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In this hypno mental escape, Mistress Amethyst blows away the bubbles of thoughts within your mind. Experience mindlessness, stress reduction, peace. FemDom

30 minutes

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What if… I could take each bubble of thought… and blow it far…. far away……

This is the mental escape into mindlessness that you’ve been craving!

Your day is filled with so much thinking – so many decisions to make – so much noise & mental clutter, that it’s time to take a mental break from it all.

Come and rest your mind in the soothing embrace of my voice.  I will guide you into a beautiful state of trance, and blow away the bubbles of thoughts within your mind.  One by one, they will float up and away from you, from the mere breath from my voice.

Deeper & deeper down you will fall into mindless bliss.  Your mind is peacefully blank, yet your body is filled with waves of pleasure. This is exactly what you’ve been craving.


  • Induction includes eye open/closure fractionation, 10-1 countdown in secondary track
  • Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
  • Deep delta brainwaves
  • Audience:  Male;  General hypnotic interest
  • No count up at the end
  • Cum Command:  No
  • JOI:  No
  • 30 Minutes

Erotic Hypnosis & FemDom Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst of DeepSurrender.com. Copyright 2016. 


  1. PurpleBoy (verified owner)

    Mistress is so imaginative. This file might sound light and fluffy. Who hasn’t played with a bubble wand. Watching the bubbles float away on the breeze.

    This file is serious. Take all those bubbles you played with as a kid and imagine them carrying away everything thought inside your head until your skull is empty space.

    This isn’t addressed directly in the file, but bubbles are also an image of cleansing. So it makes me think of the motif of brainwashing.

    The bubbles make it seem fun and fluffy. But this file will empty your mind and leave your brain squeaky clean. Leaving you wide open for Mistress’ training and programming.

    Mistress is such a good and imaginative author. In this file she takes a common experience and uses it to draw you into a deep and powerful trance.

  2. Beau R (verified owner)

    Bubble Brain is so, sooo good – an induction that guides you very deep into trance, and then even deeper, your every thought becoming encased in a pretty Amethyst bubble, floating away and emptying everything from your mind until the distance between Mistress Amethyst’s suggestions and your body’s response is less than a thought’s width… and those suggestions! As every stray thought becomes just another bubbles by which Mistress deepens your trance even more, She turns up the heat, flooding your mind and body with pure, erotic, addictive pleasure – being mindless never felt so good!

  3. Lord Epicure (verified owner)


    Purchased on a personalized version, the effect has been so powerful on me. Totally blank, mindless and blissful.
    Sweet relaxation, powerful spell, prentending and let go… All your fears, stress, bad ideas, blockages fade away, leaving totally mindless in a deep state of trance. A deep trance with just one thought : Amethyst voice.
    Mistress Amethyst will calm your mind with het sweet spell, and she will give you a special gift related to your deep state of Trance.
    I let you discover it by taking time to plunge you into this magnificent recording.
    At the end, You will have your mind cleared of any bad thought and ready to absorb any suggestions that Mistress will gives to you.
    Some great art….

  4. Patc

    Another wonderful recording from Mistress Amethyst. I love the feeling of going deeper and deeper as the bubbles take everything away and takes you into hypnotic oblivion. I always have problems remembering much of what happened during the rest of it, but I always wake up feeling great. I got this one personalised which really helps you go deeper.
    Thank you Mistress.

  5. blank stare (verified owner)

    i havent been able to listen to Your voice for a while but got to hear Bubble Brain today. it seemed like a good trance to remind my mind that it always feels good to hear and obey Your voice.

    the trance felt especially wonderful and powerful. Your Voice made my eyelids sooo heavy, and every. word. made. my. thoughts. blow. away…

    images of bubbles were sharp and clear and glowing inside my rapidly emptying mind, and when Your Voice told me that my body was aroused by being mindless… Whew!

    it was some of the strongest mental and physical responses i’ve ever had to a trance. every trance helps my mind to practice obeying and sinking and focusing on Your words. You’re truly sliding deeper into my mind. Thank You, Mistress! 🙂

  6. Always Agree (verified owner)

    This file is one of Mistress Amethyst’s most subtle pleasurable files. She takes you down deep and really focusses on the peacefulness of just clearing your mind and letting her take over. It’s really as much of a stress reduction tool as it is an erotic file.

    You might read that and think that this isn’t that much of an erotic file, but it definitely is. Really it’s that this connects you with the fundamental pleasure of submission and letting go. It’s that feeling that you probably craved even before you thought to look into erotic hypnosis. It’s here in spades!

    What really works well about the file overall is that the visual of your thoughts as bubbles, disappearing, really helps you focus on the experience. As your mind wanders, you’ll imagine the thought as a bubble, watch it disappear, and find your mind so wonderfully empty.

    I highly recommend this file as a custom personalized file. It really helps extend and deepen the experience. You’ll find yourself at the end, so completely relaxed and floating in Amethyst’s influence. It has quickly made this file one of my personal favorites.

  7. origamisoldier (verified owner)

    While the title may mislead you into thinking this might be an airhead/bimbo file, Bubble Brain is actually a powerful blank mind file and one of her best yet! It will slowly take you down into a blank and blissful state of mind with the help of the bubble visualization.

    The file begins with a short fractionation induction that takes me really deep. I like the slow fractionation induction because with fast ones I don’t feel it’s as effective to go up and down so quickly. With the drawn out version, I find it hard to come up from the trance, and when I return it’s a sudden plunge that I’m so grateful for. It feels so good to finally be able to go back to that deep state of trance. Once you’re sufficiently deep, she begins to wipe your mind with the bubble visualization. Each bubble comes from your brain and caries thoughts away. It’s a really powerful visualization and it really made me feel blank and mindless. I even got a little bit of amnesia, which is very uncommon for me in sessions. There was also a strong theme of pleasure, that made the trance feel that much better.

    This session has a lot of connection to Tricks for Trance 2 as the “pretend” theme is used heavily. I feel it also holds a lot of similarity to Absorb Amethyst. Both are sessions that take me deep and make me feel relaxed and happy. Bubble Brain feels like a spiritual successor to Absorb Amethyst, with an emphasis on pleasure.

  8. Tized

    The trouble with Bubble Brain is that it’s too good a hypnosis file to be reviewed appropriately. It’s like the perfect dream that stays deep within you but once you try to explain it in words it flutters away and escapes you. Mistress Amethyst has once again outdone Herself. This file is the definition of bliss.

    Mistress Amethyst released two sessions almost at the same time: A suggestibility training loop called Tricks For Trance 2 and Bubble Brain. They both share the same method of using “pretending” as the means to go deep into trance. Listened together the files make such a killer combination you won’t be the same afterwards, in a very good way. If becoming more suggestible is your desire, you very probably will feel instant definite results with these two.

    If I try hard and describe Bubble Brain I’ll have to use one word: pleasure. The file is all about pleasure – pure emotional, spiritual and in the end sexual pleasure. There’s something about Mistress sensually emptying your mind completely that opens your inner gates to the source of the deepest pleasure you’ll ever feel. Once you give in to it it’s just humbling. And overwhelmingly addictive. I can’t say anything more about the experience that is Bubble Brain. You have to feel it. And when you do your world becomes a brighter place.

  9. QuietMan (verified owner)

    This is a tough review to write. I went so deep and I got so relaxed I don’t remember much of it. I get almost total amnesia on this file.

    My body seems to remember though. I can feel the residual relaxation and arousal from the file. And I feel very eager to listen to it over and over again. So something is definitely happening.

    The closest thing that I have experienced to it is being in a flotation tank. All my senses are cut off. There is profound relaxation. I cannot feel my body. My mind seems to just float off into the ether. I feel a kind of primal arousal in my core. Then I wake up. And I am very eager to listen again.

    This is a great file if you want to totally relax and just silence your mind from all those busy thoughts. I feel so totally de-stressed afterwards. I don’t believe this file was explicitly meant to be erotic, but it feels that way. I think the act of totally submitting to Mistress evokes very erotic feelings.

    I highly recommend this file. It is everything it purports to be.

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