Trance Within A Trance

Trance Within A Trance


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38 minutes

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Explore the uncharted depths of your mind through trance

This is a FemDom guided trance experience

I was inspired to create this file after my own hypnosis experiences from years ago.  They are the type of experiences that you never forget and hope to achieve over and over.  My co-workers and I, at the hypnosis clinic, used to experiment with depth of trance.  One time, I fell so deep in trance that something wonderful opened up inside of my mind.  It was full of color and filled with intense peace.  Bliss is the only word I can think of as a description.

In Trance Within A Trance, I will be your guide into that deep, layered state.

After a long, soothing induction, I let you rest in a state of trance with deepening brainwashing tracks repeating over and over.  Then, I will guide you deeper down and introduce you to the Trance Within A Trance, which has been there all along.

Deep down, at the bottom of trance, there is a crack, which reveals the colors of the underlying trance waiting for you.  Once you slip through, a Universe opens up with twinkling colors that glisten around you and a violet colored beam of light, which can soothe and heal you.

In this cosmic realm, feel free to float here, and enjoy the effects.  As you slowly return back into your waking state, nothing but balance and harmony remain.



  • Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
  • Themes:  Deep trance;  balance & harmony;  internal cosmic universe;  FemDom hypnosis
  • Tone:  Soft and whispery
  • Delta brainwave technology
  • Count Up at the end:  No
  • Humiliation:  No
  • Goddess / Amethyst Worship:  No
  • Erotic Content:  No
  • 36 Minutes of voice – 38 Minutes total MP3

Erotic Hypnosis & FemDom Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst of Copyright 2017

As with any hypnosis session, results vary


  • ASMR / Whisper hypnosis
  • Deep Trance
  • Escapism

DISCLAIMER:  As with any hypnosis session, results vary.  For entertainment purposes only. By purchasing or indulging in this product on or off of this site, you consent fully to any physical or mental consequences that may result from experiencing the content within the product, and expressively waive any claims or complaints that you may have as a result thereof. You fully acknowledge and consent that you will only do things that you desire to do of your own free will and choosing, and that I have no power to force or make you do anything that you do not wish to do. This product may contain binaural tones which may be unsuitable for some people, such as those who suffer from epileptic seizures. Seek medical advice before indulging and discontinue use if you experience any negative consequences.  Only listen to this file while in a safe environment, preferably  lying down.  NEVER listen while operating machinery of any kind.


  1. Beau R

    This session is such a profoundly deep trance experience it’s a little difficult to review in any detail. While non-erotic, it is still quite heavenly to be guided by Mistress Amethyst’s voice into such a deeply relaxed, hypnotic state, and then even deeper, and deeper, until time, place, the physical world itself seems like a distant abstraction… as deep in trance as one can possibly be… only… Mistress has other ideas, revealing endless gulfs of even deeper trance, hypnotic world without end… it’s an amazing, priceless experience, and one more reason to adore Mistress Amethyst! <3

  2. MB247 (verified owner)

    I would like everyone to know what a kind & loving Hypnodomme Mistress Amethyst is. For those who may not already know Mistress Amethyst is a very highly skilled clinical hypnotherapist and worked as a Supervisor and Head Hypnotist in a clinic, so what I’m about to tell you is no BS. After releasing this file, Mistress Amethyst contacted me to let me know about it. She knows I’m chronically ill and thought this file might be helpful to me. She explained to me that it’s based on a coma state that she experienced. She further explained that When she learned about a coma state, she was told that there is a theory that when you’re in a coma state, your subconscious mind enters into a high level of healing. So in this file she has added suggestions that your body is balancing and healing itself. How amazing and kind is that? Can you imagine what a deep trance file this is if Mistress Amethyst is trying to help you to go so deep into trance that you achieve this desired coma state? I’m treating this file as a precious gift from Mistress Amethyst and I think you should too.

    Please don’t get me wrong about what I have said so far, the bulk of this file is not focused on healing this is achieved subtly. The bulk of this file feels like it’s purely focused on achieving as deep of a trance as you could possibly ever achieve and then go even beyond that, thus the title “Trance Within A Trance”. One might not even notice the healing properties of this file unless Mistress Amethyst explained it, as she did to me, but it is an extra gift from her.

    This file gave me the most relaxing and deepest trance that I have ever experienced. This is an expertly crafted file, the induction leaves you feeling all warm and cozy, safe and comforted. The body of the file keeps coaxing you deeper and deeper into hypnotic bliss. The feeling is profound and amazing and it will enhance your ability to relax, let go and trance deeper than you have ever before.

    This file uses the “DEEP” and “DOWN’ triggers a lot, I would highly recommend listening to the file “DEEP DOWN LOOP” and becoming familiar with it ( listen & repeat ), it will help reinforce those triggers and it’s an awesome file all on its own. just a suggestion.

    If you love deep trance files then this one is definitely for you, you will love it, it’s a must have file for your collection.

    If you are thinking that this is a “non-erotic” file and it is not for you, then you are making a big mistake and doing yourself a great disservice, one you are missing out on one of the most amazing trances you’ll ever have which can feel so erotic all on its own and second it’s a learning experience that will help you go even deeper in the other files that you already love to listen to, so in this regard it’s a win win situation. Don’t pass it up!

    Thank you so much Mistress Amethyst, this file is amazing beyond words, you are such a caring and kind hearted Mistress. <3

  3. Always Agree (verified owner)

    If you find yourself here right now, chances are, at some point in your life, you found an unusual interest in hypnosis. You saw a movie or tv show, or maybe even read a book about it, and you found something strangely compelling about it. Before you understood the possible eroticism in giving over your control to a hypnotist, you found something enticing about hypnosis itself.

    This file very much gets to the heart of that and where many of our journeys began. This is not an erotic file, but it takes you so very deeply down, and then reminds you of how good hypnosis feels even if there’s nothing sexual involved. Instead you just feel warm, and safe, and comforted. Surrounded by Mistress Amethyst’s voice, and wanting to linger under her control.

    If you’re new to erotic hypnosis, this would be a great file just to get you familiar with her voice and style before you cross over into a truly erotic experience. It’s also a great file if you’ve long been a submissive of Mistress Amethyst and want a reminder of just how good hypnosis can feel.

  4. Hypnoseducer

    Absolutely amazing session. As before mentioned in a previous review, I started with Ultimate Brain Drain, and progressed to to this amazing session, which has picked up exactly where Bain drain left off. I cannot explain how amazingly relaxing and deep this takes me. I have never been this blank and open in my life. The depth of trance is beyond words. The feeling is unequivocally the most profound I’ve ever felt, and it only gets better each time. Thank you Mistress

  5. Tized

    Holy cow, this file takes you deep. Actually no other trance has ever been more profound for me – this one beats even the amazing Ultimate Brain Drain, another recent file in Mistress Amethyst’s deep trance category. And that to me is an achievement.

    The hypnotic landscapes Mistress Amethyst gradually and lovingly carries you into and through are just magnificent. The fact that the session is focused solely on deep and deeper trancing somehow manages to make it even more erotic and sensual for me than most of the pointedly sexy ones, but then again, I am a total hypno addict. After listening to it for the first time I told Mistress that what I felt was better than anything, even sex. I quickly corrected myself, however, with the realization that this basically IS sex for me. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be in a trance like this AND have sex at the same time.

    Ultimate Brain Drain (the file that I mentioned earlier) has already made me more hypnotically receptive and suggestible and I can already feel these same effects with this one too. These two sessions are incredibly good at enhancing your ability to relax, open up and trance deep. Mistress Amethyst has definitely struck gold with this file category. I can’t recommend this experience highly enough.

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