How to Break through Hypnotic Resistance

What do you do when you’re resistant to hypnosis, whether consciously or subconsciously?

In a previous post, I talked about common signs of hypnotic resistance, which manifest themselves differently in each person. For example, some people may yawn, cough, fidget or itch when exploring certain themes during a hypnosis session – usually without even realizing it. This is a signal that the person is resisting, which can be due to a wide range of reasons.For many people, this resistance can be extremely frustrating, because it means something is blocking them from experiencing the full benefits of the hypnosis session or preventing them from reaching their goals.

So, how do you break through this resistance?

There are a variety of methods that can help to eliminate hypnotic resistance. Again, each person responds differently, but here are some of the solutions that I’ve found to be most effective.

1) Self-hypnosis

Self-hypnosis (also known as auto-hypnosis) is basically a form of hypnosis that you perform on yourself. Usually, it looks a lot like traditional hypnosis, except you do it on your own.Self-hypnosis generally involves calming yourself into an extremely relaxed state and repeating mantras aloud, such as “I am calm. My eyes are heavy.” Once in a deep state of relaxation, you can then use visualizations and affirmations to explore the root of your resistance.Let’s break down both of those aspects:

2) Visualization

For example, let’s say that you typically show resistance during hypnosis when sexual or erotic themes are introduced. This could be due to insecurity, a lack of confidence or uncomfortable past experiences. Visualization during self-hypnosis allows you to repeatedly visualize yourself in a more confident state in the context of those sexual experiences.In other words, you visualize the self you WANT to be. And with repetition through self-hypnosis, you BELIEVE and BECOME that self.

3) Affirmations

Affirmations are similar to visualizations in that you vocally affirm the self you want to become (and you can try using both techniques at the same time).Affirmations are encouraging statements that you internalize about yourself or repeat out loud. Example: “I am passionate. I am sensual and delicious.” Once again, the repetition reinforces them as truths and helps to break down your resistance.

4) Cutting the cords meditation

Cord-cutting meditation is a great way to detach yourself from the emotions, memories or people that are the source of your hypnotic resistance.The “cords” can be thought of as energy between you and other people or experiences. Sometimes this energy can be very negative, draining or overwhelming – even when we love the people at the other end of that cord.Similar to self-hypnosis with visualization, cutting-the-cord meditation involves getting yourself into an extremely relaxed state and visualizing yourself cutting a physical cord between you, releasing you from all that unwanted energy. It’s a seemingly simple technique, but it can be extremely powerful!

5) Finding forgiveness and letting the emotion go

This is a common technique practiced by therapists, as well as hypnotists.Hypnotic resistance is often caused by negative emotions that we have toward certain people or past experiences. Often, these emotions can hold us back for years, even decades!This technique helps you to “let go” of those emotions by finding forgiveness, so you can finally move forward. Forgiveness doesn’t mean pardoning someone for their actions. Instead, it means digging deep into your emotions and trying to understand why someone acts the way they do. In turn, you consider how YOU have grown as a person since experiencing those actions (rather than dwelling on how you’ve been held back).There are numerous resources online that can guide you through this process – but it’s important to remember that this process usually takes time and patience. But by letting your negative emotions go, you can move on with your life and remove the obstacles standing in the way of your hypnosis goals.For assistance with blockage release, including moving past secondary benefits, check out General Cellular Release.

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