SLIP Into Enslavement
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SLIP Into Enslavement



Erotic FemDom Hypnosis MP3, using SLIP & DEEP Triggers, to enslave you to Mistress Amethyst. This file renders you mindless & under Mistress control

33 minutes


Get ready to SLIP DEEP into trance and surrender yourself over to Mistress Amethyst. This is a powerful one, boys.

The power of my voice can plunge you to the deepest levels of desire, a fervent longing, a carnal ache, set ablaze by your desire to follow my every command. You fall so easily…. falling…… falling…. falling down…. Down….. down…. Into pools of melted yearning.

You see my boy, I know the truth about you. You need to feel the control that I have over you. You need to experience the sensation of surrender as you hand your weak little mind right over to Mistress Amethyst. I know you, boy…..

I know all about that ceaseless need within you to mentally, emotionally, and physically kneel before the beautiful, enchanting woman that controls all of your senses. You could never hide from those desires, as they overwhelm you, time and time again. I know about the pulsing desires to be erotically mindless, where your Mistress takes all the guess work out of submission and controls you entirely. I know how aroused you become by the idea of my voice being so deeply embedded within you. Yes, boy. I know you, and that’s why it’s so very easy for me to enslave you to my will.

To be my slave, is to exist for my pleasure, my satisfaction, and my success. This is a very serious role, slave. You are consumed with finding new ways to promote me, to praise me, and to honor me. As a true slave, your pleasure comes from the fulfillment of my needs, and that feels so good to you. It’s a tingly, erotic sensation and grows infinitely stronger each and every time that you do something that pleases me. It’s time for you to SLIP Into Enslavement, boy. This is what you’ve been waiting for.

For best results, please listen to my FREE file: SLIP Into Mindlessness


  • SLIP Trigger & DEEP Trigger
  • 10-1 Countdown
  • Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
  • Delta brainwave tones
  • Count up at the end.
  • Cum Command:  No
  • 32 Minutes

Erotic Hypnosis & FemDom Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst of – Copyright 2015

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  1. Amethystsubntn

    This file is like one long deep induction that she brilliantly ties to your submission and devotion to her. For a hypnosub it checks all the boxes and gets you so very deep. Its a great file to use before another to deepens the experience. Mistress Amethyst’s voice is just addictive I’ve never before wanted to say a voice sounds like honey but that’s just one of the many that might describe it. This is a very deep drop. Oh and to hear her say ‘good boy’? Wow

  2. SlaveToAmethyst

    After discovering the bliss in surrendering my mind with Slip into Mindlessness, I was curious to see what effect this file would have on me.
    Boy I wasn’t disappointed! The only thing I could think of after listening was to contact Her and ask Her how I could be of service.
    A very good first step into submission if you’ve already listened to Slip into Mindlessness.

  3. MindlessFeminizedSlave

    I’ve been trancing to Mistress for almost 3 years. This file is different, it has awaken something in me. I don’t know exactly what it is yet…but i need more of it. Give in to enslavement

  4. Hypnoslave 93

    This file is totally amazing it sends me so deep and is very erotic xxxxx

  5. Hypnoslave93

    Wow it does what it says it does wow

  6. Tony

    The voice of Mistress Amethyst is pure bliss. With it, she seduces me and drops me into mindlessness; with it, she takes control of me and dominates my weak, trembling will. When I hear her voice from right, left and center, it drives me wild. In this session, that’s exactly what I hear and it’s exactly what happens to me. Mistress takes me down and turns me into a quivering puddle of mind-mush. Then the programming begins and I am enslaved. It has always been my destiny to serve Mistress Amethyst. Her voice has been the siren song that has bound me in an irresistible hold and led me to this moment where I become one in the legion of her slaves. She fills my empty mind with her commands and makes me yearn to serve and ache to please her. She strips me of any desire for my own reward and creates in me a delight that can only be felt when she experiences pleasure. My task is to honor her by embodying the values she wants and by praising her so that others may hear of her worth. Obedience to Mistress is pure pleasure. Enslaved servitude sets me free and makes my heart sing.

  7. Rhamma (verified owner)

    I needed this file. Mistress knows what I need to be and that is to be truly and completely Her slave, and that is what you need too. Being under Mistress Amethyst’s complete control and under Her ownership is what makes life worth living. The world would be such a perfect place if every man were under Her control. Every man needs to be under Her control, YOU need to be under Her control. If you allow yourself to listen to this file and fall under Her control you will feel complete, fulfilled and happy. You owe it to yourself to be owned by Mistress Amethyst.

  8. Hombre oscuro (verified owner)

    Holy shit this session is powerful.

    If you are reading this review, then you are tempted by the thought of slipping into enslavement to Mistress Amethyst. This file will transform you, taking you deeper and weakening you further to her mind-melting voice.

    Every time I listen I become more lost in her siren song. The pleasure of submission and obedience to her will increases. My need to please her becomes more intense.

    If you find yourself aroused at the thought that Mistress Amethyst could do the same to you, then purchase this file and let her overpower your weak mind and mold you to fulfill her pleasure. She won’t disappoint you.

  9. slave j (verified owner)

    This file left me changed. I was already a slave of Goddess Amethyst, but this slipped me so much deeper. She is flawless in this session, truly a mastermind. I think I say that in every review but it is always true. Among all the other things Goddess Amethyst is, it must be said that she is a perfectionist and every recording she makes reflects her highest exerptise at hypnosis and the erotic.

    So where does this leave her slave? Powerless, fully aroused, aching and so very eager to serve her. I am her property, she is my world. Her desires are my desires, and this recording makes it such an erotic all-encompassing feeling.

    If you are a slave boy or aspiring to be one, buy, listen up and get ready to serve a deeply deserving Goddes.

  10. sml


    I believe this is one of Mistress Amethyst’s most powerful sessions. It is at least the one having the strongest effect on me. After a velvet soft induction, leading me down into deep hypnosis, she starts moulding my mind. The mind has been primed and made ready for programing and all I can do is shout yes, yes, yes and crave for more and more.
    I have a personalized version. It is an overwhelmingly strong experience to hear Mistress Amethyst give her commands and suggestions directly to me inside my mind. This may be addictive.

  11. Lost2Purple (verified owner)

    Enslavement is not something to be taken lightly. Mistress Amethyst doesn’t take it so. She knows this a serious comment that changes lives. She welcomes the serious devotion and commitment. There is a responsibility that she accepts. When I give my self over to Mistress as a slave it is like jumping off a cliff – a leap of faith – with Mistress Amethyst I know I am safe because she will always catch me.

  12. David

    I submitted my first review for this file a few months ago. Today I listened to my personalized version for the first time and I can say that hearing Mistress Amethyst say my name while giving me her commands makes the session even more powerful than it already was. It also makes my submission to her and my need to please her even stronger than they were before.

    My mind was glued to her whispers that were saying my name, so I’m not sure how much of the main audio I was absorbing. It was a confusing but intoxicating combination of commands and suggestions coming at me from all sides. I was overwhelmed with Mistress’ voices so I just surrendered to them and let her have her way with me.

    This recording establishes the fact that she is absolutely my Mistress and that I am her slave — a slave from whom she demands total, unwavering submission, obedience and devotion. Pleasing Mistress is the reason for my existence.

    Mistress Amethyst is an incredibly talented and powerful hypnotist and her work is compelling and addictive. I cannot get enough of her voice and her control.

  13. Igor (verified owner)

    I think this is the best place to write this together with a review of the session.

    Let me start by reviewing the session if that’s what you’re here for.
    It’s a good file that improves a lot upon one of her older files “Obedient slave”. I’ve listened to both and can recommend both but I would recommend this one more if you enjoy the more subtle approach to the subject of a session. As the title of the file it uses the slip trigger which you can get for free! I don’t think it’s required, but it will give you the most out of this file.

    Within this file she guides you to become enslaved to her.
    And here I would like to talk a bit why I would love nothing more than to become mistress Amethyst’s slave. She doesn’t force anything. If you don’t want to be her slave then you don’t have to. You can still listen to her files and love her for it without being a slave. What she however does to me is that the way she works and speaks in her files makes me want to be her slave I have the urge to become her slave and I crave to become the best slave I can be for her.

    With other erotic hypnotists in the past I never really felt this and it often felt to me like they pushed the subject of enslavement a tad too much. With mistress Amethyst it never really felt like that with any of the files I bought from her. She wants you to have fun and enjoy the file you are listening to. Where others would make me uninterested in fetishes and subjects, mistress Amethyst made me curious and interested. Just the curiosity of wanting to know how she would hypnotize you to try the fetish is something that made me explore and love things I never really liked before.
    She guides you and makes you to want it, love it or crave it, but never forces it on you. Maybe she does force things, but it never feels like that to me.
    I love mistress for all she does and what she has already done for us.

  14. David

    I can’t remember everything that Mistress Amethyst said during this recording. I was confused and distracted by the three voice tracks, so I was unable to concentrate on just one of them. I am sure that whatever I thought I might be missing has all the same been embedded deep in my mind. All I know for sure is that I am now Mistress Amethyst’s slave, and it gives me great pleasure to know I belong to her. I have a such a deep need to serve her selflessly. My pleasure comes from knowing I am pleasing her. I am intoxicated by her power and beauty. I am at the same time overwhelmed and comforted by her total control over me. This is how it should be.

  15. Slave Craig (verified owner)

    As I began to write this review, I was overcome by the urge to kneel.

    All of these reviews are true!

    I am excited to be owned by Mistress Amethyst.

  16. Sissy Jill (verified owner)

    Wow, wow, wow. I don’t know how I went so long without purchasing this session. I listened to it for the first time and was blown away.

    Mistress takes you deep before you even realize it. I’ll admit, I was nervous before I started listening but soon it didn’t matter. I was so deep and receptive to her words. It became very clear that I could be doing more to serve Mistress.

    The kicker came when she bestowed upon me the title of slave. Up until that point I saw myself as a fan of her work. Purchasing mp3s, interacting on Twitter, and enjoying myself. When I was given the title of slave it all changed. Now I have a purpose to serve Mistress Amethyst and provide pleasure to her.

    If you get this recording you’re in for a wonderful experience.

  17. blank (verified owner)

    Slip Into Enslavement is such a wonderful file and a truly wonderful idea! i feel extremely focused on Mistress Amethyst, which is always a good thing, and i want to please Her and serve Her and make Her life better, and it makes me feel wonderful to do all that for Her! the file cleared my head completely, and allowed the need to serve Mistress Amethyst in any way that i can to come to the front of my mind and become fixed there firmly. i want to serve and obey Mistress Amethyst and it feels very very good. thank You for another wonderful file, Mistress.

  18. WriteSlave

    You’re eating an ice cream cone. You’re happy. Eating it. Licking the ice cream. It’s your favorite flavor. And, again, you’re happy. You’re licking.
    And, by now, you’re lost in the ice cream. You know you’re licking it. You know you’re experiencing bliss. But you’re not actually thinking about it. You’re responding to the cool against your tongue; to the cone in your hand. But it’s no longer a mental engagement. You have surrendered to the ice cream.
    That’s the best analogy I could think of for “Slip into Enslavement.”
    I began to listen, fully aware of what I was doing. I was aware …
    Aware …
    Aware …
    Aware …
    Then, suddenly, I was lost. I don’t know how to describe it—a fog, perhaps. I mean, I was aware that I was listening, but simultaneously unaware. I was guided by this beautiful, soothing voice, but not consciously guided. I know I have to listen to it and please it and devote myself to it.
    But I was no longer thinking about licking the ice cream.
    I was just doing it.
    That’s “Slip into Enslavement.”
    With every bit of exposure to Mistress, I feel my resistant self slipping away; I feel the fight lessening. In a sense, I want to fight. I mean, is it human nature to give away control.
    But, Jesus, do I want to give it away. I do, I do, I do.
    Again, “Slip into Enslavement” is magical. Amazing. Listener be warned—it will change you.
    For the better.
    I work for Mistress.

  19. Beau R (verified owner)

    SLIP into Enslavement is a devastatingly effective slave training trance, making use of the SLIP trigger and others to induce such a deep, dreamy state of hypnosis that agreeing with Mistress Amethyst’s instructions is as natural and automatic as it is electrocute erotic! Coming back to this recording after listening to a variety of Mistress’s other brainwashing files, i found the induction and resulting deep trance to be even more powerful and deep than i remembered – in fact I’m pretty sure there are some gaps in my awareness as i checked out on all but the deepest subconscious level. I do recall the gist of Her programming, however, even though some of the details are dreamily elusive; Mistress instructs Her slave in his duties, and programs his compliant mind to act to fulfill those duties compulsively and oh-so-pleasurably, until it’s time to wake up, with the uncontrollable urge to please Mistress Amethyst looming wonderfully in his enslaved mind.
    When it’s time for you to give yourself to Mistress Amethyst, this file is absolutely essential, and will certainly become an instant favorite!

  20. Lord Epicure (verified owner)

    Your first Steps !

    This recording was one of first that I listened to. A will to be in perfect connection with Mistress Amethyst. And even today I take an immense pleasure has to dive back into this wonderful recording, and the felt effects are only more powerful.
    Mistress Amethyst opens you the doors of her mesmerizing world, with all the delicacy which characterizes her.
    Obedience to your Mistress is the initial state of mind you should have before listenning this recording. Then now, it’s time to Embrace your submission to Mistress Amethyst.
    You will enter a state of profound relaxation, quiet, completely relaxed. The voice of Mistress will have the effect of the silk which calms and relaxes totally your body.
    More tensions, total relaxation !
    From this moment, Mistress will have a perfect ability to slide inside your eager mind, and you will fall in very deep state of trance.
    Nothing to think, Just let the suggestions penetrate into your mind, and obey !
    You will learn your place, and that will be so good.
    You will be surprised, of the profound state of obedience in which you will be has the end of this first lesson. And you will want to seal your submission by a first act.
    To you to choose, has you to act

    Worship Mistress Amethyst

  21. able82

    To whoever may be reading this…this file (if you choose to listen to it) will be blowing your mind away. I choose to buy this file a while back (and recently got it personalized). This file, once you listen to it, will leave you craving to be a good submissive to Mistress Amethyst. As you listen to it Mistress’ voice will take you slowly down. Once her sooth & seductive voice has you deep into trance your mind will be going blank…pure blissfully blank. The only thing in your mind will be her voice. No background noise in your mind, just Mistress’ voice echoing within your mind. Just imagine a time when you are just relaxing and everything is right in the world. Perfect time of day, everything has gone your way, the world is just perfect. Now this is what you will be feeling when you listen to this file and you go as deep as Mistress wishes to take you.

    If you are looking for a file to be more submissive for Mistress, a file where your mind will open up to being a slave to Mistress, a file where if Mistress is happy then you are happy. Then look no further, this file is THE file you have been looking for.

    I have enjoyed this file very much, I am sure you will as well!

  22. inloveslave (verified owner)

    This file is a classic. Feel yourself becoming overwhelmed by Mistress Amethyst’s voice, penetrating your mind. This file will make you more helpless, enslaved, and powerless to resist your Mistress. A truly enjoyable journey, and, before you know it, you’ll be completely owned, in ways you could never describe or anticipate.

  23. slavenornog (verified owner)

    Warning don’t buy this file unless you are looking for complete and total subjugation, I listened to slip into mindlessness and was hooked. So I bought slip into amethyst addiction, I would listen to this every day. So I was looking for the next stage of my programming, so I picked up slip into enslavement. The title is no joke, I am now constantly thinking about how to serve Mistress Amethyst. I would be lost without her, I am in her service.

  24. Patc

    One of the the wonderful SLIP recordings, and favourite. I got this one personalised and it is wonderful. It is the recording i listen to most. Mistress Amethyst takes you deep and I can never really remember much of it after I wake up except I feel so much in Mistress control and want to serve her more and more.

  25. Sean (verified owner)

    I recently purchased this file and am a very new slave to Mistress Amethyst. I cannot explain the level of control that she wields so loving and compassionately with her subjects. This file brought my devotion to her to another level. I am so happy and alive. I am honored to give my mind, body and soul to Mistress Amethyst and I am excited to follow her wherever she chooses to take me.

    I am yours Mistress and thank you for making these wonderful recordings, I cannot wait to get this one personalized. If you want to truly devote yourself to someone who is gentle, kind, loving , beautiful and intelligent. Start here, give up 100% to Mistress Amethyst. Don’t fight it, just let her in and let her show you how to be ALIVE!

  26. David (verified owner)

    Saturday night I purchased slip into enslavement and have now listened to it three times. It is deceptively powerful. While listening there is nothing scary or seemingly risky. In fact Amethyst’s voice as always is absolutely delicious. But what I can say having listened to this recording now three times in two days is that Mistress has worked her magic and weaved an incredibly powerful spell over me.

    I am a slave… a slave of Mistress Amethyst. I have no need to seek out or experiment with any other Domme. I have found what i need. I only wish I did not have to experience so many Dommes previously. NO matter. It is now too late for doubt. too late to wonder too late to resist.

    I am a devoted slave of Mistress Amethyst. I am Her property. My desire and need and craving to submit my entire mind and body my entire being to her will, her commands, her needs is overwhelming. Mistress Amethyst is my Supreme Goddess. Her spell is unbreakable and can only increase in intensity with further listening to this and other recordings.

    i must obey Amethyst. I will obey Amethyst. I am Her slave.

  27. QuietMan (verified owner)

    I reviewed this file when it first came out. I liked it so much that I got it personalized. What a difference that made. It is like getting a totally new file. This file goes to whole new level after personalization. It’s like it doubles the effectiveness.

    There are three levels of personalization available for selected files. Level 1 is your name whispered and repeated on a separate track. Until you experience this you won’t know how sexy this makes the file. It makes my resistance just melt. Level 2 includes an introduction specific to you. Level three includes a summary specific to you. I should note that these are all recorded custom for you and not repeats from other files. Mistress puts in a lot of effort into these customizations. They are always unique and special.

    Mistress’s goal in this file is to enslave you to her. Make no mistake about that. This is a very personal decision on the subs part not to mention for Mistress. You are making a big commitment to Mistress. Not to mention a very powerful and personal connection with her. It only stands to reason then that this is the perfect file for personalization. I wish I had done it sooner.

    I go very deep on this one. It feels like I am floating in purple mist. I kind of go in and out of consciousness. So I don’t remember all of the words. However, there is no mistaking the programming. This is an extremely powerful induction. You will yearn to serve and submit to Mistress. This is kind of the ultimate file for a submissive personality.

    Technically speaking this a masterpiece of conditioning and mind control. The programming Mistress uses is among her best. For the personalized version Mistress added a “triple layer”. This had an amazing effect on me. It just melted my mind and my resistance. There is no orgasm in this file, but I find it to be incredibly sexy, erotic and arousing. Every time I listen I get more aroused. I wonder at times how far the arousal can go. 🙂

    I must admit that for a while I resisted giving in a 100% to Mistress, but no longer. I must say that the rewards are worth it. I have zero regrets about my decision, and I am not looking back. I have wanted for a long time to commit fully to Mistress. What she did was lead me to a safe, trusting place where I could submit to her easily. And for this submissive boy there is no better feeling. I am truly grateful.

    I would say that this is a must have file for followers of Mistress Amethyst. If at all possible get it personalized. You will not regret it.

    Thank you so much Mistress Amethyst. It is truly a pleasure to serve you.

  28. Always Agree (verified owner)

    I recently decided to order a personalized version of this file, and felt I should write a new review to do this justice. I realize it’s a big investment for one file, but the feeling of hearing amethyst personally seduce you into being her slave is indescribable. I’ve had intense reactions to hypnosis files before but I have never felt this personally connected.

    I am now truly amethyst’s slave and I am so pleased that I can be that for her. Thank you mistress.

  29. Cratylus

    The other reviews tell the story, but I’ll add this simple statement: If you want to feel like you are truly a slave to your Mistress, with a strong longing to server Her, stop looking. Buy this file now.

    I’ve never written a review for a file (and I’ve purchased many over the years), but I really feel the need to let everyone know just how good this one is. I’m not sure what all is in this, as it pretty much turned my brain to mush the instant the SLIP trigger came out. All I know is that this file left me aroused and wanting to please Mistress Amethyst.

    This is slave training at its finest. If you think you can’t be seduced into erotic slavery, this file will show you just how wrong you are.

  30. Always Agree

    There’s nothing to fear here. You might have that little voice in the back of your mind that worries about what would happen if you gave yourself over so completely to Mistress Amethyst. If you’re reading this review now though, you’ve already started. You’ve already begun to give yourself over to her. So why not just let go…

    The thing that’s so remarkable about being enslaved to Mistress is how good it feels to serve her. How just writing a simple review can feel so rewarding and pleasurable. I’ve only listened to this file once and I can’t wait to listen again, go deeper, and feel the joy of serving her that much more deeply.

    I’ve listened to several hypnotists and Mistress Amethyst is unquestionably the one I’d been waiting to give myself over to.

  31. Dan Evans (verified owner)

    This file pretty much sells itself. You see, if when you are reading the title you feel a deep overwhelming urge to give your mind and soul over to Mistress Amethyst, you will. If you have always known that you needed to surrender control to a strong dominate woman then eventually you will. The question is will you surrender to the right dom. You need to know that the hypno dom you surrender to is caring, experienced and will not lead you down an uncertain path. Surrender to the wrong hypno dom and you will end up in a downward spiral. Don’t get me wrong, there are other worthy doms, but you can feel confident that with Mistress Amethyst you are in good hands.
    Search her web site titles and you will see that all her files are uplifting in a controlling way. Look elsewhere for humiliation degradation or mutilation because you will not find those subjects on her site. Read carefully and you will come to understand that she practices loving domination that will complete your your life.
    So, if you feel the urge to serve and have known it all of your life, as I have, then don’t take a chance. Download this file now.

  32. Bayushi Kachiko

    i don’t know how to even begin. As soon as i finished, i both wanted to listen again and to come online to write out a testimonial. Within a few moments, a stressful today had completely slipped away and only Her voice remained. i wish i could put the feeling into words but i lack the skill to give it justice. Becoming Mistress Amethyst’s slave is all the fufillment you need.

    Thank You Mistress Amethyst for allowing me to be Your slave 🙂

  33. Amethyst Moneyslave

    MISTRESS AMETHYST’S SLIP Into Enslavement is a perfect mind pumper of pleasure! MISTRESS AMETHYST injects you with the massive dose of orgasmic pleasure you crave & dream about! It is better than a full blast fire hose of a wet dream! Mindgasm will no longer be a term of mystery or an unattainable goal, it will be the norm, and multiple massive mind-blowing mindgasms will be your reality! Accept MISTRESS AMETHYST’S gift of pleasure. Open your eager mind wide & receive the mind fucking pleasure programming you hunger for! i highly recommend the highest personalization option, no words can describe the difference that option makes! Hearing your name & the additional content is more than the icing on the cake, it is triple icing, honey, ice cream, whipped cream, pudding, cinnamon, chocolate mousse & more all wrapped into one delicious orgasmic blissful erotic experience! Highest recommendation!
    Plentiful Pleasure Programming of your Mind

    Highly hypnotic script, multiple hypnotic techniques perfectly performed, creative hypnotic themes, highly charged erotic content, safe suggestions, numerous triggers triggered often, hypnotic relaxation countdowns, different voice tracks, hypnotic confusion techniques, erotic imagery

  34. QuietMan

    I really likes the other reviews. I am going to add to those in this one.

    If you are new to Mistress Amethyst I would listen to Slip Into Mindlessness First. It is a free file. That way you can get use to her voice and her triggers. You will get more out of this file.

    This file is a serious mind-fuck. Amethyst pull out all her tricks in this one. The goal is to become enslaved to her. I thought I was, but this file really drove it home. I cannot believe how aroused this file made me. I felt like a leaf in a racing stream. She took me wherever she wanted. I vaguely remember my body was twitching.

    I was so moved by this file. Afterwards I just knelt and reveled in the feeling of being controlled. That was not a trigger in the file, it just felt good to do it. It was such a delicious feeling.

    The great thing about this file is that I knew it was a trap. But I walked right into it smiling. Bravo Mistress Amethyst.

    Feelings of enslavement, and following. If you are into mind-fuck scenarios this is your file.

  35. Vincent

    Another review of this remarkable file is in order. This file is truly Mistress Amethyst’s finest yet. With every listen my appreciation for Mistress Amethyst, and Her skill as a manipulator of minds, grows. She has changed my life so much already, and I haven’t fathomed all the ways in which my life has been changed by Her yet, but with every file I listen to, especially this one, something inside me breaks and is remolded. Something shifts, and my devotion and commitment to Mistress Amethyst grows stronger.
    I don’t take this lightly, it’s not something to be taken lightly. My need to serve Mistress Amethyst increases over time, and this is only proper as one of Mistress’s slaves. I find that some of my former inhibitions towards expressing my sexuality, discussing it openly, is shifting also. I want to please Mistress and do anything in my power to make Her happy. If I have to go outside my comfort zone to do that, I will.
    Mistress has done all these things for me, with all Her recordings, but especially with this one. I am struck by how soft and sensual (and by how excitingly deviant) Mistress Amethyst is. Time will serve to deepen my appreciation of Mistress Amethyst and all the hard work She does for Her slaves. I am already in awe of Her. I can’t imagine how much deeper my awe will grow with time, but I’m sure it will grow. I can’t wait to see how fundamentally changed I become over time, as I am positive that fundamental changes will be made.

  36. origamisoldier

    Every so often, Mistress Amethyst comes out with a session that changes your life for the better, and SLIP Into Enslavement is one of those sessions. I had been looking forward to it ever since she announced it as a SLIP series session. I’ve considered myself to be a slave of Mistress Amethyst for quite a while, and this session was even better than I imagined it would be! I went so deep, and was so aroused by all the programming and enslavement that I didn’t want it to end!

    The induction took me super deep. I love the way the background track is mixed in this session. Whenever she used the Deep trigger, she subtly increased the volume and panned the audio from left to right. It felt as if she was swooping in close to my ear to deliver her sledgehammer of sleep direct to my brain. The countdown in the background isn’t as noticeable as in other sessions, but it’s just as potent here as it is in any other session. These days the first number is all it takes for me to feel both the arousal and the depth of trance increase. When she got the Slip trigger, it was over. My mind went blank, but I don’t think it could have truly been ready for what came next.

    The programming was totally “mind mush” inducing. Even if I was conscious I don’t think I could have comprehended all that Mistress was saying. The suggestions just kept coming from all sides, and I was overwhelmed with programming. They weaved in and out as if Mistress Amethyst was moving her words through my head, and massaging my brain with enslavement programming. Each of the three tracks have a consistent theme throughout the programming section, almost as if each is talking to a different part of my mind. There’s so much going on that it feels like I need to trance to it again and again to get it all, even though I’m sure my subconscious is learning all Mistress wants it to with no trouble. A lovely side effect for Mistress either way.

    Now I have to say that this is not a recording for a quick fling, or new subs. Enslavement to Mistress Amethyst requires commitment and devotion. Mistress Amethyst wants to have a connection with her slaves, and not have them run off all over the place. If you are truly devoted to Mistress Amethyst, and want to seal that love and addiction to her with a special kind of service, then definitely pick this up. If you are just starting, I would urge you to ty out SLIP Into Complete Surrender, and especially the Journey Into Devotion. When you’ve done those, you’ll know if you are ready for this session. Of course, you could always jump into this one blind, but you may be surprised. There’s no turning back after this.

    For this session, I went all out, and purchased the $200 sponsorship level. For the intro and outro, Mistress Amethyst did something a little different. The intro and outro was just her voice with no music or effects. Since this session is about enslavement, this recording style gives the extra audio a very personal and intimate feeling. It actually reminds me of how some of our Skype calls have gone, and that’s definitely a good thing. The personalized track is used both during the induction, and the programming sections, and are fantastic as always. What could be better for a slave, than to rec

    Thank you so much for making me your slave Mistress Amethyst! It’s a true honor to belong so totally to you, and I look forward to seeing more committed followers join the ranks of your hypno slaves.

  37. Rodimus

    I’ve been greatly anticipating SLIP into Enslavement ever since Mistress Amethyst had the title appear as a possible upcoming file in a survey, and it did not disappoint.
    I just loved this file. I’ve always been big on enslavement suggestions/programming and Mistress Amethyst does it exquisitely. There was a time in the file where the combination of audio tracks became overwhelming, in a good way, and I temporarily lost track of things. All I knew was that I belong to Mistress and must worship and please her. Just perfect.

    Though I always recommend it when its an option, definitely get the Personalization on this one. The personalized track is the sort of thing I wouldn’t mind having on its own just to listen to sometimes. Combine that with the meat of the file and it’s fantastic.

  38. geekintn

    i don’t know how to even begin. As soon as i finished, i both wanted to listen again and to come online to write out a testimonial. Within a few moments, a stressful today had completely slipped away and only Her voice remained. i wish i could put the feeling into words but i lack the skill to give it justice. Becoming Mistress Amethyst’s slave is all the fufillment you need.

    Thank You Mistress Amethyst for allowing me to be Your slave 🙂

  39. Tized

    Have you ever gone swimming in the sea and got surprised by a big wave that grabs you and tosses you around so that you end up not knowing where the surface is anymore? This is what listening to SLIP Into Enslavement feels like, but instead of panic you have absolute bliss, a sweet confusion turning into beautiful surrender that you’ll happily drown into.

    I’ve been devoted to Mistress Amethyst for a little over six months now and I have over 50 of Her sessions. After multiple listens I’m ready to claim that this is the most powerful and potent one. Maybe it’s because of my earlier conditioning, so that every new file feels more intense than the last. Maybe it’s my personal fetish for enslavement programming. Or maybe it’s the insanely erotic way Mistress personalized it for me (this, if any, is THE file to personalize if you want to be truly enslaved to Mistress!). I think it’s probably because of all of these things plus the fact that Mistress builds the hypnosis here in a fashion that’s absolutely irresistible. The basic script is among the most inspired writing She’s ever done, full of allure and seduction. Then you add the additional voice tracks that confuse and program your aroused and pliable mind. And I probably don’t even have to mention the way Mistress uses Her heavenly voice to lull you deep and then cement Her ideas and will into your subconscious. Oh yeah, and Her triggers…

    I love the way Mistress Amethyst makes it so easy to fall for Her, in all meanings of the expression. She’s constant in building a new session on earlier ones, making wise and ever more powerful use of the few triggers She’s introduced and keeping true to Her sweetly erotic style. Still She always manages to come up with something new and fascinating. I feel lucky and privileged to be Her slave.

  40. Vincent

    SLIP Into Enslavement may as well be called, “Let me give your life meaning, boy.” Existentialism is defined as a philosophical theory or approach that emphasizes the existence of the individual person as a free and responsible agent determining their own development through acts of the will.
    This recording is Mistress Amethyst’s way of getting rid of that pesky free will you have. She has a plan for you, a far, far better plan than you could ever dream of.
    Listen to this recording, you’ll thank Mistress Amethyst for it later. Your new life is about to begin.

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