Important! Not all files are meant for you.

I will start this out very honestly & bluntly:  Not all files are meant for you!

Feeling relieved?  You may be a new follower of mine, or perhaps you’re a long time fan.  Most of my erotic files revolve around seductive spells, masturbation, arousal triggers, and/or enslavement of one kind or another.  I love these topics!

Sometimes I receive a request, or maybe I have a kink that just isn’t for you.  It’s ok!  No worries!  If I release a file that doesn’t excite those submissive feelings within your mind, then feel free to take a pass on that title.  Yes.  Really.  It’s ok.

I’m have no intention of making every submissive fit into a box, where they need to be molded by every file that I release.  Some boys are really into panties, but maybe not chastity.  That’s completely fine with me.  Or maybe someone is into enslavement, but they just can’t get into the financial domination aspects.  The examples could be endless.

When I release a file that just isn’t your kink, please don’t ever feel like it’s a subliminal message that I’m wanting to take you down a new path.  It’s not.  It’s just an offer of variety.


I would like to encourage you to be adventurous, though.  Foot worship really turns me on, so would it hurt to try it?  Of course not.  My files stray away from humiliation, so what you’ll experience is an erotic scenario revolving around my feet, in this example.  No harm can be done by the description of an erotic foot job, or kissing my feet.  But if you sample the file and it just doesn’t spin those sexy, submissive wheels within your mind, it’s ok.  At least you were open enough to explore a kink of mine.

Foot fetish is just one example, but I think you understand my point, right?


What I love the most about seducing your mind is the mutual attraction towards a kink.  I love beguiling you… and I equally love your reaction!  I genuinely become completely aroused by your submissive response.  If, for example, I’m taunting you with foot worship, but I sense that you’re just not into it, I can pick up on that and it spoils the chemistry of the moment.   As much as I love foot worship, what I love MORE is the kink chemistry!


My kinks seem to be expanding at an unbelievable rate!  I’m discovering that, perhaps, I DO enjoy chastity, if done MY way!  And I get SO HORNY when a boy hands his money over to me so that I can go shopping or pamper myself.  I also find that I get a special erotic tingle when I turn a desperate boy into a cock loving sissy.  And, oh my…. I am LOVING cuckold in my real life so much right now, so I expect to be recording some of these files soon, as well.


As I begin to release these new genres, read through the file description.  I try my best to describe the file in a way so that you can be aware of the content.  If you feel curious or turned on, by all means, purchase and surrender to your heart’s content.  However, if it just doesn’t do it for you, I won’t be disappointed.

And fear not, my sweet devoted boys…. I will always continue to keep adding files that you typically see on my website.  I have no intention on leaving my current topics and only  work on new genres.  I love having a wide variety…. it’s as wide as my own kinky mind.  Somewhere, in the vast mix of titles, we will continue to come together in an explosion of kink chemistry.  Oh, how I love this!

Keep browsing, sampling, and exploring to see where we can go together as Mistress and submissive.  And as always, let’s have some sexy fun!



  1. Johnny Harris

    Thank you, Mistress, for letting me know this about you. It’s been a bit overwhelming to see the vast genres and topics that are offered online for hypnosis. It’s wonderful to find a hypno-Domme that recognizes that not every kink is for everyone. I’ve enjoyed several of your files so far, and each has been top-notch. I love your pacing, and the seductive quality of your voice. I look forward to discovering more of your files. Thank you again. Johnny

  2. Thank you Mistress for sharing this. Hypnosis is a fetish but also a tool that can help to explore other fetishes. I have never or even understood humiliation. What’s the point of being a dom over a bunch of pathetic little slobs? Wouldn’t it mean more if the dom was over a bunch of intelligent, capable and interesting people? I want to be the best for my dom and I want her to make me better so that I can better serve. I’ve tried chastity, but I don’t want to do it permanently. It’s like fasting. It’s okay during Lent, if you always do it it loses it meaning. I’ve also found that if I stay chase too long it brings out appetites and a lack of control that I find disturbing and unhealthy. I am okay with exploring new things. Like I learned recently that enemas can be pleasurable. Who knew? So, I appreciate that you are not going to force me into a box.

    1. Mistress Amethyst

      Fasting really is an excellent analogy, with regard to chastity. Fetishes are interesting, and it’s true that not everyone can be boxed into the same fetish, nor the same level of a fetish. I want to challenge you enough to explore, but it will never be forced. Humiliation is something that I’m evolving on. It’s something I won’t do on DeepSurrender. When I first began, I had a very strong stance against humiliation. But after doing FemDom hypnosis for a few years now, I’m beginning to realize that humiliation is a fetish for some boys – that they have an erotic reaction to it, and… if we’re being completely honest… they don’t REALLY take it to heart. It’s just a thrill. Coming from a hypnotherapy background, where positive verbiage has been pounded into my head, it took me a LONG time to become a bit open to humiliation. I’m going to offer it on, and the message of this blog still applies: If it’s not for you, don’t feel like you’re pressured or coerced to explore my dark topics. I’m just making it available to those boys who DO love some degradation and/or harsher domination. It’s not for everyone, and I’m totally fine with that.

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In the first years after i found hypnosis i tried a lot of hypnosis files and struggeled a lot to go under. I only had minor success and so, being a switch, i gave up and focussed on my dominant side. This week, due to some random twitter interaction, i found Mistress Amethyst and something… Read more “Changed my mind”

Christian H

I thought that it would be an interesting experiment to observe what effect that repeated listening to “forever Beta” would have on me, if any. Now I find that I take great pleasure in kissing and massaging my wife’s toes and feet. I now agree that my primary goal in life is to serve her… Read more “Becoming Beta”


When I discovered Mistress Amethyst, I was exploring the potential of the erotic hypnose with, I have to admit, some septicism in mind, cause all I found in the net before doesn’t work at all and I was pretty sure to be hard to hypnotize. And than I started to listen the free tracks on… Read more “Stunned by your voice”


I recently listened for the third time to one of your “dark” files. Of course, I was intriqued and mesmerized by your words, voice and delivery . I have become one of your slaves. I could not help myself. I look forward to going deep and deeper under your control . Today I found myself… Read more “I recently listened for the”


For the longest time, I failed to see for myself why Mistress Amethyst was regarded as one of the best HypnoDommes in the Erotic Hypnosis Community and why her files were being praised and considered absolutely captivating.
After my first few listen to her files and opening up my mind to her voice, I… Read more “Enchanting and Extraordinary”

Lewd Rotion

I’ve always been rather shy when i comes to stuff like this but I feel like I need to do this. I’ve been going in trance for a long time looking for something that I couldn’t quite find until I had found Mistress Amethyst. For the first time in my life I feel truly submissive… Read more “I’ve been searching for some one as special as Mistress Amethyst for a long time.”

Anthony Miller

I’ve been around erotic hypnosis for a fairly long time. Over the years I’ve tried samples from a variety of hypnodommes, and seen many more come and go. And of all them, I can say that Mistress Amethyst is the best. Over the years, Mistress Amethyst has repeatedly demonstrated her immense talent and skill for… Read more “Mistress Amethyst is a very special woman and deserves your attention”


Today was one of those times when listening to a particular recording of yours found to have become very receptive to your voice and message. It is the recording of”Helplessly Mais to Serve”. I had foolishly thought that I was no longer under your spell. How wrong I was!.I remain week and helplessly under your… Read more “Can not escape your spell”


If you are wondering whether to take the plunge do it. You won’t be disappointed.
It feels so good to fall for Mistress Amethyst. Her voice is so soothing and her recordings are amazing.
Once you get to know her you realise how much she cares for her slaves.
It will be… Read more “If you are wondering whether”


I have been listening to anything that Mistress has recorded to do with helpless maid. and mistress has indeed worked her spell over me and through me The single word NOW has so very much power over me I really have lost free will. I want to spend my days hearing her enchanting voice. I… Read more “sissy mais”


Most of my life I was convinced I was someone who isn’t hypnotizable. I watched tons of sissy hypnos many, many times over many years and tried to fake it ’til I made it. Didn’t work, none did. A few got close but no one had the mojo to truly put me under and keep… Read more “I was unhypnotizable”

Fred M

Where to begin? Trying to summarize and relate the feelings and sensations encountered while under the spell of Mistress Amethyst’s hypnotic voice could literally fill volumes, yet here I am making the attempt. I have read the other testimonials written here and concur with the other writers: surrendering to Mistress Amethyst is not an experience… Read more “Not to be Missed”


Forever Beta changed me and Helplessly Beta has destroyed and alpha left in me What is next for me?? I am fulled with wonder Thank you Mistress for opening new worlds


I don’t know how I could put this in more glowing terms, but Goddess Amethyst is an enchanting, enthralling, bewitching addictive presence in my life. She has a velvet voice that makes you beg and want her more and more. Easily one of the greatest if not the greatest hypnosis dommes on the net. She… Read more “Amazing amazing amazing”


Although my exploration of online tension hypnosis began in 1998, my fascination with mind control and submission goes back as far as I can remember. It was about five years ago that I began exploring just what came after giving up control, and three years ago that I discovered Mistress Amethyst.
The first thing… Read more “Mistress Amethyst is Everything I Ever Desired in A Domme”

Beau R.

Over the last year I have listened and followed Mistress Amethyst. I love her voice. Even more I love her hypnosis. She always takes the time to guide me down. She never rushes her inductions. When it come the the point of training, programming or brainwashing its so natural and comfortable. She is truly a… Read more “Free Fall”


Mistress Amethyst is not my first experience with hypnotic domination, but Her power is truly several times greater than any I had met before. I am truly in awe of Mistress Amethyst’s power over me, and grateful that Hers is the web I have fallen into. Surprised daily by the vistas She is opening up… Read more “Staring into Her voice…”

jesse charles

I have downloaded and listening over and over again HELPLESSLY BETA and CORRUPT HYPNOTHERAPY FOREVER.I cannot seam to be able to not listen. I have truly become a junkie on your voice. Both files so aptly describe the situation that I find my self in, truly, I have become a BETA BOY, and wonder if… Read more “now a Beta boy”


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I can write a thousand words here but it won’t suffice the level of enslavement I am in towards Mistress Amethyst.. She is by far the most skilled femdom hypnotist I have ever heard in my life…her voice , from the first syllable lulls my brain with steamy anticipation..
And by the time of… Read more “Enslaved in haze”