Personalize a Full Length MP3 Secondary Track

Want a full length hypnosis to include your name? Personalize it!
This is how personalization works. READ CAREFULLY:
  • Select to personalize the recording
  • Choose add-on, if you desire
  • VERY IMPORTANT!  I typically respond to personalization orders within 24 hours by sending you an e-mail. If you have not heard from me, PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER! This is very important. I need to know that you are receiving my messages.
  • I will record a version with your name in it, which will be the secondary track that runs through the file. Refer to the personalization levels for details.
  • Turn-around time: approximately 1 week, but I will keep in contact with you to let you know how it’s coming along.

$100 Personalization: Includes a 2nd voice track w/ your name. This will not be a recycled track. I will record this just for your version of the recording. A 2nd voice track, separate from the body of the recording, may includes personalized wording such as, “Drop deeper for me (name)…. I want you to be my good boy (name)… or whatever else I come up with when I’m writing the script.

$50 Add On – 3-5 Minute Special Introduction: Includes a special introduction to your personalized file.  Intro is usually a 3-5 minute message, just for you, prior to the start of the recording.

$50 Add On – 3-5 Minute Special Ending: Includes a special ending to your personalized file.  Ending is usually a 3-5 Minute message, just for you, at the end of your file.


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