Slip Into Feminization – Dressed To Serve

Slip Into Feminization – Dressed To Serve


Slip into a mindless state of erotic trance, while I program your mind to crave feminization.

23 minutes

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Slip into a mindless state of erotic trance, while I program your mind to crave feminization.

By using the SLIP trigger, you will be mindless and ready to begin absorbing these powerful suggestions for feminization.  This is a long loop, and covers many aspects of erotic feminization, with the goal of dressing to serve me.

You will crave the feeling of silky garments against your skin.  You’ll find yourself putting them on slowly so that you can savor the sensation of the soft fabric gliding across your skin.  You’ll feel compelled to complete the look with make up, lipstick, sexy shoes and pretty hair.

The more complete the transformation, the more sensitive your flesh becomes.  The more complete the transformation, the more aroused you are.

You love to be feminized for the pleasure of Mistress Amethyst.

Before listening to this audio, please listen to my FREE MP3, Slip Into Mindlessness, so that the SLIP trigger can be deeply programmed within your mind.  The Slip trigger primes your mind so that any hypnotic programming that I give to you, will become deeply absorbed.

Features: 10-1 countdown, triple voice tracks, SLIP trigger, programming file for feminization. 23 minutes of FemDom & Erotic hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst of Copyright 2015

Feminization hypnosis;  Erotic Hypnosis;  Femdom hypnosis;


  1. Sissy Jill (verified owner)

    This audio is just amazing. After listening I was reminded of why I love to dress as my sissy self and questioned why I hadn’t done it in oh so long. I paired it with SLIP Into Silky Femme listening to them back to back and let me tell you it was a double whammy and I felt oh so good.

    I wasn’t able to dress immediately after coming out of trance (I was able to slip on some panties because every sissy/feminized plaything needs to wear panties) but I will be able to this evening and I can’t wait. I’m going the full package for the first time in maybe a year. I mean panties, bra, tights, skirt, blouse, breast forms, wig, makeup. Mistress has reminded me that I should be dressed as a sissy when I serve her. I’m surprised I forgot that and so happy I now remember.

    This file is great one for any sissy’s or feminized plaything’s collection.

  2. sweetie (verified owner)

    First of all, if you love silky panties, Mistress Amethyst’s SLIP into feminization might just send you over the edge. As i listen to Mistress’ silky panty urgings, i feel a submissive yearning so deep and strong, yet also delicate and precious, i just want to be Mistress Amethyst’s panty sissy forever and ever. Mistress has given me the exquisite gift of literally feeling Her silken voice glide through my very being, leaving me more vulnerable, devoted, aroused and feminine. Listen first to SLIP into Mindlessness and become primed, ready and eager, then listen, obey and melt into Mistress Amethyst, You will be transformed.

  3. Sandy hass

    Back when I first discovered my deep femine desires emerging I came to Mistress Amethyst and listened to Slip into Feminization over and over. I remember lying on the couch wrapped in a blanket treasuring each item of dress first in my minds eye. As listening again and again checking off each item as I became dressed to serve. Seeing her smile sensing her pleasure kept me trying to become better at feminization . The one saying that is painted like a masterpiece in my mind is” the more complete the transformation the more pleasure she receives”and deep down I know I love pleasing my mistress , today I am working everyday to become even more feminine and feel her smiling on me

  4. TangledUpInAmethyst (verified owner)

    First, I confess: I am not particularly “into” feminization; what I am into, however, is letting my Mistress, Amethyst, deep into my mind, and allowing Her to adjust my behavior in whatever way entertains Her. Whether you are predisposed to the subject matter of this session, or just feel like experimenting, “Dressed To Serve” delivers powerful feminization programming in mind-blowingly pleasurable fashion!

    Mistress Amethyst first employs seductively hypnotic language, in Her voice that speaks to your subconscious from the very first word in the language of raw sensuality, and intersperses other triggers both subtle and commandingly direct, until She invites you to SLIP deeper – remember the SLIP part of the session title? – and the bottom falls out. As blissfully deep as Mistress takes you up to that point, once Her SLIP card is played, thoughts melt away into blissful arousal and your mind belongs to Her.

    Meanwhile, woven all through your deepening trance, softly and stealthily slipping into your melting mind, are the suggestions, programming you to crave panties, bra and stockings, clothing, makeup, every sort of feminine attire and adornment, and to feel more and more aroused and sensitive the more complete your transformation…Then Mistress takes you deeper into trance, again and again, deeper than you might have believed you could go, to help Her programming penetrate even deeper into your wide open mind.

    But I think, as powerful and arousing as Mistress Amethyst’s silky voice, profound trance, and compelling hypnotic programming all are in this session, the kicker is that it’s a loop, and ends with the suggestion that your subconscious can continue listening as many times as it takes to insinuate Her suggestions good and deep into your mind. It’s amazingly effective, and extremely pleasurable, to just keep listening until the need to get up and get pretty becomes too strong too resist.

    Overall, this is such powerful and pleasurable feminization programming that I recommend it for anyone who seeks such programming, or who generally enjoys being programmed by Mistress Amethyst, or anyone who wants to take a chance to please Mistress…or anyone else, just because WOW!

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