The Taking
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The Taking



Sensual Succubus Hypnosis MP3.  I possess powers that mortal women only dream of, but I need to feed in order to maintain my human appearance and not transform into the winged creature that I truly am.

36 minutes


Succubus hypnosis to drain you dry

While listening to one of my hypnosis audios, I have come for you.  Upon shutting off the audio, I reveal my true identity to your entranced mind.  My HypnoDomme persona has merely been a tool to lure in horny boys, so that I can drain them of their orgasm and energy… and of course, their soul!

I possess powers that mortal women only dream of, but I need to feed in order to maintain my human appearance and not transform into the winged creature that I truly am.

In The Taking, you will experience my powers as I leave you immobile on the bed below me.  You will also feel and sense my seduction while I lure your mind to remain calm as my pussy pumps and suctions the orgasm right out of you… over and over.

When I feel that you have been adequately drained, I will lull you into a deep sleep, where you will remember this experience as only a dream.


  • Induction – Interrupted by Succubus
  • Music for ONLY for about 7 minutes of the file – then music stops with story line
  • Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
  • Fantasy style hypnosis
  • Audio Porn;  Simulated Orgasm
  • Cum Command:  Yes – within the story line
  • No count up at the end
  • 36 Minutes

Erotic Hypnosis & FemDom Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst of Copyright 2016. 

Available for Personalization – Your personalization will include secondary voice tracks:  One to wake you from trance by name as well as 2 others using your name, which will run quietly in the background of the file


  1. sleepingwheel (verified owner)

    There are many things that I have to say about this one. I don’t know if all of this is important, but I did get this File after listening to Mistress Amethyst for a while and trying to get into HFO. I did get the File and at the same time ordered an personalized (my first) version of it.

    So when I began listening to this file I started with the “normal” version and it is a bit weird and something for people who got this fetish for dark creatures of some nature – it did fit me I thought. I liked the session, but being a bit sleepy I didn’t get the best session out of it. That sometimes happens and is just a matter of circumstances. I was a bit concerned about my special version, with my name in it, to make the plot a bit to graphic and realistic for me, but wasn’t that what I wanted?

    I was throwing these thoughts over board and one or two days later I tried my version with my name in it. (in between: I am from the none-English society and got an foreign name that Mistress Amethyst was saying beautiful (it helps if you send a link to the pronunciation-web-page))

    It was an horror trip of mind-blowing, surrealistic outer dimension traveling. I was scared and aroused at the same time and I was right. Everything was way to graphic. It was not like movie or a dream, it became real.

    I was scared, like I said, but all that fell of quickly and I… I don’t remember to be honest.
    Honestly I will try that again, I must, but I can not at this point. I feel as if I signed a contract with the devil and as I write these words my hair stands up.

    Try it for yourself, it is awesome.

  2. Patc

    I love this recording. It is wonderfully erotic. I ordered the personalised file which made it very special. It starts with an induction, then suddenly Mistress Amethyst is addressing you personally, revealing she is a succubus and taking you deeper and deeper until she does what you would hope any succubus will do. I felt drained and very very good. Thankyou for another amazing file Mistress.

  3. QuietMan

    I have never felt like a helpless plaything as I did in this file. Immovable, frozen and completely in Mistress’ thrall. A very eerie and erotic feeling.

    In this file Mistress reveals that she is a succubus. And all of her previous files are there to condition you for this moment. The more I think about that the more I realize the genius of it.

    This starts out like a regular file and is then hijacked by the succubus. In the second part of the file there are very few special effects. Mostly Mistress’ compelling voice. The effect is powerful. The way she does this leaves me with the feeling of helplessness. The way you are captured leaves you no choice but to be her willing and grateful prey. You are just there to comply.

    Mistress is very hungry and she needs to feed. And guess what boy, you are the meal. The way she sets this up is incredibly erotic. She wants all of your seed and she intends to get all of it.

    If you are into multiple male orgasms you should really like this file.

    Fans of the succubus genre will really enjoy this file. Even if you are not, it doesn’t matter. Mistress is hungry and she needs to feed.

  4. origamisoldier (verified owner)

    You may think that you understand Mistress Amethyst’s power now, but this session will reveal to you only a fraction of what she can do to a boy under her thrall. In The Taking, Mistress Amethyst visits you while you are listening to one of her sessions. The interruption is done really well. She reveals the true subject of the session while the old one keeps playing in the background. Eventually, the opening session cuts off and it’s just you and Mistress. No music, no background vocals. She is totally focused on you, and you are totally focused on her (as if you could ever focus on anything else). Once the introduction is through, she explains why she is revealing her true identity and it soon comes time for you to give her what she wants. She uses her words to make your cock rock hard while faint sexy whispers float through your mind. The experience for me was different from other sessions in that while my cock was hard and throbbing, my body was still and relaxed. Normally, i feel the arousal all through my body, but in this session, Mistress Amethyst only needed my cock aroused, and it was so. As she drained me over and over, I felt my body grow weaker and weaker and my cock grow harder and harder. Each time she made me cum in the story these sensations grew in me. When she was satisfied, she left me in a trance to wake up on my own. For a while I had thought that she had resumed the session from the start of the experience, but I eventually realized that my player had just went into another session, and I hadn’t noticed the transition. If you have the extra time, I suggest you bookend this session with two of your favorite loop sessions. The Taking is a fantastic succubus story with a powerful effect. You’ll find yourself wanting to give all your power to Mistress Amethyst with your orgasms in the future. You know she owns them anyways.

  5. Amethyst Mercury

    In The Taking, Mistress Amethyst is at Her creative best: this isn’t your normal Amethyst recording. Yes, it starts out innocently enough… a relaxing trance in Amethyst’s inimitable style… but then everything changes… for She is about to reveal to you, dear listener, Her Secret. And that Secret is something that is going to give you a great deal of erotic pleasure, while giving Her something as well… something you won’t be missing anyway.
    If you can afford to purchase a personalized version of The Taking, you owe it to yourself to do so… hearing Amethyst purr your name into your ear as the recording progresses makes the experience that much more intense and intimate in nature, and The Taking is already intense and intimate indeed. Mistress Amethyst has outdone Herself in tackling the succubus fantasy, and for those with interest, this will become your favorite file.

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