How my hypnosis journey began

I wonder how many Hypnodomme’s started their hypnosis journey in the same way that I did?

My journey began in December 1996 when a girl, aged 2 years and 4 months old said to me “A long time ago when I was bigger, I had horses and the man stole them from me”.

I was somewhat familiar with past life memories – I had them myself when I was a young girl, and I have always been open spiritually, and quite intuitive.

I had a spiral near by, so I started asking questions and taking notes.  Do you know how 2 years old speak in a sing-song kind of way?  This had disappeared – it was as if she was a 30 year old woman sitting at the table with me, but stuck in the body of a child.

She told me so many interesting things.  She rode horses and jumped over fences.  She wore a black hat and black boots.  One time, while jumping over the fence, she fell off her horse and broke her left leg.    She said that someone from the stands ran out to help her, and grabbed the horse’s reigns and bridle.  YES… she said reigns and bridle.  I have NO CLUE how she knew those words.  Absolutely no clue!!

She then talked about how one night the barn caught on fire.  One of the horses had gotten scared and lifted up onto his back legs and kicked the “light that we used to see”.  It fell onto the ground and started a fire.  All of the horses had to be removed and taken to the neighbors house.

I was stunned.  I said to her “Did you see this on TV?”

Answer:  “NO!!!  I was THERE!!!”  (try to imagine a very annoyed and firm tone coming from a 2 year old.  I swear if she could have rolled her eyes at me, she would have!)

I would test her and try to trick her.  Months later, I asked her to tell me the story again, and it would be identical.  I would try to trip her up, but she never told the story differently.

Right after she told me the story in December, I went to the new age section of the book store right away, and a book nearly jumped out at me.  I didn’t even read the back cover.  I grabbed it and went to the cash register.  It was “Children’s Past Lives” by Carol Bowman.

Here’s where hypnosis comes in……

I read the book, cover to cover, and it sounded identical to what this 2 year old was telling me.  But also within the book was Carol’s story of how she studied with Ian Stevenson, an expert authority on children’s past lives.  If you’re not familiar with him, I urge you to google him.  His work is outstanding!!

Carol went on to become a hypnotherapist doing past life regressions, not just with children, but with adults as well.  She started to discover that adults began to see INCREDIBLE results after their regression:  unusual fears completely disappeared and even chronic health issues.  She mentions a story about someone who had asthma disappear after a past life regression.

Something happened to me that day that changed me for the rest of my life!!  What?  People can heal from past life regressions?  What?????  This is for me.  This is what I want to do.   I felt it so strong.  Nothing has ever hit me as strong as that feeling.

My Dad suffers from asthma and I called a hypnotherapist right away.  I wanted to see if my father could be healed from it.  Oh… and since you’re making a house call, I’ll go to my Dad’s house and why don’t you give me a past life regression too.  I want to see what this is all about.

My Dad refuses to talk about what he saw.  Apparently it was pretty bad and he stopped the session almost as soon as it started.  He did not receive any healing effects.  He probably could have, had he allowed the session to continue.  But hey… what can you do now.

Mine on the other hand, forever changed me.  I’m also not going to go into it because I could probably write a book on it.  You’ll just have to trust me that it was mind blowing, to say the least… and quite literally in a lot of ways.  And yes, I have found some of what I saw to be true.  Freakiest experience that anyone can ever have.

I asked him where he went to school, and I enrolled as soon as classes began.  I went through their very extensive certification program, then their advanced certification program, as well as the forensic hypnosis course.  I also studied through others, but my school really offered amazing training.

The man who came out to my Dad’s house that day, started a hypnosis clinic and hired me when I graduated.  He went on to become my best friend, and we shared a LOT of hypnosis experiences together.  Lots of experimentation and exploration.

During that time, I met another friend, whom I will call “David”.  David and I also experimented with hypnosis in similar ways.  There were many times that I would see what he was seeing before he even described it to me.  For example:  He described that he saw a scroll.  Wow… so did I!!  I asked  him to draw the scroll he saw and I would draw mine.  When we revealed the drawings, they were identical.  I mean, IDENTICAL!!  Another time, after he learned his wife was pregnant, I had him in hypnosis and I saw a little boy crawl into his lap.  After 10 seconds after I saw that, he said out loud “I’m having a boy, and he just crawled into my lap”.  Sometimes we would go into hypnosis together.  One time, I was experiencing hypnosis and saw a butterfly above my head… then David says out loud “Oh… there’s a butterfly above your head”.   I could go on and on.  I thought about writing a book with him, because we just had so many experiences like this.

David is also the guy that wanted to see if he could ejaculate if he was deep in hypnosis and I commanded it to happen.  I think you’ve read my profile before to know that it did in fact happen.  David is just my friend, and I think we had one of those moments of “oops, we probably shouldn’t have done that”… but for me, I felt EMPOWERED!!!  WOW!  I want to do that again.

I didn’t know of Femdom back then.  All I knew was that this was FUN!  I was a very sexual person, so I started to bring this fun way of doing hypnosis into my personal life.  Wow, did my bedroom become exciting.  LOL

Eventually, I was encouraged to bring my voice out into the public and offer sexy hypnosis to this fabulous micro niche market.  It was scary at first, but I’m so glad I took the risk.  I love what I do, and I love sharing it with so many others.

Oh…. one little update to my Carol Bowman story.   This young girl grew up, and had her best guy friend commit suicide.  His spirit would come and visit her at night, and she was terribly depressed and suicidal herself.  At the age of 15, she attempted suicide.  Psychiatric treatment was given at first, which turned out to be a complete disaster.  I looked up Carol Bowman, who lives just 45 minutes from my house, and she takes appointments!!!  I scheduled an appointment, and we were off to meet Carol Bowman.

ok… I admit it… I was a little star struck when I was invited into her kitchen.  I didn’t want to make the visit about me at all, but I was dying inside.  Here was  the woman who shaped my career and I was in her kitchen!!!

I left during the time when she was doing the regression.  When I returned, the 15 year old girl was totally different – completely relieved and with an incredible understanding about her suicidal thoughts.  From that day onward, her depression lifted completely.  I don’t want to reveal her past life regression, but I will say that a small town in Oklahoma was mentioned and the year that she saw in her regression, was the exact year that this small town was established, according to a post-regression google search.  So much information was verified.

I’m not trying to convince anyone – I just wanted to share my very personal story of how I got into hypnosis.  I will always have a clinical side to me – it’s thoroughly engrained.  I will also always have a “spiritual” curiosity.  I have had far more experiences that have nothing to do with hypnosis that have a spiritual component to them.  This is just who I am, and who I will always be.   Yes, it’s true… I have a sexual kink, and wow, do I love my kink.  But when I’m not practicing my kink, this is who I am behind the microphone.

So I have pulled back a little bit of the curtain to let you in a bit.  :::: smiling & waving hello :::::

Lots of love




  1. This is an amazing story! I would live to have experienced some of this. I’m so intrigued by states of consciousness.

  2. Very compelling story, and a little disturbing. i have been exposed to the concept of “remote viewing”, which helps explain the butterfly incident. The past lives lived business is another story. THAT i find disturbing, but i keep an open mind about all things, and try to address everything scientifically. Remote viewing has an offshoot school of thought, that involves not only a shared consciousness of all that live on the planet, but it has been demonstrated that this shared consciousness transcends time, as we know it, and disturbances in “the force” (measured changes in certain thought related behaviors in the population at large) actually occur hours PRECEDING a major event! Measurements like this were taken by a global experiment before 9-11, and changes spiked hours before the actual events. There really IS more than Heaven and Hell, and we are barely scratching the surface. Get underneath that scratch, into a quantum level, and weird takes on a whole new meaning, as all intuitive understanding and thought processes break down and become useless – and the patently impossible is… the norm. wave-particle duality, Bose Einstein Condensates (BECs) and their Fermion counterpart: the 5th and 6th states of matter, beyond plasma and the stuff WE deal with daily. Then the real mind blower: particle entanglement, that left Einstein saying, Yeah, it is there, it tests out, but it is spooky interaction between particles at a distance. He was dumbfounded. That’s Einstein we are talking about. Go figure. Amethyst: i am with You on this one, terrifying as i find it. Oh, yeah: it was not lost on me that i said “this shared consciousness transcends time”: Transcends… trance… get it? That, and my statement: “weird takes on a whole new meaning, as all intuitive understanding and thought processes break down and become useless – and the patently impossible is… the norm” kinda describes my experiences…. with YOU! *S* clark

  3. As I said on Twitter, that’s a hell of a story. Very interesting stuff.

    I wish the genesis of my interest in hypnosis was as cool as this.

    1. Thank You for sharing! i could read Your words & listen to You all day long! i’m waving back to You, Mistress!

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