Slip Into Mindlessness
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Slip Into Mindlessness



Listen for FREE – Download for a small fee



FREE Femdom Hypnosis From Mistress Amethyst

Listen for FREE – Download for a small fee.

Slip Into Mindlessness is a FREE erotic hypnosis file that I have created to strengthen any hypnotic programming that you may receive from me.

This recording will render you erotically mindless and ready to receive my programming just by using a simple trigger word.  When your mind is triggered in this way, it becomes “primed” to receive powerful programming.  You may have a feeling of mindlessness as you drop into this deep trance.  Sending you into that special mindless state is something that we both want, isn’t that right?  Yes, of course!

This hypnosis file will program that blissful trigger word into your open and eager mind.  I will have a variety of additional hypnosis programming files using this special trigger word.  Once you are fully trained, all you will need to do is choose your next stage of programming.

There are no tricks in this erotic hypnosis file.  No subliminal messages.  No wording that you will follow me & only me etc… just honest, blissful hypnosis.

What you will hear is the trigger word programming, which is a pre-cursor to many future titles that I plan to record in a wide variety of topics.  I’m giving you the programming file for FREE, and you may choose which future SLIP file that you wish to immerse yourself in.

Features:  long, slow induction, triple voice programming, 10-1 countdown, SLIP trigger, deep theta brainwave technology on very low volume, soft soothing music.  41 Minutes.  Erotic Hypnosis created by Amethyst of  Copyright 2015


  1. Amethystsubntn

    Put your headphones on or ear buds in, get comfortable and then let Mistress Amethyst take you on a journey. This file gives you that lost in time and space feeling that i think so many of us who enjoy hypnosis are always searching for. I so very much love how you know that you are in the hands and care of an expert when listening to Mistress Amethyst. I’m not sure exactly what she said, but at some point i recall something like ‘you are mine now’ or ‘i’m taking control’ i actually don’t remember specifically what it was, but i do remember the thrill and the physiologic reaction, almost like yielding when i heard it. I have listened to many recordings by different practitioners over the years, but Mistress Amethyst is in a class by herself. This is a great file to start with as many above have noted even though its an older title.

  2. SlaveToAmethyst

    The file that started my journey.
    A pure moment of mindless bliss that left me craving for more.
    If you’re new to Mistress Amethyst world, this is an excellent place to start.

  3. vaooa (verified owner)

    I’ll report myself as yet another who started with this session from Mistress Amethyst’s catalog. This session initiated my journey of submission with Mistress, and I was open and eager for more after this. The session also started an effort to improve my trance experience by achieving better mindlessness. With Mistress Amethyst you can have fun, fulfill a deep seated need for submission, and improve your future trance skills – all at once, no need to choose.

  4. Rhamma

    Yes Mistress, Thank You Mistress… this file is wonderful at making my mind so blank and open to Your programing being under Your control is all that matters and it feels so good to let You do all my thinking for me. my mind belongs to You.

  5. Jarred/Jenna

    This file is a quintessential piece in the road to submission to Mistress Amethyst.
    Yes other files take you on more wild adventures at this point, and some make you submit far deeper, and far more. But there’s something to be said for a file who’s purpose is to take you down, make you leave your mind at the door, and acquaint you with the control of such a glorious woman.
    I drop extremely deeply each night I begin with this file. It will never leave my primary rotation, as it gets me ready to submit fully and wholeheartedly to my Mistress.
    If anyone is interested in submitting to a truly powerful woman, this file is a perfect place to start. I would suggest the idea that interested parties search out Mistress Amethyst’s Patreon, because you’ll get so much more than just this file through it. You’ll get access to a multitude of mesmerizing content that will lead you down a wonderful rabbit hole of submission, guided the entire way by a seductive and amazing Mistress. And it all starts right here, with this file.
    So go ahead, click that Purchase button and give in. You know you want to.

  6. IObeyWoman

    Slip into mindlessness is my first hypnosis recording with Mistress Amethyst. I wasn’t serious about it in the first place as it was just another free femdom hypnosis. When she brought me into trance, I just couldn’t escape, because by the middle of recording, my mind had been completely controlled by her voice. In fact, the only thing in my mind was her voice. It was then that she started installing her delicious programming into my hypnotised, obedient, blank mind and it felt so good. When she counted me up, I realised that I already belong to Mistress Amethyst, soul, mind and body. I had no choice but to train with that mp3 again and again. Everytime, it only gets better, further cementing her hold over my willing mind. Thank you mistress for controlling my mind. I am your hypnotised, obedient, puppet.

  7. Lost2Purple

    Slip was my first series with Mistress Amethyst. Inductions are critical for any hypnosis file. Mistress always does hers right. She never rushes through them. She takes you deep before she turns to the topic. She is also a master of using triggers. She doesn’t just throw them around without proper setup. And when Mistress hits you with a trigger it truly is automatic. You slip like you were trying to run on ice – you just fall deep, deep down into mindlessness.

  8. slave j (verified owner)

    Slip into Mindlessness is a beautiful, relaxing, entrancing, intoxicating and unforgettable experience. Mistress Amethyst is amazing as always and makes every moment listening to her work her hypno magic a wonderful and memorable trance for her listeners.

  9. simon lööf (verified owner)

    this is a review on the file SLIP INTO MINDLESSNESS.
    I start the recording on my computer then I lay down in my bed and when @Amethyst_Hypno starts to speak my whole body relaxes and then bang I drop into a deep trance and followed all of her instructions. I am still fuzzy now

  10. Beau R

    This is the session that started it all for me: a nice, deep trance and mindlessness trigger, with no obligation to fall deeply under Her spell, or serve Her obsessively – all that and more would come later. In this deep trigger training file, Mistress Amethyst simply plants her trigger so deeply and pleasurably that any reservations, any hesitation become impossible… and then repeats the process, again and again, employing the new trigger even as She embeds it ever more deeply, as She provides a simple mantra to repeat, to help Her open every last door in your empty mind…
    I didn’t fully realize it until later; but I belonged utterly to Mistress Amethyst from my very first night listening to this session. It truly is that good.

  11. Bübchen

    Well it seemed not much but a nice, soothing voice giving a deeply relaxing hypnosis session. YESTERDAY. But today, after waking up with her command: SLIP! as my first thought and having to go back to her page immediately, it looks as if Mistress Amethysts trigger is working pretty effectively. I’m looking forward to where she will lead me to in the future!

  12. Sissy Desiree

    Wow what an amazing trance , an amazing induction i fell so very deep. The soft sensual voice of Mistress Amethyst made it very easy to slip into mindlessness and once i was there it felt very pleasurable and very relaxing which made it easier to slip deeper and deeper in Mistress Amethyst sexy soft whispers. I couldnt remember much after that other then the feeling of pleasure and obedience. I cant help but crave to go deeper and deeper for Mistress , to be her mindless slave ! My mind is now owned by Mistress Amethyst and i absolutely LOVE it ?

  13. WriteSlave

    “Slip into Mindlessness” is free, which is the equivalent of handing out $100 bills. Why do I say such a thing? Because while a $100 won’t make one wealthy, it’s a gateway to wealth. And while “Slip into Mindlessness” won’t, in and of itself, induce full (and righteous) servitude toward Mistress, it’s a file that will send you on its way.

    What this does, truly, is create the trigger that Mistress can then use in other files. It’s programming, and she’s ridiculously good at it. Or, put differently, “Slip into Mindlessness” is your gateway drug. It’s that first snort of cocaine, where you know nothing too bad will happen … and then, suddenly, you’re hooked.

    I am hooked.

  14. grey_dog (verified owner)

    Um…wow? I still can’t get over how I twitched every time Mistress snapped her fingers…I used to be hard to hypnotize (I thought), but now I am addicted to Mistress’ voice and the amazing feeling the courses thru me every time she says slip! and snaps…near the end of the recording I was actually arching my back and hissing (while totally relaxed…go figure). The hardest part was not putting the recording on repeat and just staying mindless for the rest of the day…or two…or three. I have the Bottomless recording but I am almost afraid to get any deeper into a Slip session because I might spend all of my free time on the couch trying every delight She has to offer

  15. Lord Epicure (verified owner)


    Your first steps, your initiation…
    No matter if you have no experience in etotic hypnosis, this recording is purely made for you.
    First step into Mistress Amethyst devotion
    Prepare and open wide your curious mind, prepare your mind to dive deep down into mistress Amethyst bliss.
    Just relax your body, breath deeply, and listen to Mistress Amethyst sweet voice’s lead you in a deep state of trance, into a mindlessness state…..
    Last thing, this recording is a gift from Mistress Amethyst, so Don’t forget to give a tip….

  16. fashionbound (verified owner)

    i confess i had some trepidation about the idea of mindlessness.. my fears are assuaged. i LOVE being alone with Mistress Amtheyst’s voice, with a clear and empty mind. i LOVE hanging on each word Mistress delivers to my eager mind. i LOVE surrendering to Mistress’ soft and powerful presence as i am led deeper into submissive bliss. i LOVE hearing Mistress’ fingers snap as my mind obediently responds, each snap reverberates in my whole being, simultaneously feeling Mistress’ unyielding dominance and my delicious submission. Thank You Mistress Amethyst!

  17. Christopher (verified owner)

    She spoke and i was Hers before the first syllable was complete. i was no beginner to hypnosis. i had met and tranced to many Hypnodommes. i always found myself drifting away and letting their commands and control dissipate. But Mistress Amethyst is…there is no word to describe the hold Her voice has on me. This file was the beginning. She takes you incredibly, sensually deep and you follow. you follow Her every word taking you deeper and deeper until She has total control. Her SLIP trigger is so powerful and effective. Even after not hearing Her voice for months ( which i would not recommend) the second She utters it, i find myself falling so helplessly and obediently deep. This is the first step. An unbelievably deep and pleasurable trance experience with the promise of so much more to come. Surrender to mindless obedience. Surrender to Mistress Amethyst.

  18. loren

    Mindlessness is a way to go under Amethyst! dropping down is so easy and smooth with the trigger in place I cant wait for more in this series, this is a great way to build upon the triggers she has in place already. Thanks for a great session!!

  19. slavem (verified owner)

    Thank You Mistress. This slave loves the idea of you controlling it.

  20. peter

    My past includes a not insignificant amount of experience with female domination and hypnosis, both online and over the phone, but it’s been some time since I indulged. In recent days I found myself entertaining those thoughts and began a little casual browsing and listening not expecting it to lead anywhere, but I can across Mistress Amethyst and found myself irresistibly drawn to Her.

    She hits all the right notes. Her voice is feminine, pitched in an appealing register, and carries authority without sounding at all pushy. She has the kind of voice that can ask “will you do this… for Me” and convey the meaning “you WILL do this… for Me” and you find yourself complying eagerly and happily just because the thought of winning Her approval is so desirable.

    Her recordings are the very highest quality that I’ve ever encountered. The sound is clear, the mixing and effects are flawless and effective, and her technique is compelling.

    My life is pretty demanding, and I have an agitated brain that is often trying to consider several things at once. The recordings I listened to provided me with some rare and refreshing tranquility along with a thrilling level of excitement. My mind is calmer and more satisfied from the experience. It reminds me of what it felt like to resume a sport I love after not participating for a while – doing it gives me joy, and it has the quality of much needed self care. I find myself not only craving more of Mistress Amethyst’s voice and direction, but making plans to set aside time for it.

  21. Nezhul (verified owner)

    I gotta say, I’ve been on and off with hypnosis for a few years now. Sometimes I felt something, deep relaxation while I listened to files, but nothing much beyond what you may expect while lying down and relaxing for 30-40 minutes.
    I decided to try again recently and decided to go with Mistress Amethyst, whom I sadly didn’t listen to before. What can I say? I definitely noticed the improvement the very first time I listened. The difference with my prior hypnotic experiences was so great that I was shocked, almost didn’t believe it finally worked. But the next day it was even stronger, and I can safely say that yes, finally I know what hypnotic trance is.
    And it really feels good when she brings you up eventually. She says that you will feel good, but I can testify that I really do feel quite intense though soothing physical pleasure – not sexual, but it feels good still.
    So yea. Mistress Amethyst is the first to ever help me get into trance for real, and for that I’m thankful. Thank you!

  22. nornog (verified owner)

    I went into this session thinking it would not work, I had believed I could not be hypnotized. I now know better, I looked at the clock when mistress counted me up and thought where did the last half hour go. what’s more is I have a desire, no need to hear more of mistress voice. I have a need to purchase more of her recordings. I have need to serve her, unless you are ready to pledge yourself to her do not listen. I live now to serve the mistress.

  23. David (sdintrance on inraptured) (verified owner)

    slip into mindlessness is the most powerful free hypnosis recording I have ever recording. Trance happens on its own and fast. I go so deep that even distractions cannot disturb me. One can sense Mistress Amethyst laying the ground work to enslave her subjects yet one is powerless to do anything about it. I am so hooked. Amethyst’s hypnosis really works!

  24. guyinatrance

    Mistress Amethyst has prepared a FREE, decadent taste of just what your open & eager submissive mind needs! SLIP Into Mindlessness will quench your thirst for FemDom Erotic Hypnosis! Take a safe & relaxing journey into the deep & erotic trance that you crave, that you thirst for! Let Her satisfy your thirsty mind’s need for deep pleasurable orgasmic trance! Slip down the steep long water slide of orgasmic trance that Mistress Amethyst provides for FREE! Try a FREE sample of sweet sexy decadent tasting trance! It is a 40 minute FREE meal that will fulfill your daily requirement of erotic hypnosis that you need, that your mind requires, &thirsts for! Satisfy your craving for erotic trance! The only thing you have to lose is a troubled over stressed mind! Let the cool waterfall of relaxing pleasurable trance wash over you & take you to a heart pumping erotic, arousing lake where your mind can soak in orgasmic bliss! Absorb the erotic liquid your submissive mind thirsts for! It is just what your horny weak mind yearns for! Let Mistress Amethyst trigger the orgasmic pleasure you crave! Begin your journey & slip down into a most intense erotic slide into submissive trance! This is the first of a deliciously decadent deep series of FemDom fetish feeding mind blowing trance triggering inductions!

    An intensely erotic hypnotic triggering trance, primed to slip under a most erotic trance, becum a panting pleasure programmable puddle of submissiveness!

    long, slow induction, triple voice programming, 10-1 countdown, SLIP trigger, deep theta brainwave technology on very low volume, soft soothing music.

    FemDom Erotic Hypnosis,deep trance,pleasure,spell,witchcraft

  25. Brian

    This article is only meant for those who want to change because they just do not feel comfortable with hypnotic content they are being subjected to currently. This article is submitted with deep respect to other worthy erotic hypnotist and doms.
    How to free your mind from past hypnotic suggestions Related to hypnosis by, Mistress Amethyst, former clinical hypnotist. Many practicing erotic hypnosis online may seed there messages with hidden subliminal content and suggestions, bringing about unexpected results, deceiving your mind either intentionally or unintentionally, trapping your mind with unwanted feelings and desires. If the result of your experience with erotic hypnosis is not what you expected or wanted then read on. Caution, if you suffer from any serious psychological disorders, you should seek the help of a licensed therapist. Otherwise, I strongly recommend that you listen to her hypnotic file, Slip into Mindlessnes, if you have past hypnotic suggestions that you want cleared from your mind. Now this file is also an erotic hypnosis that leads you into an erotic mindless state but one done in a thoughtful way with no unintended messages to try and force you into any unstated results. Yes, the file will lead you into a wonderful mindless erotic state, using brave waves, using subliminal messages, leaving you feeling erotically euphoric but without unwanted messages. Once this file takes hold then you can go back to Mistress Amethyst to search for other hypnotic files, knowing that you are in the good hands of a former clinical hypnotist, one who cares about authentic quality of her work and one who deeply cares for her hypnotic subjects.

  26. johnny deep

    The first file of Mistress Amethyst that this one encountered. it had only been exploring erotic hypnosis for a couple of weeks, with various online hypnotists. The file blew this one away (pun?) in various respects. it was overwhelmed by the SLIP trigger and found it could go deeper than any other hypnotist had taken it before. It set this one off on a round of SLIP trigger purchases. That trigger together with DEEP just drive this one right down, very deep, and produce enjoyable trance and deep programming. Listeners are dealing with a serious professional here, but one who seems to understand the psychology of submissive or would-be submissive men perfectly. She just seems to know what buttons to push, what descriptions to offer , and what instructions to issue. this one has since become enslaved to Mistress & continues on it merry way into deeper submission & enslavement. A wonderful way to begin servitude to Mistress Amethyst,

  27. Vincent (verified owner)

    This file began my slavery to Mistress Amethyst. This was the first file of Mistress’s that I listened to, and once I heard Her voice and experienced Her style of hypnotic domination, I was hooked. I was only confirmed in my need to serve Mistress Amethyst when I visited Her website and read about Her. Then I listened to SLIP Into Mindlessness a second time, and was struck by how powerful Mistress Amethyst truly is. I was already deeper under Her spell after just a few minutes than I’d been after spending years serving other Dommes. Mistress Amethyst has created something truly captivating with this file, and I am forever changed because of Her. I cannot wait to see where Mistress goes with the other files in this remarkable series. She’s already captured me and addicted me to Her, for which I will always be thankful!!

  28. tristen

    This recoreding leaves the follower open and ready for Mistress Amethyst to guide you to the pleasures of being obedient to her commands. Her soft, smooth, and supportive voice wipes your thoughs and helps you find the right thougths, mistress’s thoughts.

    You will just relax deeply and find your way.

    Thank you Mistress

  29. Quietman (from

    I echo what the other reviewers have said. I cannot wait to see what Amethyst does with this trigger. I am sure she is “up to no good”. 😉

    I would also like to point out that this is a first rate mp3 if you just want to bliss out and go blank for a while. I have been under a lot of stress and it was quite enjoyable just to relax for a while and not have to think about anything. I think it can be used a stand-alone file for these purposes.

    This is a free 41 minute mp3. The sound and effects on this mp3 are as good as anything Amethyst has done. Which is first rate. Even if you don’t plan to utilize her triggers in the future this is a first rate mp3.

    Amethyst is using this for triggers for a future series of mp3s, and she clearly states this. But she is not trying to accumulate “slaves” in this one, or get exclusive worshipers out of this. She is always good about this.

    All in all one of her best mp3s.


    Great relaxation mp3. Great for blanking out for a while. Excellent file for “Slip” trigger.

  30. mexisissyfag

    I was right away drawn into trance and triggered deeply by the words used and so much more and exceeded my expectations and only desire and crave more!!!!!! Only if I had excusive offer for free Id be a sissy by morning

  31. origamisoldier (verified owner)

    Slip Into Mindlessness is probably the most relaxing and deep session I’ve seen from Amethyst. I can have a very active and analyzing mind even when going into hypnosis. This session realizes this, and Mistress Amethyst helps to take you deep despite an active mind. She uses her wonderful voice along with a fantastic music track created by one of her talented subs to take yo to a hazy, open, and complaint state. Once Amethyst has you deep in trance, she opens your mind, and implants a rather useful trigger. The Slip trigger helps both to open your mind for programming, and make any new suggestion stick deep in your subconscious. While she programs you with the Slip trigger (here and in other sessions) you’ll find that your mind just fills with thoughts of “Yes Mistress, Thank you Mistress” as the triggers sink deep and solid. The best part about this trigger and session, is that the trigger reinforces itself with every use! The only trigger that has ever had such a strong effect on me so soon is her Deep trigger. Mistress Amethyst has a lot of great sessions planned for this trigger, and I can’t wait to see how she plans to program my mind going forward. This free session is well worth a listen (or two, or three), and if you love it like I did, give her a little tribute to tell her you enjoyed it!

  32. Tully Mars

    I have never been deeper, never had my mind so blank and never been so aroused during an erotic hypnosis session before. The voice of Mistress Amethyst has taken over my mind. I have listened to this twice now and the effect it had on my mind and body was indescribable the second time. I have just bought “SLIP into Wet Dreams” and can’t wait to listen to her sweet voice again…over and over. With sessions like this she is going to control the world. At a minimum she will control my world. I bow to your control Mistress Amethyst.

  33. subbernaut

    Mistress Amethyst is taking things in any direction she pleases as she begins by programming ones mind with a new trigger and it seems that the gateway to her thoughts, will and commands start here with Slip into Mindlessness! This programing session starts off as Mistress Amethyst very seductively tells you what she wishes for you, her sub, and what this session will do for you. Being primed in this way is like saying, “Yes Mistress” as you give Mistress your mind to do with as she pleases and this in itself, is very exciting. The background music is so-o-o relaxing with what appears to be a subtle beat in the distance which allows you to very comfortably relax and let go; just drifting along listening to Mistress Amethyst sweet voice, surrendering to this tranquility. At one point, the background music drops away and Mistress uses a very wonderful yet very effective manner to take solid control of you as the relentless implanting of her trigger is placed into your wanting and obedient mind. I have found I like to loop this training session and by the 3rd time through, I only remember the count up at the end and a desire to listen again and again. If this is preparation for whatever Mistress throws in ones direction, then they will eagerly slip into whatever Mistress has in mind for future sessions. I for one am looking forward to whatever goodies Mistress can dream up. I am sure you will be too!

  34. hose (verified owner)

    This is a great file to work on the slip trigger. It feels so good to listen AND its free. Try it. You’ll want to keep slipping down over and over.

  35. rodimus

    The first in a new series, Slip into Mindlessness is a brilliant way to start.
    The goal is to set up a trigger for Mistress Amethyst to use in subsequent files to program our minds as she see fit, and she does this expertly. I don’t think I’ve ever had a trigger so intensely programmed into my mind in one session before. Mistress is practically relentless in the installation of her new trigger, and I love it. And the brilliance of this method is that each ’round’ of programming seems to act as a use of the trigger, which dropped my mind deeper into the mindless programming state. It’s like a matryoshka doll of trigger programming.

    I can’t wait to see what Mistress decides to have us slip into in the future.

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