Good Husband

Good Husband


FemDom hypnosis training to  become a good, submissive & obedient husband. to your wife. Surrender your orgasms & alpha male traits over to her control.

39 minutes


Relationship-Friendly FemDom Husband Training

Sink down into a wonderfully peaceful state of trance, where I will help to program your mind & behavior.  Enhancing your submissive feelings and focusing them on your wife can be a game-changer in a marriage.  I can help train you so that the process is as easy on your wife as possible.

In this file, I reach right inside, where my words nurture  your feelings of submissiveness, obedience, and servitude.  Those feelings have been there a long time and it’s time to amplify them and put them into action.

I will focus your training on behaving docile, compliant, and eager to please your wife.  You want to be a good husband, and that includes doing things to please your wife, making her day easier, and speaking submissively to her.  Her happiness arouses & excites you like never before.

I will also focus a good deal of training to channeling your sex drive into serving your wife.  She is the key holder to your desire, after all.  You will be programmed to refrain from orgasm, unless she has given you permission to do so.  Your orgasms, and your sexuality, belong to your wife, so no matter how aroused you are, you must have her permission to orgasm

You will soon discover that when you comply with your wife’s control, life just becomes so much easier, more fulfilling, and you realize that this is truly your place.


  • Induction – Same wording as SLIP Into Mindlessness (by request)
  • Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
  • Count Up at the end
  • Target Listener – submissive, married male
  • 39 Minutes

Erotic Hypnosis & FemDom Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst of Copyright 2015. 


  1. Michael Patrick (verified owner)

    Another great file that allows you to replace the patriarchal programming that society has put into your brain and replace it with something more appropriate.

  2. OwnedbyWife23 (verified owner)

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this file. It speaks to who i am and how i want to feel. my love for my Wife has deepened so much since i began following this induction. i have had so much failure before with hypnosis but this connected with my soul and brought me to a place of happiness. Thank You Mistress Amethyst.

  3. slave j (verified owner)

    I think this is the single most important recording Mistress Amethyst has. This file is, as are all her other files, absolutely flawless throughout.

    Look, if you have a wife or girlfriend or expect to some day, you totally owe it to her to listen to this. Even if you are Mistress Amethyt’s plaything or slave, if you have a partner, you are also her property. You owe it to your wife or girlfriend to be the best boy you can possibly be for her.

    Mistress Amethyst has given us a tremendously valuable treasure here, so listen today… on top of the above, you will enjoy every minute of it. The words of this recording echo seductively in my mind for days after I listen.

  4. Beau R (verified owner)

    As Mistress Amethyst’s eager hypnotic plaything, and also the husband of a wonderful woman, I can say that there is often a certain…tension between the devotion I gladly owe to my wife, and the service and submission I so crave to offer my Mistress – just that one…last…step to reach the soul-deep surrender I long for. ‘Good Husband’ is an exquisite session that bridges that gap, and has made me happier than ever before to serve both!
    A soothing relaxation induction begins the experience – I’ll admit I don’t remember all of it, surrendering to smooth bliss around the time the muscles around my eyes relaxed 🙂
    Then Mistress began Her programming – and to hear Her commands as She focused my mind on pleasing and submitting to my wife was beyond compare, like everything i needed and wanted converging in profound hypnotic clarity. It was an overwhelmingly erotic and emotional experience, and I am incredibly grateful to Mistress Amethyst for creating this session.

  5. Lord Epicure (verified owner)

    Fantastic, realy good lovin

    All that I looked for a long time is splendidly inculcated by Mistress Amethyst.
    Realy crave to be a good submssive for my wife. Strong and sweet moment of Amethyst Conditionning. All Amethyst directly and deeply embed in my submissive mind.
    At the end, a strong urge to please my lover, my beautiful wife, to comply all her needs. Yes my love, (oui mon amour as i am french) such a great and easy thing to say !
    Just from the end , i’ve been to the flower shop and bought a beautiful bunch of red roses.
    I offered them to my love, kneeling and saying these roses are for you my love.
    Great reccording, from now, I have a strong urge to listen it again and again !
    Thank you Mistress

  6. Luk (verified owner)

    This file is absolutely incredible. Mistress Amethyst’s voice is unlike anything that I’ve ever heard before, and no words can begin to describe it.

    I’ve listened to this file multiple times, and the effects are staggering. What stands out is the repeated command to be “docile, compliant, and eager to please” your wife. I’ve always craved a Female Led Relationship, but despite that craving have found myself talking back to my love and frequently disagreeing with her. After this file, I may feel the urge to talk back or disagree, but find myself incapable of doing so. I just know that she is right, and I am wrong. If I do disagree or act out in the least bit, I find myself apologizing profusely. I’m sure that repeated listenings of this file will eradicate even those rare instances of vocal disagreement.

    Immediately after listening to the file for the first time, I found myself with an unquenchable urge to clean for my love, and to serve her in any way she wants. This urge supersedes all other desires to entertain or please myself. She is the only thing that matters, and to please her is the single greatest pleasure for me.

    Lastly, I used to watch porn with great frequency, but after this file, the urge is no longer there. My love is the obsession of my desires, and I have not cummed for a few weeks because she has not explicitly or implicitly permitted me to do so. Nothing is sexier than limiting your orgasm to the whims of your wife.

    Thank you Mistress Amethyst for this file. I know it will only make me grow in obedience and servitude to my wife.

  7. Jonathan (verified owner)

    I purchased the “Good Husband” session and was surprised at the immediate impact it had on me. After one listening I saw these results:

    First, I was usually annoyed when my wife received a work telephone call from her female CEO boss after hours. I wouldn’t say anything out loud but I couldn’t resist having a resentful feeling inside. The day I listened to the session for the first time, my wife received an after hours call and I just sat there. No reflexive negative reaction. The session had included an instruction to be “docile”, and that was exactly what I was.

    Second, after recognizing that I hadn’t had a reflexive negative reaction, this thought popped up in my mind: “It’s ok that they are having this call, they are of higher status than me.” No instructions during the session discussed status, but that is how my mind interpreted the instructions to be submissive.

    The third result of listening to that session the first time, was an image in a dream that night. I vaguely recall seeing a dark shadowy image of two fingers holding up a penis with the scrotum dangling below. In the image, the scrotum was slightly separated from the body below. I interpreted this to represent the session’s instruction that my orgasm belonged to my wife.

    After I had listened to the session a second time, my wife received another after hours work call, and this time not only was I docile but I had no other immediate reaction. After about 20 seconds of docilely sitting on the couch while my wife was talking, it occurred to me that I should be doing something useful to help my wife (another idea from the session) and simply got up and started picking up things and cleaning up while she talked.

    During the week, I am now constantly cleaning up, picking up, folding clothes, making the bed, and doing things that will please her. All these actions give me a mild sexual arousal. In spite of the ongoing mild sexual arousal, I have not been tempted to masturbate to orgasm.

    If you want to be submissive to your wife, this session will change you.

    Thank you Mistress Amethyst for an amazingly effective file.

  8. Henry

    Over all this is the best hypnosis file I have ever found. Usually I have had issues going into trance but in the first listening I was under. (I think mainly because I fantasize about feminization so I listened to those but can’t accept it yet.) I just need to find a hypnosis file for my girlfriend that subtly gets her turned on by feminizing me.

    But back to the review. Amazing recording and I can’t say enough how well it works. Spent the week with my girlfriend and was helping her everywhere around the house. Anything she asked was done. I could NOT stopping pleasing her. Every time I pleased her and she told me I could have release it was almost instantaneous. Most of the time it takes a long time for me to have release but not I can’t hold back. I am obsessed with pleasing my girl and always want to do more and more.

    If you want to be the best husband/boyfriend for your woman then listen to this and you will be rewarded as well.

  9. Nic (verified owner)

    This recording topic was all out of my comfort zone and that is actually why I bought it. I wanted to really challenge the ridiculous male domination mindset I got from my family and from society to the core and this recording does that – no question. In terms of effects it does exactly what it promise. I am now truly at my Girlfriends disposal. No only that, I have become so much better at everything else in life too. Ive become much better in my work- and social life since my sexual desires and arousal is solely focus towards a divine being which reflects in me as well. The chastity command has also made me become so much more effective. The effects coming through her as well since the light I m now constantly giving her makes her soul shine brighter.

    In terms of quality and crafts(wo)manship Mistress Amethyst is as always flawless. Whenever I listen to someone else recordings and then return to Mistress Amethyst I always recognize how utterly amazing she is.

    For anyone who truly wish to become a Gentleman at the Goddess disposal.

  10. Jordan

    Wow, is all I can say! I’ve been looking for something like this for quite some time, and I’m so happy that someone with the talent of Amethyst created a file like this. If you’re married or in a serious relationship, this recording will definitely help you become more submissive. And, not just that, but it changes what turns you on. You are going to become so aroused just thinking of being obedient and serving your significant other. And then the orgasm control, or male chastity bit, is brilliant!

    I’ve been trying to be a better submissive, but I struggle with going back to being the alpha male. But I feel like with this recording, I’m finally making progress to becoming the good submissive man my wife wants me to be.

    This is a powerful file, it will change you. Just give it time though.

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