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Personalize Full Length Session


I record every month on the 15th & 28th



Have your name added to the background track!

This is how personalization works. READ CAREFULLY:

Using the drop down box, select Personalize A Full Length MP3, provide your name in “your info” comment box.

  • In the comments section of your order, please provide the name that you want me to call you and the title that you are purchasing, to be personalized.  PLEASE NOTE:  Not all titles are available for personalization.  The title must have a “Personalize Session” button on the product page.
  • Turn-around time: approximately 1 week, but I will e-mail you when your order comes through to give you a time estimate.
  • VERY IMPORTANT! If you have not heard from me within 7 days, PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER!
  • Personalization: I will re-record the secondary voice track of the file by inserting your name so that it has a personal feel. You’ll love hearing me command you by name!
  • There is no credit nor refund if you have previously purchased the public version of the file. Sorry.








  1. Always Agree

    Mistress Amethyst’s sessions are amazing on their own, but if you get a personalized version it takes things to an entirely different level. Hearing her whisper your name as you fall into trance just makes the sense of submission that much more intimate and real. I don’t personalize every file but I customize all of the ones that really connect with me.

    I’m not sure what file was the first one I got personalized, but the first one that really stands out to me is Slip Into Enslavement. It was such a turning point in my submission. Now I am her devoted slave and I love it so much!

  2. slave j (verified owner)

    I have some personalizations and they are my favorites by far. I will be ordering more personalized than not going forward. I just love to hear Goddess Amethyst speak my name as she taunts and entraps me. It is just so much more rewarding and deeper an experience. It is well worth the extra money as it increases everything about the session… You come out feeling more relaxed, sumissive, aroused and enraptured of Goddess Amethyst than you would otherwise.

  3. Igor (verified owner)

    Having a personalized file is something I cannot recommend enough. Having mistress Amethyst calling your name and making you fall deeper than ever before is quite the experience.

    If you have a file that you really enjoyed and want to get a personalized version of I highly recommend that you get a companion loop of at least that one.

  4. blank

    this is such a wonderful feature! having Mistress whisper your name while dropping your brain into trance is extremely powerful. every time She says your name, it feels like an irresistible tug into deeper obedience and pleasure! thank You, Mistress, for offering such a powerful and pleasurable option!

  5. David (verified owner)

    I have a few of these files. I thought the original recordings by Mistress Amethyst were wonderful, but when I heard them again with her soft, seductive voice saying my name, it took things to another level. Even if you have the original files, order them again personalized. You won’t regret it.
    I listen to every syllable she says, my mind totally focused on her whispers, not really listening to the main audio track. Each time I hear her say my name it sounds so close, so intimate, so personal. I am completely enchanted and intoxicated with these words she is saying directly to ME! I want to hear more and more. Hearing my Mistress say my name makes me desperate to surrender completely to her, and wanting to obey and please her so much more than ever before.
    It is such a delicious experience to share with her.

  6. guyinatrance (verified owner)

    Mistress Amethyst is at Her most hypnotic & at Her most erotic when She personalizes Her approach to relaxing & taking Her subject to a better place that only She can take them. Mistress Amethyst does far more than just use the subject’s name in a personalized session, She crafts Her hypnotic approach to Her subject so they feel the maximum erotic & hypnotic effect of Her words & hypnotic techniques. i highly recommend that a subject get to know Mistress Amethyst & purchase a personalized mp3 so they can truly live out the ultimate hypnotic erotic fantasy that is uniquely theirs.

  7. rodimus

    Having had several files and loops personalized over the time I’ve been following Mistress Amethyst, I can say without a doubt that it is ridiculously worth doing.

    Hearing Mistress say my name makes such a difference. It feels more personal, the suggestions feel more effective. And there’s just something sexy in hearing my name spoken by her golden voice.

    Everyone should own at least one personalized file, if not several. It really makes an impact.

  8. Jean-Claude (verified owner)

    “I never knew a better sound that my name on her lips”
    When Mistress Amethyst created the personalized sessions I immediately adhered, my very first one was “Insatiable Submission”.
    I love so much her personalization sessions, I am on the moon when I ear Mistress Amethyst pronouncing my name.
    It’s so intimate and erotic that I feel intense emotions depending of the theme.
    All sessions becomes very powerfully and I am addicted.
    Knowing that she takes as much pleasure in saying my name as me to listen to her makes me very happy and arousal.
    I also highly recommend the loop sessions.

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