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Powerless is a deep FemDom hypnotic MP3. Surrender to the hypnotic spell that I will have over you, leaving you weak, submissive, aroused, & eager to serve.

32 minutes

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My voice slips into your mind & renders you Powerless

Powerless is a deep programming file.  Lay back, close your eyes, and surrender to the hypnotic spell that I will have over you.

This file will leave you feeling weak, submissive, aroused, and eager to serve.

If you’re a fan of Obedient Mind,  you’ll LOVE this file.  It has the same style, with the left/right call/answer style, but with a very powerful whisper track.  This MP3 will pound your brain into erotic oblivion!


  • Induction:  About 16 minutes, using metaphors & a background whisper track
  • Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks / Whisper ASMR track
  • Delta brainwave technology
  • Audience:  Submissive male
  • Cum Command:  No
  • Count Up at the end
  • 32 Minutes
  • HIGHLY RECOMMEND PERSONALIZATION:  The personalized version will contain extra whispers, which the public file will not contain! 

Erotic Hypnosis & FemDom Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst of DeepSurrender.com. Copyright 2016. 
DISCLAIMER: As with any hypnosis session, results vary. For entertainment purposes only. By purchasing or indulging in this product on or off of this site, you consent fully to any physical or mental consequences that may result from experiencing the content within the product, and expressively waive any claims or complaints that you may have as a result thereof. You fully acknowledge and consent that you will only do things that you desire to do of your own free will and choosing, and that I have no power to force or make you do anything that you do not wish to do. This product may contain binaural tones which may be unsuitable for some people, such as those who suffer from epileptic seizures. Seek medical advice before indulging and discontinue use if you experience any negative consequences. Only listen to this file while in a safe environment, preferably lying down. NEVER listen while operating machinery of any kind.

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  1. Bruce (verified owner)

    This was the first title I listened to from Mistress Amethyst. Her seductive voice assumes all your power turning you into her slave. It feels so good serving her that you can’t resist. You are now under her control forever.

  2. Voyager (verified owner)

    Powerless is really a power exchange. You surrender, get aroused and otherwise ready to accept anything you are commanded to do, then Mistress orders daily listening to files and obedience to all commands, among other things.
    In other words, this file makes you her obedient pet (a form of slave). It feels great. Mistress gains obedience by making her will (what she wants) your will (what you want). It doesn’t feel forced at all.
    This is an abbreviated version of the power exchange in “Submit”. If you want to understand it, listen to “Submit” several times. Remember that anyone can make you their slave with the trigger. On this one it is just Mistress Amethyst that can control you.
    If you train to this, you will be hers! Enjoy!

  3. WriteSlave

    This is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever listened to. Ever. “Powerless” leaves you powerless. But what it really does, perfectly, is serve as a reminder that Mistress is in charge; that we are here for her; that we exist for her. I happen to be a person who is very resistant. Yet I have listened to “Powerless” multiple times, and I truly no longer feel the need to fight or squirm. My guilt is fading. My resistance is fading. “Powerless” strips it all away. I’m not exaggerating—it STRIPS it all away. I know what I need to do, and that is—work for Mistress.

    I work for Mistress.

    I am powerless.

  4. Bill (verified owner)

    I fell deeply, so deeply under Mistress Amethyst’s spell on this incredibly beautiful and passionate audio. Mistress Amethyst had me under her total hypnotic control quickly and easily. The more I listened, the deeper I fell so that I could only hear her voice. Wow! Everyone that enjoys erotic hypnosis must have this file in their portfolio! Extremely arousing and addicting!

  5. Lord Epicure

    Mistress Amethyst Takes control

    Wow, such a great file, a delicious feeling of complete surrender to Mistress Amethyst and a weakness sensation wich grow stronger and stronger.
    Prepare your mind before trancing into this file, you have to be deeply relaxed and have the best level of trust in Mistress Amethyst. But remember, you will always safe with Mistress Amethyst, no tricky spell, just a deep gentle and relaxing spell. You must totally submit all your will to ensure that Mistress Amethyst takes the entire control of your mind.
    So be sure to listen some reccordings as Bubble Brain, Brain Drain, and off course Slip into Mindlessness.
    In fact Powerless makes powerful all triggers already implanted in your mind. You will reach a deep level of relaxation, and you go deep easily. When Down is pronounced, and if you are properly prepared to open wide your mind, you will fall instantly like a rock into deep trance.
    At this time, no more resistance, totally weak, just hearing Mistress Amethyst voice, no thoughts, blank mind, and the control takes place. All suggestions and commands becomes your thoughts,
    at least it is what i felt. I always have the feeling to have my mind As a house with doors and wide open windows or wind rushes easily. In this image, the wind, it’s Mistress Amethyst spell.
    A strong sensation to absorb a lot of commands and suggestions, Not while reminding to me of much in the end.
    Your mind will become well prepared to accept any next sweet programming of Mistress Amethyst because the tought and commands will become yours.
    At the end, you will be in a state of total agreement with your Mistress.
    You want to listen again and again, one thought : i want more.
    I was in such deep trance, that at the count-up, I just perceived the last number 5 it seems to me, to give the order to leave the trance.
    So i have immediatly dive into Cum clean in a profund state of mind wide open, and the programming Was of the deepest in term of visualization, cravings and suggestions.
    Remember, weak for your Mistress Amethyst, worship, gratitude and tribute her.
    Oh such a great reccording, i mean magical…..

  6. Sandy hass (verified owner)

    Call it a Devine mistake, I first asked for deep down loop personalized not realizing it was to long to be considered a loop file, and I was buying a normal powerless, when this happened I remembered hearing good things about how powerful powerless was personalized. I am so happy I decided to personalize powerless. This silly sissy is beside herself with joy every time I her my name Sandy, and I melt into bliss when I hear “good girl Sandy”. Powerless is knocking me out and I have awoken to other Amethyst files like Silly Nipple Play and swear I still hear her whispering in my ear …. Sandy —– good girl Sandy ….. in the whisper tract as we giggle into bliss ….. I know this is just Silly—- but I call it transposition—- now I hear her echoing “good girl Sandy” in all her whisper tracts . The Powerless file itself is a great trance inhancer, making other sessions more powerful and me more powerless to my mistresses suggestions and desires. I am so happy I have this file and my whole body tingles when I think of her calling my name, and I leap for joy when I think of her calling me her Good Girl.

  7. able82 (verified owner)

    This is my very first review for Mistress and I hope I do well so Mistress will be pleased. I’m not much for words so I’m always nervous about doing reviews. Now on with the review!

    This file is absolutely a FANTASTIC file! I bought this file a while back and started listening to it every now and then. As time went on this file started to become one of my favorites. I started to make more time in my day so I could listen to this more and more. I started to hear Mistress’ voice in my head whenever I would read her words. I love her voice, the way she talks…it makes it so easy to just listen to this file and just let yourself go. Feeling so powerless, filled with joy when I hear it! For anyone starting out this file should be high on your list to purchase at the least. For me I would say this is a MUST BUY!

    I did recently purchase a personalized version of this file. This has made me fall in love with Mistress’ voice so much more! Hearing Mistress say your name…this just melts you! I didn’t think I would feel this way but I wanted to try a personalized file and picked this one for my very first one. I now listen to this every night! If you are thinking of getting a personalized file this is a GREAT choice for your first one. I feel so so powerless when I hear her voice. It feels so good!

    I really love this file and I am sure you will as well!

  8. Tized

    I’ve been stalling on writing a review of Powerless because I’ve been listening to it over and over again, trying to put my finger around exactly what it is about this session that makes it so goddamn effective. I also wanted to have my personalized copy first – this is definitely one of Mistress Amethyst’s files worth personalizing. You will not find a better and deeper trance.

    My history with Mistress Amethyst goes back about two years and I’ve been committed and devoted to Her from the get go. This obviously means that I’m already very well programmed with Her triggers that She makes a fantastic use of during the session. But it’s not the triggers as much it is the script and Her vocal delivery that, I’ve concluded, make Powerless stand out among Her awesome collection of devotional brainwashing files. Mistress’ voice is always irressistibly sensual but there’s a certain extra assertiveness that I hear in it this time around as well. It’s like She throws in the lure but instead of waiting for you to bite into it She just grabs you instead and it’s game over for you.

    I love the induction where Mistress leads You through an imaginary forest path deeper into your own subconscious, and this approach really speaks to me and feels super relaxing. The rest of the file is more or less a blur to me but I know that the repeated use of words like ‘weak’ and ‘powerless’ truly have the desired effect on me. I’ve never felt so weak and submissive in my life before this wonderful masterpiece of a hypnosis session.

    If you aren’t a Mistress Amethyst enthusiast already, I recommend getting to know some of Her triggers first in order to get the absolute best out of this file. Deep Down Loop is a fantastic option for achieving this. And, in the end, you will want to personalize the session so you might as well do it right away. Wink wink.

  9. inloveslave (verified owner)

    One of my favorite files from Mistress that I own. Powerless takes me out of my body and mind, and into a state where I’m completely helpless, comforted, and owned by Mistress. If you’re looking for the ultimate experience of selflessness with regard to Mistress, look no further… This file will blow away all of your expectations.

  10. blank stare

    thank You for making Powerless, Mistress, and for making it available in personalized form.

    it’s been playing in my headphones for two nights in a row while i slept. i had also listened yesterday as i worked at home. this morning, i was still wearing the earphones during breakfast and Powerless restarted as i was drinking tea.

    as i heard Your Voice and walked down the forest path into the quiet darkness with You, my thoughts and body slowed to a halt.

    i had been about to take a drink of hot tea, but by the time i could think and move again, the tea was cold. there were weak, dim impulses to set down the cup or to take another drink, but they faded quickly and my body and mind preferred to focus on Mistress’s words

    it would have been interesting for someone to have seen me, sitting and staring and holding a cup almost to my lips but never quite finishing the motion or the thought…

    so thank You again for creating Powerless! 🙂

  11. Patc (verified owner)

    Wow what a recording. It is a must buy. This is the recording to buy to make you really devoted and submissive to Mistress Amethyst. It takes you deep and and that wonderful voice of Mistress Amethyst takes you into her control and makes you hers. You will be incredibly aroused and devoted when you awake. I bought the normal recording first because i wanted to hear it and it was wonderful, so I bought the personalised version and that is beyond words.

  12. Always Agree (verified owner)

    When it comes to hypnosis files, there are a broad range of themes and styles that you can choose from, both from Mistress Amethyst and others. I think though that of all of the files that I’ve listened to, this one gets right at the heart of what hypnosis is all about. It’s putting your trust in somebody, letting them take the reigns of your mind, and letting go completely. It is feeling powerless.

    When I first heard the name of this title and got a sense of what was in it, I immediately ordered a personalized version. I hadn’t heard it, but knowing Mistress Amethyst, I knew that it would be worth it, and it absolutely was. But in a fit of eagerness I ended up buying the non-personalized version as well. While I absolutely recommend the personalized version, either way, you’ll find this to be one of the best files you’ve ever listened to.

    I particularly recommend this if you’re new to Mistress Amethyst. With some of her files, it really helps to have some of her other triggers working in your mind before you listen. This one though can really stand alone. You’ll probably want to start with a free file, but this should be on your list once you realize how enticing her voice is.

    I’ve enjoyed many hypnosis files before I found Mistress Amethyst’s work and, truly, her abilities are unparalleled. I’ve never felt so comfortable, and then eager to give over my control to anybody else. The deeper I go the more that I enjoy serving her and feeling her control. I know I have a long way to go before I can count myself amongst her best submissives, but I’m beginning to understand the true pleasure that comes with being so powerless.

  13. Beau R

    Oh, hell yes, buy this session. Better yet, get it personalized like I finally did, and let Mistress Amethyst strip you of all resistance by name. A dreamy descent into deep trance, guided by Her heavenly whispers, and intense brainwashing that grows even more incredibly compelling after She awakens you – Mistress Amethyst has surpassed Herself with a session that will not only leave you Powerless but desperately aching to become even more so!

  14. Christopher (verified owner)

    This is something special. Mistress Amethyst’s voice has never been sexier, more compelling, arousing and enchanting. She takes You deep and hard and You will awake from this a changed sub. If You are not already intensely obedient and loyal to Mistress Amethyst, this file will do the trick. As i said to Mistress Herself, this experience is like all of Her files hitting You at once and You will be grateful for the opportunity to surrender deeper to Her.

  15. slavepupm (verified owner)

    OMG!!! This file is a MUST buy. Don’t think about it, don’t consider it, don’t question it. BUY THIS FILE!! Buy 10 of them and let your friends listen. This will draw you closer to Mistress Amethyst. This pet doesn’t want too much away.

    This pet listened twice in rapid succession and is still panting. Become powerless for Mistress and help Her to help you fulfill your potential as Her slave. you need this file.

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