The Fractionation Loop

Over & Over, using the fractionation triggers against your will, you will find yourself looping up and down in a wave of erotic trance.

20 minutes


Taking you up and down in a wave of fractionation hypnosis.

I know how you boys love to follow my voice.  In this hypnosis file, I will lead you into a DEEP state of trance using the countdown trigger as well as the DEEP trigger.  Then I will count you up to a lighter state before dropping you back down again using the triggers.  Each time that you drop back down into trance, you  go deeper than the time before.  Each time, your arousal builds stronger than before.  Over & Over, using the triggers against your will, you will find yourself looping up and down in a wave of erotic trance.



Either stack the loops in an order of your choice OR create a Loop playlist and hit random baby!

Possible ways to use a playlist:

  1. Put all the loops in a playlist roll the dice (1). Whatever # you get is the # of loops that you will listen to. If you get 1, then roll again to see how many time you will listen to that 1 loop. If you get 3, then you will only listen to the first 3 loops that play at random. Will an orgasm be part of it? Or will you end the game with blue balls?
  2. Create a play list where you duplicate the titles. You might have The Edging Loop or one of the arousal building loops in there multiple times so that it comes up more than once.

Features: 10-1 countdown, Deep Trigger, Fractionation (taking you up & down in trance), double voice tracks, 20 minutes of FemDom & Erotic hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst of Copyright 2014


  1. fioletowy czolenka (verified owner)

    This loop is a review of triggers for going into deep trance. As with Deep Down Loop Mistress has us “riding the hypnotic wave” in that she first takes us into deep trance and then brings us up again. However, instead of having the listener become fully awake she brings him up into a light trance for a few moments. I opened my eyes and was aware of what she was doing with me, was aware of my surroundings, etc. Then she would send me back down again. And then up again.

    Lying there in light trance with my eyes open, but still being controlled by Mistress, was a unique feeling. I could see the outside world, but was not part of it. I was still in Mistress Amethysts’s world. It was like looking through a window at a scene, but you can not be part of that scene. You were still in that other world. She would bring me up to that window a few more times and tease me by allowing me to look through, but Mistress always kept me with her, always in her complete control.


  2. Beau R

    The Fractionation Loop is a marvelous way to lose track of time as you ride Mistress Amethyst’s hypnotic waves, Her voice counting you down into deep, erotic trance and then leading you back up again – only to be plunged even deeper into obedient bliss, deeper, deeper, and then back up, but only for a moment, until the next wave of Her spell washes over you and you sink gratefully into the deepest trance yet, more and more deeply hypnotized, more and more aroused, and falling ever deeper under Her hypnotic control… the longer you loop this one, the more you’ll never want to come back!

  3. Jeanjean (verified owner)

    Mistress Amethyst is sending us into a blisfful state of Trance with this Fractionaion Loop. You will feel so horny, up and down, up and down, deeper and deeper. More and more aroused… more and more submissive… Our Mistress is a great Artist in Erotic Hypnosis and The Fractionaion Loop is one of Her very best pieces. You will reach Heaven and fall in Love with your Mistress if you haven’t already. Absolute obedience is blissful pleasure.

  4. Joost (verified owner)

    It is a simple loop , in and out and in and out. To fall into trance on commando and climbing out really give you the feeling that your mind is owned by Mistress. The more times you are falling and climbing the stronger this feeling is. Just follow and let Mistress decide what you are doing in your head, or maybe better, what she wants to do in your head. Falling in and climbing out. It is so simple. Just follow.

  5. cristalloid

    As the other reviewers said: rollercoaster up-and-down… it is highly addictive to listen to this file… and highly recommrnded by me, if you wish to establish a strong binding to Mistress Amethyst’s voice… I love it – the loop and her voice…

  6. Dan Evans (verified owner)

    In my opinion it is important to first listen to the Deep Down Loop by Mistress Amethyst before listening to The Fractionation Loop, so that the deep and down triggers are programed into your mind. Though, it may not be required. The thing I love about the The Fractionation Loop is the way it constantly took me up and down out of trance against my will. This had an incredibly arousing effect on me. The effect of losing control to Mistress Amethyst made me feel dominated and subject to her will. Part of the arousal comes from the realization that she can control my body and mind at her command, what a turn on. However, this file is not only a demonstration of Mistress Amethyst hypnotic power over your mind but a conditioning of your will. By taking the listener constantly up and down out of trance she reinforces the deep down triggers while constantly conditioning you against your will to obey her commands, each time gaining more and more control, taking you deeper with every fall into trance, picking you up again from the deepest depths of your subconscious only to pull you even further down again. With each listen the file becomes more powerful. Therefore, loop this file several times over for the best effect or add it to other loops or files by Mistress Amethyst for an even better experience.

  7. Quietman

    Mistress Amethyst’s loops just keep getting better and better. I love fractionation and nobody does it better. This is a must have if you have some of the other Loops by Amethyst. You can create a custom experience this way.

    The induction is one of her finest. She really moves you in and out like a yo-yo. I go very deep for this one, and it is only 20 minutes long. She is at the top of her game with production elements on this one. The recording elements, use of voices, beats and effects are first rate. She has really perfected her craft in this respect.

    I have listened to all of the Loops. I would also add that Amethyst’s skill as a domme keeps getting better and better. She is very subtle, but she always seems to get her way. Her style is like purple velvet wrapped around steel. If you like looping and/or fractionation this is a must have. Thank you Mistress Amethyst.


    Great induction. This can be used as a stand alone or in conjunction with other recordings. A very, very flexible file. This is such a bargain because it can be used so many different ways.

  8. Tized

    This loop is worth so much more than its very low price. It’s 20 minutes in heaven with Mistress Amethyst who plays you like a slo-mo yo-yo (did I just write that?). But that’s what this session is all about: going deep, coming up a little, going even deeper, etc, all the time getting more obedient and aroused for Mistress. Fractionation is such a great technique for deep trances and She perfects it beautifully. She also incorporates some trigger enforcement so that you’ll be able to enjoy Her other work even more as well, and I would suggest putting another of Her files on a playlist after this one because you’ll be nice and ripe for Hers to take. It definitely is a nice stand-alone session, too, but it leaves you in that special state where you want to either keep looping it forever or do another of Her blissful sessions. Highly recommended.

  9. Servus Amethysti

    Ride The Hypnotic Wave with Mistress in the Fractionation Loop!

    This recording offers an amazing experience of “hypnotic play”! Mistress Amethyst will take you on a roller-coaster of hypnosis – bringing you up and down through the levels of trance. This offers a perfect way to experience the trance state through a sort of juxtaposition. That is, when She pulls you up from a deep trance, you realize just how deep you really were a few moments ago (and how much you want to sink back down).

    It is difficult to describe in words, but I imagine hypnosis to be like floating on a viscous purple liquid, with an invisible rope attached to my body. As Mistress induces the trance, I sink under the surface and begin a slow descent towards the bottom. The rope, carefully and lovingly held by Mistress, ensures that I don’t sink into oblivion (and never wake up). Not a perfect analogy, but it’s the best I can do at the moment. Anyway, in this particular loop, She lets you sink down and pulls you back up to the surface a few times. It’s a safe and fun way to play with hypnosis!

    True to Her alluring style, She will also ensure that you stay nice and aroused for the duration. I simply love the feeling of being relaxed yet incredibly horny! As such, this loop is great before other sessions with Mistress Amethyst, as it gets you mentally and physically ready to serve Her.
    Lastly, I recommend a personalized version, as it is a great way to increase the effectiveness of this loop. Personally, I get an erotic thrill every time Mistress whispers my name – like a lover’s kiss. You can sponsor a loop on Her website by following the instructions in the description:

  10. rodimus

    An excellent roller coaster ride of a loop. So much up and down out of and into trance. It’s incredibly fun and reinforces some of Mistress Amethyst’s triggers. I’d say it’s definitely a good choice to either mix in with other loops, stack it before a normal session for a deeper experience, or even just loop on its own for a little. Very worth getting.

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