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And the top 3 finalists are……

1)  CUMMING YOUR BRAINS OUT –  a file that makes us know that our minds and wills will be erased by orgasm. The physical sensation of ejaculation could be vividly
linked with the image of our mind being washed completely away, leaving only an
empty and helplessly obedient slave to Mistress Amethyst.

2)  PARTY ERUPTION (May change title)  The subject is called to Your place to serve at a party. You greet the subject at the door and let him in. As soon as the door closes You drop him into trance.  After that he is brought into a room filled with Your Friends and You order the slave to strip slowly. You have the slave get on all fours on the coffee table. The slave is to be repeatedly used by You and Your female guests all night. You all take turns using strap-ons on him and filling the slave’s holes. You keep telling him how much he enjoys this because it pleases you. When the eruption trigger is given the slave explodes into orgasm and wakes up but it has a post hypnotic suggestion to lick its cum up off the surface it’s on.

3)  FEMALE ORGASM:  The listener is transformed into a girly slut with perky tits and a wet, soft vagina. Once the transformation is complete she is instructed to touch herself as a woman touches herself. The closer she comes to climax the softer she must touch herself until her entire body quivers with arousal and pleasure. Once she can no longer hold back she is instructed to stop touching and let her mistress take over. Her mistress, who is a master at pleasure will take her the rest of the way to eruption… but not as a man erupts, instead as the female body erupts… all over.


I’m leaving the rules up as a reminder of what I was looking for:

Introducing, the Eruption Idea Contest – Oh my gosh, it’s so easy.  Here are the details:

  1. Think of an idea for a public Eruption MP3.  It can either be a level 2 or level 3 file.  I don’t need a script – just a well thought out idea that the general erotic hypnosis fetish community could enjoy.  If you’re not familiar with my Eruption, Hands Free Orgasm series, please take the time to go to the product page and read how the series works.  Read HERE
  2. Write at least one very detailed paragraph and submit your idea to: by Nov 20th to be entered into the contest.  Please use a subject line of:  Contest Entry
  3. You may submit more than 1 idea, but please no more than 3 ideas per person.
  4. I will select my favorite 3 ideas and create a Survey Monkey for the voting process.  You may only vote ONCE!  Please don’t try to undermine the system and vote more than once.  I will do my best to safeguard it, but let’s play fair.
  5. I’m not sure what date I will send out the survey, but I’m guessing it will be around Nov. 23.  I will announce it on twitter and through my newsletter, so make sure you’re following me and signed up.  Once the survey opens up, I will keep it active for 2 weeks.
  6. WINNER will receive their idea as a non-exclusive custom hypnosis file with a secondary track using their name.  For more information about Non-Exclusive Customs, please click HEREValue:  $450
  7. 2 Runner Ups will receive a personalized version of the winning idea.  (Using your name in the background track)  Value:  $100
  8. After the contest, I will also offer a coupon to ONLY those who submitted entries!  The coupon will be for $100 off a non-exclusive custom, so that I can turn your submitted idea into a MP3.  To be clear, the coupon will only be valid for your submitted Eruption idea.

So begin thinking of an idea! 

Need some tips?  I will choose the top 3 ideas based on:

  1. Marketability – it must be an idea that I feel will be popular to a large audience.
  2. Creativity – Look at the titles that I’ve done so far.  Make sure your idea is not too similar to what I already have available.
  3. Not too complicated – Remember, I will be voicing your idea.  It needs to be an idea where I’m either talking directly to you, or where I can narrate the events that are happening to you.
  4. I’m prohibited from selling the following topics:  Chloroform, Incest, Body fluids / blood, Abduction/Kidnapping.  These topics require an EXCLUSIVE custom and therefore, are not eligible for this contest.

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