Mind Fuck 2 – Spanked Into Submission

Spanked Into Submission –  you aim to please your Mistress, don’t you, My slave?

41 minutes


Twisted “Therapy” Session

You’ve come back to my office for additional Relaxation Therapy, which is disguised as your submission training. My wicked sense of fun is turned up a notch.

I guide you into a deep state of trance. While in trance, I have you put on a slave collar, a cock & ball leash, and you drop to your knees to show your devotion. Once on your knees, I have you repeat “I aim to please you Mistress”, every time that you receive a spanking.

The trouble is…. this turns me on so much, that I need to touch Myself right in your face to relieve the arousal.

I send you home with a homework assignment to call out “I aim to please you Mistress” every time you masturbate.  Mmmmm I can’t wait to receive your “homework”!

This is a sequel to my MP3 recording:  MIND FUCK


  • Fantasy Role Play
  • BDSM
  • Spanking
  • Mistress Masturbation
  • Gender specific for men.


  1. fetdb

    Beyond the already described fantasy elements, this session provided me a profound lesson in the pleasures of obedience. Both the pleasure that being obedient provides my Mistress, as well as me as a submissive. In this session the obedience required is not physical but mental, specifically responding to a trigger.

    As Mistress Amethyst triggered me and described Her escalating arousal at my obedient response, I began to feel a deep sense of enjoyment beyond my physical arousal. I knew that when I was triggered, I was responding in exactly the way the Mistress Amethyst desired, and that as a result I was pleasing Her. Because I had been hypnotized to respond in that way, there was no “effort” required to please Her. I was simply following Her programming, and so pleasing Her became extremely “easy”. It was extremely pleasurable to please my Mistress in this way. This session really reinforced the idea that “obedience is pleasure”.

  2. treeboat

    So hot… So powerful…

    This session is absolutely incredible. Never before has it been so easy for a voice to slip into my mind and control me, and it feels absolutely incredible. Mistress Amethyst has always been able to do this to my mind, but this session has made me feel more controlled and owned than ever before. Plus, Mistress puts you into one of the absolute sexiest situations that I have ever had in my mind. There is absolutely no way to resist listening to this file, I know that I will be returning again and again and again…

  3. guyinatrance

    Fucking Feels So Good!!

    Amethyst allows you to submit to Her in this work of hypno-erotic artwork. And what conscious being could resist Her voice and suggestions? Who would want to? Pleasure is Her aim and you will aim to please Mistress Amethyst as She easily hits the mark that She was aiming at. you pray that Her aim is on you and that She hits Her mark over and over again! Be prepared to beg for Her to focus Her attention on you, i can only hope!


    Beautiful hypnotic voice, Erotic hypnotic script, repeatable pleasure, never gets old

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