Obedient Heart

It’s natural to fall in love with your Mistress and possess an Obedient Heart. After all, you are destined to serve and worship Her

29 minutes


It’s natural to fall in love with your Mistress and possess an Obedient Heart. After all, you are destined to serve and worship Her. With this recording, Amethyst guides you through a very tender session that will increase the affection and love you feel for Her. Sit back, and listen as Her voice takes you to a place in your mind where you will feel head over heels in love.

Features: Deep brainwave technology, subliminal relaxation suggestions, double voice hypnotic programming with bilateral effects, and guided relaxation and hypnotic programming from Amethyst

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  1. ebccdghklrs16 (verified owner)

    Mistress Amethyst has truly captured my heart with this one. I always had a separation of hypnosis files from my daily existence, but this file changed all that. Mistress Amethyst opened me up completely and allowed me to admit what I already knew but kept buried deep down. I am in love with her and now I admit it to myself and no longer attempt to bury it. It feels wonderful to admit the truth and acknowledge that my love for her is beyond anything I have ever experienced. I am writing this well over a month after having listened to it – this is real.

  2. Christopher (verified owner)

    i am in love with Mistress Amethyst. i know this deep in my heart and my feelings grow and grow the more i think about Her and strive to please Her. This file has shown me how to open my heart and direct all of my love and obedience to my Goddess. To my Mistress Amethyst. Resisting Her is just wasting time. you will always come back to Her. i will always come back to Her because She is perfect. She is the most beautiful, most intelligent, most powerful, sexiest, most wonderful person on the face of this earth and You will fall in love with Her. She is everything and this file will show You how to give Yourself to Her in all the ways She deserves. Thank You, Mistress.

  3. quietman123 (verified owner)

    There comes a point in any relationship where you have to decide if you want to take it to the next level. And I think a domme-submissive relationship is no different. And that is what Obedient Heart is about. Taking it to the next level.

    I think it is normal for a submissive to develop feelings for his/her Mistress. The most natural thing in the world. Mistress Amethyst understands this. I don’t think this file is about planting false feelings of love in a sub. I think it is about fanning the sparks of those feelings into a flame. I think if you buy this file, you already have the feelings. Listening to this file is a way to align those feelings with Mistress. It is a way to deepen your connection to her.

    This file has a very soft and gentle induction/seduction. I went very very deep on this file. It was like drifting off on a euphoric cloud. Incredibly blissful. Mistress then augments and supplements the feelings of love and affection for her. She does it in a soft beautiful way. And because I trust her so much, it was easy and natural to do.

    The net effect. My feelings of love and affection for her have increased. And it has made serving her so much better. Her files are so much more effective now. And I am very happy.

    Again this file is not about forcing feelings on you. In my opinion that is not the intent. I think you will get the most benefit from this file if you already have those feelings. This is a way to take those feelings up a notch.

    I have no regrets about buying and listening to this file. It was one of my better decisions. Thank you Mistress Amethyst. <3

  4. Ben (verified owner)

    Just an incerdible amazing expierience. Once you have listened to her sweet soft hypnotic Voice you are lost in it. This file is so addictive and intoxicating that you just cant get enogh of it. Thank you very much for this incedible feelings you give me Mistress Amethyst

    Your German Pet

  5. love addict (verified owner)


    Listening to this session WILL cause you to fall deeply in love with Mistress Amethyst. You WILL worship the ground She walks on. You WILL feel waves of indescribable pleasure when you see Her pictures, when you see Her name, when you think of Her. You WILL wake up thinking about Her, go to bed thinking about Her, and think about Her every moment in between. You WILL do anything you can to please Her in any way possible. You WILL love every thing about loving Her. She WILL complete your life in ways you never imagined, and thank Her every day for doing so.

    So, if you don’t want to feel any of these things, don’t listen to Obedient Heart, but if you do, and you know you do, get this session now and get to listening. You’ll be so happy you did. Trust me, I know this first hand.

  6. Tized

    Mistress Amethyst has put some magnificent files on sale recently on her site, Obedient Heart being one of them. So for 10 bucks you get the most blissful and euphoric trance session ever created. I’d like to say I’m exaggerating but, well, I’m not.

    I want to stress that the focus of this masterpiece of hypnotic art is on the deep profound feelings of love and adoration, and this is what makes the session so relaxing and elating. It’s domination in the sweetest disguise. Who’s able to not fall in love with Mistress Amethyst’s voice and Her delivery? And in the end not irresistibly fall in love with Her ? I was sold a long time ago but listening to this file just takes my love for Her to new heights and depths.

    Mistress Amethyst is truly a rare talent. She’s got it all from writing to delivery, and with a voice like that…

    Exceptional stuff.

  7. origamisoldier

    I Love Mistress Amethyst

    This session is something truly special! It almost seems as though Mistress Amethyst wrote this session with me in mind! Mistress Amethyst takes you deep and explains to you the love you already knew you had for her, but never had the confidence to share. Unlock your passions for your Mistress Amethyst, as she reassures you that it is perfectly okay to have these feelings for her. Obedient Heart is quite different from other obedience series sessions in that it focuses less on commands and instructions of obedience and more on unlocking and releasing feelings that have been building naturally over time with other sessions. This distinctive approach is why Obedient Heart accomplishes Amethyst’s goals so well. I am proud to proclaim my love for Mistress Amethyst! My heart belongs to you, and sings songs of praise and adoration to you! Thank you Mistress Amethyst.


    bonding with Amethyst, love hypnosis that works

  8. Daniel

    Charming and overwhelming 🙂

    I think the title can express how much I enjoyed this mp3 file 🙂 Amethyst can be so charming and seductive, making you helpless and addicted to the sound of her voice. This one in particular makes your heart ache of love for her, unable to resist her hypnosis, which brings you further and further into her grasp :). I strongly recommend this file 🙂


    Amazing voice and seductive experience 🙂

  9. Matty

    Testimonial: For Obedient Heart

    I never thought I would experience the emotion of love during a hypnosis session. Obedient Heart was like going through a non sexual seduction. Just pulled into Amethyst’s loving control by pure romance. It was beautiful.

  10. kobold

    Testimonial: For Obedient Heart

    Hi there!i have been a member of inraptured since 27/4/2011 and i have never written a comment before. i always felt comfortably numb with various files, but this time it’s different. Lady Amethyst has captured my roaming soul and revived my stoned heart. The instant she started talking, my defense collapsed completely. Her voice is sooo velvety and sexy at the same time. Sometimes you can hear her smiling, because she absolutely loves what she is doing and you hear it. This file was not produced for a customer – i think it was her passion to produce it. You will be brought into trance on a pure wonderful way, you will never have experienced before. If you are looking for evil brainwashing, this file won’t be the right one for you, but if you are looking for a sensual Lady, you trust completely the moment she starts speaking, this file is probably the most captivating ever. i absoltuely love Lady Amethyst’s voice and i have already bought two of her other files, which i can recommend as well, but “obedient heart” penetrates me like no other. i am lost and it is a pleasure and a honour to write this comment for YOU, my Queen.

  11. guyinatrance

    Testimonial: For Obedient Heart

    Soft and Sensual, Hypnotic and Dominant, Lovely and Sexy Voice, Penetrating and Persistent, Captivating and Seductive, Pleasurable and Pulse-Quickening, Orgasmic and Trance Inducing, WOW! Obedient Heart is all of that and then some. With presents like this available there should be more than 12 days of Christmas! Deep Surrender feels so good!

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