Good Boy

When you please me and I respond with “Goooooooood Booooooy”, it takes ahold of you  as if a virtual cock and ball leash has been delicately fastened to you.

16 minutes


I want you……. to be my Good Boy…… and I know that you want this too!

When you please me and I respond with “Goooooooood Booooooy”, it takes ahold of you  as if a virtual cock and ball leash has been delicately fastened to you.   With each response of Good Boy, you may feel my tug exciting you, where your sense of desperation becomes overwhelming.  The ache in your throbbing flesh pulses so strongly, making that cock twitch with arousal.  You need to hear me respond to you with “Goooood Boooooy”.  You need it so bad!

Whether I type the words, or say the words, “Good Boy”, an overwhelming sexual delight will tingle through your mind as well as body.  You may even experience that light tingling sensation through your brain as if a brain-gasm is taking place.  Oh how I want you to be such a Good Boy for me.  It’s so simple;  all you have to do is please me.

Features: double voice track hypnotic loop, programming to elicit an aroused response to the words “Good Boy”, as well as programming for what pleases me.. 16 minutes of FemDom & Erotic hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst of Copyright 2015


  1. slave j (verified owner)

    Another flawless hypno file from Mistress Amethyst. This is as always fully intoxicating and leaves me, and I’m sure all males who listen, so eager to be her good boy.

  2. alex

    Mistress Amethyst is amazing. This file is amazing. Its a bargain, so stop reading reviews and get it already 🙂

  3. Purple Czolenka

    I have listened to this recording once or twice a few times before, but today I listened to it three times back to back. I went into a very deep trance, like the one I go into with the amazing Pliable Mind. Maybe Pliable Mind has made it easier for me to go even deeper than before? I have the personalized version of this session, so I feel a jolt of pleasure and desire every time Mistress says my name. I remember her personal whispers, but I’m not so good on what her main track was saying. I know I am desperate to please her so that she might call me a good boy. I need this. I have a craving to be called her good boy. Mistress Amethyst has such power over me that anything she tells me to do results in instant compliance on my part, whether it is a trigger or a direct command. I want her to give me instructions so that I may please her. Pleasing my Mistress is what I am about. She is my world. Good Boy loop will give any slave an even greater desire to please and obey Mistress Amethyst.

  4. Larry (verified owner)

    I am crazy desperate for mistress amythist. She has really helped my relationship with girlfriend better. I am now thrilled keep the house clean. I am her good boy and want to tell everyone. I hope she comes out with a pure house cleaning hypnosis!

  5. Voyager (verified owner)

    Good Boy was the first mp3 I listened to with anything like the sensual “kick” you get when you hear “Good Boy”.

    She also uses the trigger in some other files.

    For someone just starting this is a great file!

  6. Lord Epicure (verified owner)

    Deeply hypnotic !

    How such a good submissive training !
    You will never be the same after Listening Goood Boy ! And you will love it !
    You will learn the right place which is now yours ! ALL Devoted to Mistress Amethyst, as a nice submissive slave.
    Mistress will trigger your mind with Good Boy and arousal sensations will seize your whole body !
    You will be so please and perhaps beg for hearing Mistress says Good Boy.
    It’s a Loop, so hit replay button as much as possible !
    You will be proud to be a Good Boy, but only Mistress Amethyst can gives you this intense reward ! So do all the things that Mistress waits from you, pamper her, spoil her, tribute her !
    In that way, i think you could hear Mistress says that you crave to hear !

  7. Beau R (verified owner)

    In this marvelous loop, Mistress Amethyst begins by spelling out what might seem obvious: that She wants you to be Her good boy, and that you want the same thing! What follows is indescribable bliss, as Mistress helps to turn your desire into an irresistible erotic obsession with finding ways to please Her and to serve Her, while a whispered track in the background drips helpful suggestions into your subconscious mind, so that you awaken – eventually, as you can, and reeeally should, loop this recording for as long as you like – inspired and eager to be Mistress Amethyst’s gooood boy!

  8. Harper (verified owner)

    Excellent! truly an amazing session. I strongly recommend getting it personalized. Mistress Amethyst does an amazing job on personalized files, they are very well done. Mistress Amethyst does the best personalized sessions I have heard. I cannot recommend this enough.

  9. Dan Evans

    Even now I can hear Mistress Amethyst voice going through my mind, “Be my good boy Dan.” What an overwhelmingly pleasant feeling, hypnotilc waves going through my ears, my body being rocked back and forth like a massaging stream of warm water waves, her voice gentlely condition my behavior into loving submission. Get this file personalized; you will love the explerience. The Good Boy Loop should be put on repeat to experience the same transformative, earthshaking, joyful effect of control, controlling your mind, transforming your body, a permanently mind altering effect of feeling a virtual cock and ball leash applied to your cock and balls. OMG! Even writing about this feeling now turns me on beyond belief, yeah. This is how the fie goes down. Her voice and brainwaves are constantly repeated, being absorbed gradually, a sense of ecstasy constantly filling up your entire being, a transformation taking place changing and altering your mood to a loving, devoted, submissive state. You will love the feeling and will not be able to resist the transformation. Then the subconscious suggestion of the placement of a virtual cock and ball leash is implanted into your subconscious. Purchase the personalized verrsion of this file and listen again and again and …. You will love the experience.

  10. QuietMan (verified owner)

    IMHO this file captures the essence of the domme/slave relationship. Deriving pleasure from pleasing and serving Mistress. And she deriving pleasure from being worshiped and served. A perfect symbiotic relationship.

    Mistress Amethyst will program those feelings into you with this file. It will become so pleasurable to please her. And the best part is that she will appreciate you for it. I cannot tell how good that feels.

    This is not my favorite Amethyst file. But if I was advising a newbie on being a follower; I would say listen to this file. This is what it is about. But once you start there will be no turning back. You will happily follow Mistress Amethyst and aim to please her. There will be no regrets.

  11. Sheleeds

    You Yearn to be Mistress’ Good Boy, Don’t You?

    For me, and for many submissive males the phrase “Good Boy” whispered by Mistress’ magical voice is one of the most wonderful experiences imaginable. Mistress Amethyst understands how our minds work so well, so she has created this wonderful recording to help us learn that being Mistress’ good boy will bring sublime happiness. Imagine the words spoken to you in Mistress Amethyst’s soft, silky, sexy incomparable voice, repeated again and again in the course of 15 minutes of instruction that soon has the entranced mind tingling and the relaxed body throbbing. Those 15 minutes are enough to create great pleasure and to make slaves crave to do whatever it takes to be rewarded by Mistress Amethyst’s special good boy trigger….but wait, there’s more! It’s a loop, so you can listen to it 2 or 3 or 4 times continuously, by which point you will surely be a quivering jelly of pleasure.


    * The way Mistress Amethyst says “Good Boy” is so special.
    * The link made to arousal is subtle, but powerful.
    * After listening a few times, either in a loop or on separate occasions, the good boy trigger will knock your socks off when you hear it in many of Mistress Amethyst’s amazing recordings.

  12. PatC

    I got a personalized version of this recording and all i can say is Wow. It is so erotic to hear your name in a recording and with this recording you will be very aroused and will want to please her as much as you can.
    Thankyou Mistress.

  13. toolate

    Wow what an amazing and powerful session. I don’t know how many times it was looped into my ever more eager mind last, but every second was pure seductive bliss. Mistress Amethyst’s voice is stunningly erotic and pulled me deep before i had any idea what was going on. I feel a desperate need to make her happy, to please her, and to further lose myself to her beautiful control. My mind has become a temple where i can grovel and worship Mistress Amethyst.

  14. Tized

    Wanting to please your Mistress is a wonderful feeling. For a sub like me the craving to fulfil Her desires is a big part of the whole D/s experience. This session is all about encouraging that craving by associating it with the reward of Mistress Amethyst responding with ‘Good boy’ that will drive you nuts with excitement and arousal. Of course the response will make your need to please Her only stronger, so your world becomes a wonderful circle of service, response and pleasure – pleasure for both parties obviously. What could be better?

    The session is incredibly euphoric and insanely erotic, like all Mistress Amethyst’s files are. This was my first personalized file by Her and and I can say that while the regular versions of Her sessions are always nothing short of fantastic the personalization takes things to a whole new level. You get to have Mistress address you by your name and give you your own special instructions for pleasing Her. Have you heard Her voice? Can you imagine what this causes in you? Your responsiveness to Her hypnosis will instantly grow by a mile and you’ll blissfully become Her good boy. And you’ll be so desperately horny, addicted and in love you will never want to stop.

  15. David (verified owner)

    Erotic ear candy at its very best. You will definitely want to please Amethyst and to be a good boy for Amethyst. I highly recommend a personalized version, but the generic version is a steal.

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