Subliminal Messages: The Silent Brainwash

I have always been fascinated by the power of subliminal messages, especially in hypnosis. With the right message, and the right application, you can subtly push the human mind in almost any direction, without the subject even knowing it’s happening.

In erotic hypnosis, I have provided subliminal hypnosis options on Patreon, as a fun way to drive programming deeper into a submissive boy’s mind.   But what exactly are subliminal messages, and how do they work?

If you’re new to the concept, I understand if you’re a bit skeptical. But in fact, subliminal messages have been used for hundreds of years by governments, advertisers, psychologists and countless others as a way of subconsciously steering the human brain.

What are subliminal messages?

Okay, let’s start with the basics.

Subliminal messages are words, commands or even images that are subtly hidden within other messaging, so that they are not received on a conscious level. Instead, the messages are absorbed subconsciously – just below the threshold of conscious perception – enabling the brain to process it without the subject being aware.


We receive subliminal stimuli like this all the time without even realizing it. Have you ever walked out of a restaurant or store with a song stuck in your head, but you didn’t remember hearing it? That’s one example of how our brains process subliminal stimuli without our realizing it.


Because our minds are capable of receiving these stimuli without full awareness, subliminal messages can be an effective way to influence human behavior.


Proven effectiveness


Extensive research has proven that subliminal messages are not just effective, but also extremely powerful.


One famous example from the 1980s involved department stores using subliminal anti-theft messages to deter customers from stealing. And it worked. After “subliminal communications devices” were installed in 50 stores, rates of theft dropped by a staggering 80 percent.


Governments, including the United States, have explored subliminal messaging and other mind control strategies against adversaries. In the first Gulf War, for example, U.S. military reportedly used “silent sound” technology to convince Iraqis to surrender. This involved subliminal messages that were delivered “at frequencies either just below or above the range of human hearing.”


A 2006 study showed that subliminal messages in advertising can also produce surprising results. In the study, participants who were briefly flashed images of Lipton Tea were more likely to buy that brand later.


Today, laws around the use of subliminal messaging in advertising are murky. Court rulings have argued that subliminal marketing falls under the FTC’s laws about deceptive advertising. But who’s to know if messages are subliminal, right?


What are the benefits of subliminal messages?


Okay, so why use subliminal messages in hypnosis?


Simply put, it is just one of many tools in my toolbox to help you get the most from a session. The goal is no different from other methods, like visualization or triggers. Just as visualization helps you to visualize a desired behavior, emotion or outcome, subliminal messages can have the same influence over your mind – but on a more subconscious level.

When subliminal messages are incorporated into hypnosis (especially when they are connected to positive outcomes), they can be extremely powerful at helping you achieve your desired goals.

Want a taste?

Start here to test some of my popular Subliminal Sessions, only found on Patreon! Enjoy!


  1. Jim Thomson

    I have tried quite a few of these with far less than adequate results. Keep asking myself if I am the problem. Hopefully these will work. Thank you

  2. wow Mistress… that was fascinating! i The real world examples you gave, just crazy.

  3. I need to be controlled thank you!

  4. subliminal messaging and sissy hypnos do work in taking a natural submissive deeper into the wonderful world of being a total sissy and proud of it

  5. Will this work to train a somewhat submissive man to go deeper as a sissy ?

  6. @David_Riesen

    A fascinating subject. Do you feel the same temptation as I do to just give it a try? I’ve done it and can recommend everyone to listen to these subliminal sessions on Patreon. They sound like gentle yoga music, like the surf of waves, like gentle meditative, calming sounds accompanied by soft, orchestral violins or rhythmic bells. You can even hear these subliminal sessions while your wife or girlfriend is at home. You can hear them in the car while you’re chauffeuring your parents. You can hear them at work sitting next to your co-workers and no one would have a clue of WHAT you are listening to and WHAT it is good FOR. It also doesn’t matter whether you initially believe in the effect or not. The very possibility that it could work should be reason enough for a either a submissive man or a woman who wants to train her man to become a submissive man to listen to these subliminal sessions.

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