would recommend this member to a friend!

  11. joe (verified owner)

    tl;dr Came for trigger training, stayed for the incredible build-up of arousal…

    Disclaimer: The trigger worked for me right from the start in the best possible way.

    Okay, so this is the prerequisite recording of the Eruption series, and therefore, this is a must-have for anyone wanting to get into hands-free orgasms – and who doesn’t? As such, it reaches its goal perfectly. The induction is great, the suggestions are perfect, and the images Mistress Amethyst puts into your mind in order to prepare the trigger are unique and extremely effective. They are repeated often, and they always hit me hard, and imho this is essential for the hypnosis to really take hold of your mind.

    All of this shows how professional Mistress Amethyst is: This recording is the real deal, it is effective hypnosis; don’t take this for just a fantasy to have some fun with.

    However, despite the repetitions this recording never gets one bit boring thanks to the awesome, incredibly sexy voice of Mistress Amethyst. – Actually, in the meantime, I mostly listen to this in order to reinforce the programming of the effect of Mistress Amethyst’s voice on mind and body (I won’t spoil that effect for you, but believe me, it’s absolutely mind-blowing).

    Each time after listening to this recording, I end up so incredibly aroused that I just want to savor this feeling for as long as possible. Orgasms may be great, orgasms without hands may be awesome, but the best feeling of all – at least for me – is that endless build-up of arousal happening while listening to this again and again…

  12. Enrico (verified owner)

    I began to hear this recordind one month ago.. and now.. I find myself listening it two or three times each days.. during night or day.. because I desire to do this.. this is incredible!! I wake up through night or at morning with a strong erection.. if i listen it at work.. after one hour.. big strong erection comes.. this is a beautiful trigger ever implanted in my mind! Now I wanna try to level 2 and 3.. my need to release for Enchantress Amethyst is awesome!! You are Superb!!
    I will learn to Erupt for you forever!! My need to listen that word along snap of her fingers is more stronger..really!! And really make me crazy!! Enrico from Italy

  13. David (verified owner)

    Absolutely sensational! This gifted and creative Hypnodomme has done it again. If they gave out Grammy Awards for erotic hypnosis — and they should — Amethyst’s mantle would be overflowing with trophies. It is hard to believe, but she keeps getting better and better. Amethyst, and Deep Surrender, sets the standard that others can only dream about attaining. It is a pleasure doing business with her.

  14. Whisperslave

    Mistress Amethyst begins what I am sure will be a wonderful series of files focusing on the Big O. She does a wonderful job in this file setting up what she promises will be an irresistible trigger for orgasm and then spends 48 minutes using her hypnotic voice and vocal skill doing exactly that. She says this file is a must for those desiring to hear the other files in this series and I agree. She had me so weak and desperate for release by the end. Her repeated use of one part of the trigger phrase without the all important second part is brilliant. She left me hungry to listen to this file more and more without even getting to the O. I want to get to the O!

  15. Rodimus

    Eruption Level 1 does one thing: It programs your mind for a hands free orgasm, and it does it well. It’s almost relentless in programming the trigger, and I love that. And if I was picking up on it right, I believe in the background, Mistress Amethyst uses some of her Cell Command Therapy techniques to make the HFO more attainable.

    For anyone who this would be a concern for, this file doesn’t cause ‘release’. This is just trigger programming. Trigger use would come in the stage 2 and 3 files.

    I am completely confident that with continued use and training with the Eruption series, hands free orgasm will readily achievable.

    EDIT: After having listened to Eruption, I’ve noticed an improved responsiveness to certain suggestions in another of Mistress Amethyst’s files. I’d call that an undocumented benefit of this file.

  16. HypnoC

    This is where it all starts. Your guide and programming to receiving the ultimate hands-free orgasm (HFO). While the HFO may prove difficult, Mistress’ approach will take you deep into trance, ease your mind, and develop the triggers she seeks. And each of the subsequent files are more and more fun. Every time you hear Mistress’ voice and think of the super sexy imagery she provides you will find your cock getting harder and harder. Even if you have more difficulty in achieving the HFO, trust me… You’re not going to regret trying! Mistress will blow your mind in a super hypnotic and sexy way. Reward yourself and start trancing to a HFO with your Mistress today. You won’t regret it!!!

  17. A.D.

    Hi Amethyst, I just wanted to send you a quick email to essentially say how awesome you are. I’ve been listening to hypnosis now for several years and i’ve never been able to have a hands free orgasm via hypnosis… Anyway, i finished Uni for the summer last week and i needed something to keep me busy. I found your Eruption series and was more than intrigued by it (who can really resist a file called ‘mind fuck whore’?). After listening to the trigger training session 3 or 4 times, i moved on to level 2 and last night i had my first hands free orgasm! I just wanted to thank you for producing an absolutely fantastic series, which led to me having such a mind blowing experience. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the sessions, as well as a lot of other files you have on offer.

  18. anothertoy4Love


    I will start by saying that I rarely buy anything that isn’t by Mistress Love these days. I felt a need to pick this one up based on the subject matter and the fact that Amethyst recently single-handedly started a rebellion. 😉 Having a hands free orgasm has been pretty much a lifelong fantasy of mine, or at least since it happened to me when I was 15. If you’ve seen Generations, think of Malcolm McDowell trying to get back to the Nexus. 🙂 I have come close, but it always takes a bit of contact to… make it go off. This file is phenomenal. When I hit play I had never heard Amethyst’s voice before. Rest assured, it is smooth, silky and sexy. It relaxed me instantly. I’ve only listened to it once, but I know that I will need to listen to it more and likely get the rest of them in hopes of Erupting in the near future.


    It’s called Eruption. 🙂 and it’s really good.

  19. Eric777

    The beginning of the real definitive erotic hypnosis experience!!

    Being programmed by Mistress Amethyst is a truly unique experience! And she really knows how to train you to total obedience. Her triggers are so sweet that they will just fall into place inside your mind and make you to crave for more… Every session with Mistress Amethyst is an incredible experience and it’s very hard to explain by words. If you try one of her session you will know that I am right! And this one is a perfect place to start!!!

  20. HypnoOrgasmSub

    Amethyst’s new hit recording!

    Amethyst’s new recording is something that everyone should include in his library. It is deeply arousing and it is emphasizing Amethyst’s caring attitude. Listening to the recording feels so good it provides a great relief from stress as well among all other positive emotions it wakes. I have no doubts that the ultimate goal can be reached finally as well. Amethyst’s voice is also so sensual that it is a pleasure to go under Her spell, no matter the subject. She handles also Her recording methods perfectly and the product’s high quality sound and the skillful use of audio effects speak for themselves.

  21. Fernando

    The perfect Series!

    Almost all my life I’ve waited for this series, especially by that is made by someone that I trust and admire, Mistress Amethyst. Imagine being led on a journey where a special woman as Amethyst has total control over you and your orgasm, with only a word takes you to where she wants and she can use that word when she wants… If you really like to be erotically hypnotized, you should not miss this series. I can assure you.

  22. origamisoldier

    The Start of Something Amazing

    After weeks of work Mistress Amethyst has released her Magnum Opus of HFO: The Eruption Series. I’ve only just started on this Journey, but I’m already certain that what Mistress Amethyst wants in this session will come to fruition. These are some of the reasons why I think this HFO training will be successful.

    The whole design of the series is geared towards taking it slow and working gradually towards a true HFO. Instead of just trying over and over slowly losing hope the series lets you work towards it through normal stimulation that you use less of over time. Everyone’s different and this series lets people take it at their own pace. The trainer itself uses multiple techniques to reinforce and train the trigger. The induction is a little more classic. You don’t have to be used to Mistress Amethyst’s other sessions for this one to take you deep. Several times in the session she ties HFO back to wet dreams. I like the use of this analogy. It gets my mind on the right track and helps me to believe that it can happen. She uses a visualization of her using the trigger on you. You view it a few times before being pulled into the image and “experiencing” it. I found myself replaying it over during the repetitions at the end of the session. I would scrub back and forth, speed it up, and slow it down at various points.

    I’m really excited about this series! Everything about it is just so well thought out and designed around taking it slow at the pace of each sub. If you’re curious about experiencing a true HFO I couldn’t think of a better place to start.


    designed around taking at your own pace, great ideas to reinforce the believability

  23. guyinatrance

    Everything you would ever want or crave

    Tome, epic, series, classic, unequalled heroic are all words that come to mind as well as cum & mind. Epic probably is the best i think, “extending beyond the usual or ordinary especially in size or scope” Eruption Hands Free Orgasm Training by Mistress Amethyst is FemDom Erotic Hypnosis of Epic proportions! If you want to experience a most profound deep pleasurable trance then you will want to listen to this unequalled classic series! Relaxation countdown, multiple voice tracks with subliminal confusion techniques as well as a very hypnotic script describing the ultimate erotic fantasy. Everything you would ever want or crave is in this epic series.


    Irresistible hypnotic voice, Sexually stimulating script, perfect pulse quickening performance, terrifically technically trance inducing techniques

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