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I have retired Custom Hypnosis orders

I will no longer accept custom hypnosis orders.

If you REALLY want a custom hypnosis session, and want to try to talk me into accepting it, my minimum price will be $6,000, regardless of custom length.  This is the amount of business I lose when I spend my time focusing on one person’s custom order, so I will need the loss of business reimbursed, plus the cost of your custom.  ($6,000 + $25 or $45 per minute for your custom)

There are 2 different types of Mini Mindfucks


Non-Exclusive means that I will create a public version of your custom, and sell it on my website and clip stores, hence, the discounted price.  Please note that I must approve the topic to make sure it meets the non-exclusive criteria.  Please CONTACT ME first to discuss your topic request.

Non-Exclusive also means that your name will NOT be in the main voice track of the session.  You may add your name to the secondary track, by selecting the Personalize option in the menu when checking out.

Price:  $25 per minute


Exclusive means that I will not sell a version of your custom on my website.  It’s exclusively yours.  Your name will be added to the main voice track, but f you would also like to have your name added to the background track, please choose the Personalize option in the menu when checking out.

Certain topics will be automatically considered Exclusive, such as:  kidnapping/abduction, incest, vampire/blood/bite references, bodily excrement, and/or chloroform.  Also, if the custom request contains too many personal descriptions or if it is a topic that I feel would not sell well in the general public, I will deem the request an “Exclusive”.    Please CONTACT ME first to discuss your topic request.

Price:  $45 per minute


Typically, turn around time is approximately 3-4 weeks, but could be more or less.  Turn around depends on the number of orders ahead of you, the complexity of the file, etc.  I will keep you updated on the progress though.


Hypnosis sessions are non-refundable, as success is dependent upon mutual cooperation and participation. This is standard in the industry. Doctors, lawyers, psychologists and other professionals do not provide refunds. Satisfaction can not be guaranteed, however, I will fulfill my end of our partnership by writing, recording, editing, and producing a session per your order.  Custom fees are based on my time and effort that I put into fulfilling your order, which can not be refunded.  Cancellations will be considered tributes.  By placing this order, you agree that you have read and understand the refund and cancellation policy.


  1. OwnedbyWife23 (verified owner)

    If you want to truly obtain effective results with hypnosis, the custom mini is a fantastic option. I had requested a series to help improve my quality of life (touching on multiple areas) that I struggled to achieve on my own free will. By tying my goals to my desire to serve my wife, I am on the road to being the best that I can be. I would think of the custom as an investment in yourself: be who you want to be whether its in the Femdom world, how to achieve a deeper and more fulfilling trance or even to just improve your day to day life.

    Throughout the entire process, Mistress Amethyst was proactive on communication, expectations and timing. She was so receptive to the idea and after providing her with my high-level goals, she simply made magic. I could not have asked for a smoother process and am so happy to have taken advantage of this generous opportunity.

    Note: There is usually high demand for these customs, so if you get a shot…take it!!!

  2. Florian (verified owner)

    An amazing offering by Mistress Amethyst.
    If you are looking for an even more personal touch than a personalization or some specific training you should treat yourself to a custom mini.

    I was looking for deeper trance experience and from that vague description Mistress Amethyst created the most exquisite session.
    And what a difference this session makes. All other sessions now feel 10x more intense than before.
    It only gets better to fall for Mistress.
    Much love for my Goddess.

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