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Whether you need specific training, help with an issue, or just want to have your own personal fantasy played out,  I can create a recording just for you!


Go to the “Personalize” tab on this page


The default price is set to:  Non-Exclusive Custom.  If this is not what you’re purchasing, there will be a menu of upgrades, to choose from, on the personalize tab.  Simply select what you’d like to purchase, and the fee will change accordingly.



These custom requests will receive the discounted price, starting at $500.   Non-Exclusive means that I will create a public version of your custom, and sell it on my website and clip stores, hence, the discounted price.  Please note that I must approve the topic to make sure it meets the non-exclusive criteria.

You name will NOT be used in a non-exclusive custom, unless you Add-On a personalized background track.


Exclusive custom recordings start at $800 ($500 default + $300 upgrade to exclusive custom 30 minutes).  Certain topics will be automatically considered Exclusive, such as:  kidnapping/abduction, incest, vampire/blood/bite references, bodily excrement, and/or chloroform.  Also, if the custom request contains too many personal descriptions or if it is a topic that I feel would not sell well in the general public, I will deem the request an “Exclusive”.    Please CONTACT ME first to discuss your topic request.

In Exclusive customs, I will use your name in the main track.  If you would like a secondary voice track, please select it from the list of Add-On’s.


You can upgrade your custom experience by adding a custom secondary voice track, which includes your name, for a fee of $100.  You can also upgrade your custom to include your name in the main voice track of the recording for a flat fee of $150.  Please make sure to select these option in the “Personalize” Add-On section.


There will be a flat additional fee of $250 to upgrade a non-exclusive recording to 45 Minutes and a flat fee of $400 to upgrade an exclusive recording to 45 Minutes.  Please make sure to add this upgrade to your cart if you are looking for a 45 Minute Custom.  Purchase of a non-exclusive or exclusive custom recording is required.  This is an optional “add on”.


There will be a flat additional fee of $500 to upgrade a non-exclusive recording to 60 Minutes and a flat fee of $800 to upgrade an exclusive recording to 60 Minutes. Please make sure to add this upgrade to your cart if you are looking for a 60 Minute Custom.  Purchase of a non-exclusive or exclusive custom recording is required.  This is an optional “add on”.


  • Induction style that works best on you.  (progressive relaxation, countdowns, imagery, triggers, fractionation)
  • A really good summary of what you’re looking for.
  • Style – are you looking for:  Stern, Seductive, Coercive, Audio Porn, etc.


Typically, turn around time is approximately 5-6 weeks, but could be more or less.  Turn around depends on the number of orders ahead of you, the complexity of the file, etc.  I will keep you updated on the progress though.


Hypnosis sessions are non-refundable, as success is dependent upon mutual cooperation and participation. This is standard in the industry. Doctors, lawyers, psychologists and other professionals do not provide refunds. Satisfaction can not be guaranteed, however, I will fulfill my end of our partnership by writing, recording, editing, and producing a session per your order.  Custom fees are based on my time and effort that I put into fulfilling your order, which can not be refunded.  Cancellations will be considered tributes.  By placing this order, you agree that you have read and understand the refund and cancellation policy.


  1. Tyler

    Absolutely amazing. Not only was she able to check every single box I had, but she even read the subtext of the request to create a truly total experience. This is bespoke erotic hypnosis at its finest

  2. Jonathan

    A custom from Mistress Amethyst is something truly special.
    I have always been struggling with trance so after a while i contacted Mistress into maybe having a trance booster custom. She agreed and went to work. Across the timing it took she always kept me up to date on the progress. The result has been a masterpiece beyond words. It’s not just exactly what i wanted, it’s so much more. She knew what made me tick and added in the custom.
    Did it work? Oh hell yea, i can actually trance now and it feels so great.
    If you ever doubt about getting a custom, stop doubting and get to it, the results are more than you can imagine…

  3. Rodimus

    If you’ve been thinking about commissioning a custom file from Mistress Amethyst, even just a tiny bit, find a way to do it. It is worth every penny and I sincerely regret not being able to get one sooner.

    Mistress Amethyst’s hypnotic skill and scripting talent is so great that she was able to take the request I submitted, which I would liken to insane scribblings on a cocktail napkin, and develop from it the perfect file for me. It’s as though she reached into my brain, pulled out the bits and pieces I’d been imagining, and crafted them into a full length file. She is truly amazing.

    I can’t think of praise high enough for the work she has done. She is the best.

  4. Quietman

    Submitted on 2016/02/19 at 6:14 AM (moved from my old product page)

    I recently did a Customized Chastity 30 day Journey with Mistress Amethyst. You can read about my Journey here.

    It was a tremendous experience, that I wanted to keep pursuing. So I decided to get an exclusive customized recording made to recreate the experience on an ongoing basis. But I wanted to be fair to Mistress Amethyst and her time. She is extremely busy and we wanted to come up with an approach I could do on my own. I also wanted to do chastity while wearing a virtual cock cage. But I also wanted to be able to enjoy her new files, even the ones with cum commands. After exchanging several emails, I think we came up with a brilliant solution.

    The file is a 30 day chastity circuit. I do 30 days of chastity in a virtual cock cage, and then I have seven days off to do whatever I like. I then do another 30 days and so on. In the file she encourages me to edge as often as I like. Mistress Amethyst likes it when her boys edge for her. Yum. The virtual cage comes off for edging and re-appears if I get too close to the edge. She also gave me a suggestion, that if I listen to one of her files with a cum command, then I will interpret that as a command to edge. No cumming while in chastity. She also gave two personal triggers that will increase my arousal while caged. I should make it clear that Mistress Amethyst is not my key holder. This file was intended to recreate my 30 Day Journey experience, and be something I could do on my own to serve her.

    The virtual cock cage worked better than I expected. No problems with hygiene, chaffing, or not being able to edge when convenient. I did not have to pester Mistress to be let out of my cage for any of these reasons. “Maintenance” activities can be very time consuming for any Mistress. All of these issues were eliminated with a virtual cock cage.

    The virtual cock cage is a surreal experience. It is more of a mental thing than physical for me. If I get too close to cumming I just stop. Nothing dramatic. My hand just stops. Very cool feeling when it happens. I love being controlled this way.

    How did it work? PERFECTLY. I am ecstatic about the results. It was exactly what I was looking for. I love the arousal. I love the submissive feelings. I love serving Mistress in this way. I enjoyed it so much that I added 5 extra days, so that my recent “release” date would end on Valentine’s Day to coincide with one of her Slave Tasks. I also love the fact that I can still get to enjoy Mistresses files with cum commands. I kind of get the best of both worlds.

    I am always touched how hard Mistress Amethyst works to get these custom files just right. This file was perfect and exceeded my wildest imagination. Thank you Mistress Amethyst for this tremendous file. It feels like you gave me a gift. I will cherish this file.

  5. Dan Evans

    Submitted on 2016/01/24 at 8:46 PM (moved from my old product page)

    My Exclusive Custom Chastity Review This is the best erotic hypnosis file that I have ever listened to up to this date and time. However, it is really difficult for me to write a review of this file. You see part of the file took me so deeply into a fantasy dream world of utter bliss, pleasure and healing that it is hard to relate what happened. It’s like trying to relate the experience of being in a heavenly dream state, vague images of desire filling my mind’s eye, Mistress Amethyst’s hypnotic suggestions appearing in beautiful symbolic form, my subconscious mind being perfectly molded by her luscious soft sexy hypnotic voice. Even now I can hear Mistress Amethyst’s healing transformative voice slowly changing me and fulfilling my deepest desires. Let me try to explain. I have always had the deep erotic desire to be controlled by a strong dominate loving woman. I wanted to be placed into chastity and dominated by someone truly caring and deserving (blushing right now). Mistress Amethyst has fulfilled my deepest desires in this Exclusive Custom Chastity file in a way that no one else ever could. She has also helped me deal with issues from the past that I will not go into here. There is no way that a generalized chastity file could have met all of my needs. Therefore, if you have a special desire or fantasy, you owe it to yourself to have that fantasy brought to life by the greatest hypnotic mistress in the business. Purchase an Exclusive Custom file by Mistress Amethyst, so you can fulfill your deepest erotic desires.

  6. Brian

    Submitted on 2015/11/03 at 12:58 AM (moved from my old product page)

    I just got a brand new exclusive custom from Mistress, this is simply the most erotic experience I have ever had. I have had this fantasy for a while and Amethyst brought each erotic moment jumping out of my mind and into the world… She even improved on the fantasy. I didn’t think it was possible but Mistress Amethyst can make your fantasies an even better reality.

  7. Quietman

    Submitted on 2014/11/04 at 5:45 PM (moved fro my old product page)

    It has been a life long dream of mine to be able to sing. And it is something I have always struggled with. I had some trauma as a young child and I have trouble with pitch.

    Consequently I asked Amethyst to make me a custom session on learning how to sing. I cannot be happier with the results. After only listening to the session a few times, I was able to sing and entire song during my lesson. My voice teacher could not believe it. She was very pleased. I was able to hit all the high notes, I was struggling with.

    Amethyst gave me suggestions on placing my pitch and my approach to practicing. I am very pleased with the Amethyst’s recording. It has been a tremendous help to me. I am not going to quit my day job to start touring, but I do believe I will be able to sing with my friends. This makes me very happy.

    Amethyst makes very good erotic recordings. We all know that. But she also makes very good therapeutic self-help recordings. I heartily recommend Amethyst for anybody looking for any self help recordings.

    Thank You Mistress Amethyst

    Very professional. Showed interest and caring with my issue.

  8. Eric777

    Submitted on 2014/08/10 at 8:28 PM (moved from my old product page)

    A custom audio made by Mistress Amethyst is something special, something you’ll never forget about. She is a real professional and talented hypnotist gifted with the most warm, seductive, sensual voice. Share with her your deepest erotic fantasy and she will make it real… so real you’ll find yourself transported in another dimension where your wildest dreams will finally come true! Trust me: a custom audio by Mistress Amethyst is THE erotic audio you are looking for. Buy your custom today, there is no reason to let your dreams wait one more minute…

  9. Andy

    Submitted on 2014/08/10 at 8:09 PM (moved from my old product page)

    The custom recording Mistress Amethyst created was beyond my wildest dreams! It far exceeded anything i ever imagined! The quality was outstanding & the best i have ever listened to! Mistress Amethyst sounded totally genuine & sincere but still very seductive & erotically naughty! my mind was drenched in pleasure & my cock was harder than a railroad spike! She made me more euphoric than any 10 orgasms i could remember! i loved what She created & begged 4 more such hypnotic gifts!

  10. Subbernaut

    Submitted on 2014/08/10 at 8:08 PM (moved from my old product page)

    If you have not had the luxury of a custom session by Mistress Amethyst you do not know what you are missing. My personal session was a bit scary with how accurately she created what I had been craving in my dreams. It was as if Mistress Amethyst could read my thoughts. Not only was she dead on with my request but delivered an ever so hot and sexy session that on the third listen I was blessed with a hands free orgasm! Call it a bonus if you will. The level of sincerity in this session could only be achieved by a Mistress who truly cares about you and each and every word was delivered with so much passion it could be felt!! This wonderful hypnodom will weave your dreams and fantasies into a mind melting pleasurable experience which is so deliciously executed it will indeed become your surreal reality. Her voice alone will mesmerize you as you drift sensuously into the realm of your desires. Mistress Amethyst intuitively knows how to use your weakness against you giving her the control you seek. I am so very pleased with this special session by Mistress Amethyst that I will be back again and again to have her make my dreams my reality once more. I could not recommend Mistress Amethyst highly enough; she is fantastic!!!

  11. Andy

    Submitted on 2014/01/11 at 8:24 PM (moved from my old product page)

    It has been my privilege to sponsor several custom recordings by Goddess Amethyst. In all cases, i have been supremely erotically excited & deeply hypnotized. my expectations have been constantly far exceeded. Also in all cases, She has remained true to Her Dominant Personality while still working in some small wish of mine as to a Dominant/submissive scenario. In may be a short phrase or word that i find particularly hypnotic and erotic. In each instance, these words or phrases were something She had already used and made me susceptible to. She was just receptive to focusing on or more accurately making me focus on these words & phrases. All of the D/s scenarios She used were ones that She had described on Her website prior to me begging for Her attention to address a wish of mine. i heartily recommend Mistress Amethyst as an outstanding FemDom Erotic Hypnotist and very worthy of influencing your eager and open mind.

  12. Hypnohabit

    Submitted on 2013/10/26 at 8:27 PM (Moved from my old product page)

    Mistress Amethyst is one of the most imaginative and creative hypnotists I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. I have been listening to her since she opened shop and I keep coming back for more. She just continues to amaze with every new release. Most recently I was completely blown away by a custom recording that she did for me about a fantasy I had brewing in my head for over 10 years. I had explained it to other hypnotists over that time but no one could really deliver on it. I really had no regrets over it because the storyline was just one of those things that required a lot of imagination and creativity. Everyone is different in that department and so it was either deemed too complicated or if I did get a session it never really hit the mark.
    Let me tell you that when I received and played Mistress Amethyst’s custom recording it was one of those “OMG!!” moments. This was it! The fantasy that I had playing in my head for such a very long time finally being delivered to my mind, body, and soul by one of the most sensual and seductive voices in erotic hypnosis. Thank you Mistress Amethyst!

  13. David

    Submitted on 2013/10/17 at 8:26 PM

    Amethyst is simply the best in the business. She was kind enough to create three custom recordings for me, and they are all fantastic. I will cherish them for many years to come. If you have a personal fantasy, I strongly recommend sharing it with Amethyst; she is exceptionally talented and very creative, she is unbelievably sexy, and she has a voice that was made for this kind of thing. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed. It is a real pleasure to do business with such a gifted and imaginative professional.

  14. David Shannon

    Submitted on 2013/05/17 at 8:25 PM

    Mistress Amethyst recorded a wonderful custom audio fantasy for me. I have many hours of erotic audio, hypnosis and otherwise, and I also have many hours of custom erotic audios from a variety of mistresses and dommes. I can say without reservation that audio that Amethyst recorded for me is my favorite of all. She is very imaginative and has a fantastically sexy voice. It is plain to me that she puts a great deal of effort and thought into her productions. I couldn’t be more pleased with the result. Amethyst gets my highest compliments, and I think the best way of demonstrating my gratitude is by asking the very talented lady to write and record another for me … and another …. and another ….

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