FemDom Slave Tasks from Mistress Amethyst


Imagine this: You download several task volumes and place them into your MP3 player within a playlist. Each day you hit random / play and listen to your task for the day! How exciting!!!

I have several categories:

Erotic: This category will include various tasks which will feature edging or masturbation instructions. These are quite creative and a lot of fun!

Findom: Oh go on… add a little risk to your playlist. It’s really quite thrilling knowing that you have a few fandom tasks within your playlist, wouldn’t you agree? This category is fairly mild and would include minimums around $5-$10 tributes…. but leaves it open for you to give more if you choose. Oh go on….. you can certainly recover from this level of fandom.

Big Spender: Now this is for the big boys – NOT for the faint of heart. This is for boys who really want to make an impact on my life… but can you imagine how exciting that is? These are tribute tasks that will cause me to remember you for the rest of my life. Expect to tribute roughly $300 or more with these tasks. There’s only 3 tasks per volume.

Service: These tasks are meant to help you show me what a good boy you can be. I love and deserve to be complimented, promoted and worshipped. Make sure you add these to your playlist!

Feminization: I love the tasks that I have written in this category. Lots of creative, sexy, femme fun! Some of the tasks involve erotic activity as well as refraining from erotic activity. It’s all a gamble, but loads of pretty fun! (No toys are needed for any of these tasks – I will feature a category soon featuring toy play)

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