Key To Successful Hypnosis

The Key To Unlocking Hypnosis Success

Use These Keys To Unlock Hypnosis Success

When you use certain keys, you can unlock your potential and experience hypnosis success!

The subconscious mind will always work prioritize whatever might be in a crisis state, even if it’s lingering undetected subconsciously, rather than give the conscious mind what it wants!  It’s true.

If you would like to work on erotic, lucid dreams, but your current stress levels have triggered something that needs to be dealt with, your subconscious will work on the trauma first! That’s what our subconscious mind does when we sleep – it works out emotional stress and/or issues.

So in this example of erotic, lucid dreams, no matter how hard you work on achieving this goal, if you have lingering stress-related issues, your mind will put lucid dreams on the back burner.

I’m using erotic, lucid dreams an an example of a goal that could be set aside, while your inner mind works on bigger issues, but it could be any goal that you have.

Here Are My Top 3 Keys To Unlock Hypnosis Success

Key #1 – Release The Underlying Cause

First and foremost, if you’re experiencing any level of stress, I strongly urge you to focus on helpful hypnosis sessions.

My top recommendation for releasing the causes is General Cell Release, which is a trademarked form of hypnotherapy, and a specialty where I’ve received an advanced certification.

One of the big differences between Hypnotherapy and general Hypnosis is that Hypnotherapy can help you release the underlying causes of an unwanted behavior or reaction, whereas general hypnosis often just coats over the problem.  There may be short-term benefits, but without releasing the attached cause, you may likely find yourself back at square one, assuming that you’re not a good hypnotic subject.

If your issue is traumatic, I would recommend seeking a one-on-one hypnotherapy session with a qualified practitioner.

Other titles that can assist with general stress reduction can also be found on DeepSurrender.  Here are a few titles, which I’d love for you to explore:

  1. Ultimate Brain Drain
  2. Bubble Brain
  3. SLIP Into Bottomless Trance
  4. Deep Inner Space
  5. Trance Within A Trance
  6. Escape The Noise
  7. Timelessness
  8. Mindless Euphoria
  9. Dissolve
  10. Gone
  11. Cutting The Cords

Key #2 – Meditation

Meditation is the second top remedy to help ease your mind of unwanted stress and emotions.  Time after time, meditation has been shown to not only relieve stress, but to provide a feeling, often described as “peace of mind”.

If you’re new to meditation, I found this great article, which you might find helpful.

Key #3 – Writing Goals As Affirmations

An extremely effective tool for re-framing the mind and releasing unwanted reactions is to write your goals, perhaps daily or weekly, in the form of an affirmation.

For example, if you’re wanting to train yourself on lucid dreams, but you keep having nightmares about a relationship from years ago (which your mind clearly wants to work on and heal), you could begin writing goals, such as:  I release the emotional attachment from ((specified)) relationship, and let it go.  I forgive myself and others for the events that took place in ((specified)) relationship.  I am ready to release all unwanted emotions, and let them go, so that they no longer affect me.

If you would like detailed tips on how to formulate a well-written affirmation statement for goal achievement, make sure to check out my blog, Tips For Writing Goals

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  1. mark pasciak

    I love trance it makes me feel wonderful. I did have a few illusions while in trance. When trying erotic porn I suddenly was in the first Mickey Mouse movie “Steam Boat Willie” Odd thing is Mickey Mouse could see me. He looked right at me and waved for me to come over to him. Another time listening to one of your audios I got a nerve twitch above my left ass cheek. It was like an orgasm firing down my leg. My leg was stomping the floor rapidly and uncontrollably. I was like a dog being petted in a sensitive place . I like being petted like a dog I suppose.

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I thought that it would be an interesting experiment to observe what effect that repeated listening to “forever Beta” would have on me, if any. Now I find that I take great pleasure in kissing and massaging my wife’s toes and feet. I now agree that my primary goal in life is to serve her… Read more “Becoming Beta”


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Anthony Miller

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Christian H

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Lewd Rotion

Most of my life I was convinced I was someone who isn’t hypnotizable. I watched tons of sissy hypnos many, many times over many years and tried to fake it ’til I made it. Didn’t work, none did. A few got close but no one had the mojo to truly put me under and keep… Read more “I was unhypnotizable”

Fred M

I’ve been around erotic hypnosis for a fairly long time. Over the years I’ve tried samples from a variety of hypnodommes, and seen many more come and go. And of all them, I can say that Mistress Amethyst is the best. Over the years, Mistress Amethyst has repeatedly demonstrated her immense talent and skill for… Read more “Mistress Amethyst is a very special woman and deserves your attention”


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jesse charles

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Beau R.

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