The Power of Self-Hypnosis

Did you know that you don’t always need a hypnotist to be hypnotized?

Self-hypnosis is powerful (and surprisingly easy) way to enter a trance state on your own, without the assistance of a hypnotist in the room with you. There are lots of benefits to doing this. For some, it’s an effective way to relax and reduce stress, on demand. Or, as part of erotic hypnotism, it can be used to enhance sensation and experience your fantasies on a deeper level.

But what exactly is self-hypnosis, and how do you do it?

Here’s what you need to know.

What is self-hypnosis?

Self-hypnosis is a form of hypnosis that you perform on yourself. Sometimes referred to as auto-hypnosis, it is the practice of self-inducing a hypnotic state. Rather than relying on a second person (known as hetero-hypnosis), you use your own self-suggestion to experience trance, guiding your own thoughts, emotions and behavior.

That may sound groundbreaking to some of you, but in many ways, self-hypnosis is just an extension of hypnosis – it’s all under the same umbrella. You are always the subject. And it’s your feelings, thoughts and desires that are unearthed in a trance state. The main difference is the vehicle you use to achieve that state. With self-hypnosis, you’re doing it yourself.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of self-hypnosis are essentially the same as those of traditional hypnosis. It’s another tool in the toolbox to help you discover and enhance feelings that are already present within you. It helps you to not only see what you desire, but also become what you desire.

And with the ability to trigger that hypnosis on your own, it can deliver even more benefits:

  • Experience positive (non-erotic) changes in your life, such as losing weight, quitting smoking or eliminating other unwanted habits.
  • Reduce and manage stress more effectively, on your own schedule and terms.
  • Enhance your self-pleasure and arousal.
  • Uncover more of your deep, subconscious desires and remove the blockages that may be impeding them.
  • Achieve greater intimacy or sensual play with a partner.
  • Train yourself for deeper and more effective hypnosis sessions with a hypnotist or HypnoDomme.

It really all depends on your personal goals.

How to do it yourself

There are a variety of methods for achieving self-hypnosis, but in general, the techniques are very similar to traditional hypnosis.

Here are some of the fundamental steps I recommend if your goal is to achieve a relaxing state, for example, for the purposes of eliminating stress or preparing yourself for other more specific affirmations:

  • Get very comfortable. Go somewhere quiet where you can sit, relax and remain undisturbed and undistracted.
  • Breathe deeply. Calmly inhale through the nose and exhale out your mouth for a few minutes, eventually closing your eyes.
  • Become the calmness: When you are fully relaxed, silently repeat to yourself how you wish to feel: “Calm,” or use a full-sentence suggestion: “I am calm. I am tired. My eyes are heavy.” Don’t just say it – believe it. This mantra should remain soothing, but convincing.
  • Count backwards: Quietly or silently count down from 10 to 1, feeling yourself entering a deeper state of relaxation with every count.
  • Visualize your surroundings: In your deepest state of relaxation, picture yourself in a setting that embodies that state. This could be based on a memory of a relaxing place, such as a beach, or a new environment you create in your mind.
  • Exit when ready: The amount of time you choose to stay in that relaxed state is up to you. But a good starting point is 10-20 minutes. When you’re ready to exit this state (you can use a timer if you’re unable to keep track of time), count upward again to 10, feeling the weight of the hypnosis lifting with each count and your wakefulness returning.

Again, this is only a starting point for achieving the initial goal of relaxation. You can use other affirmations and visualizations to achieve endless other goals, such as heightened arousal, desires and fantasies.

If you’re new to hypnosis, you may need to practice these steps a few times to make them more effective and powerful each time you do it.

Need help?

My wide collection of titles can give you a more intimate understanding of how hypnosis works and how to achieve the best results on your own.

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