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Succumb to Hypnosis Mistress Amethyst – Sink Deep Down into trance as she seduces your mind into a triggered state.  Fractionation is also used.  26 Min MP3

26 minutes


Hypnosis Trigger Training With Fractionation

The “Deep” trigger has been incredibly popular, and you boys have asked for more of it!

Recently, I introduced a new trigger, “Down” in the file, Milk & Honey 2.  This loop is the extended induction that I used in Milk & Honey.  You will succumb to thorough trigger training, along with fractionation.  Is your mouth watering yet?  😉

I can imagine how easy is for you to go so deep for me.  You will drop so deep, that my words become a blur and the sound of my voice takes you deep down.  One word is enough to put you into hypnotized trance… deep down into sleep


  • Hypnotic Loop:  Hit play / repeat and listen as many times as you choose
  • Triggers:  Deep, Down, Sleep (with and without the snap of my fingers)
  • Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
  • No Count Up at the end
  • 26 Minutes

Erotic Hypnosis & FemDom Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst of Copyright 2015. 


  1. Jon Grayson

    Love this file. Mistress’s voice is perfect and draws you in and down. Despite the relatively short length, this took me very deep, almost altered state like which can be difficult to get to. Love that it also reinforces a trigger to maximize your experience with other recordings. this may be a must have.

  2. vaooa (verified owner)

    I crave to be Mistress Amethyst’s obedient submissive, perfectly and completely under the control of her desires. To be blank and ready for her to form as she wishes, her words, her voice, her power, taking me deep, so deep, fully down.

    Strictly, this session is a refresh of the ‘deep’ trigger and an introduction to ‘down’ as a trigger. But I find this serves perfectly well as the first training for both and for their use together.

  3. slave j (verified owner)

    This Hypnosis is truly superlatively wonderful. I wasn’t sure how a trigger training file would stack up, but like the previous reviewer also found out, this file is as great as all the others. Relaxing, controlling, sexy and unforgettable. It is Mistress Amethyst at her best, a true Goddess. I can’t wait to listen to other files now so I can go deeper and further down. I wish I had purchased this one sooner, it is so excellent. But as a loop at least it will be easy for this slave boy to listen tons to make up for lost time.

  4. sml (verified owner)


    It is necessary to respond instantly and properly to Mistress Amethyst’s trigger words, to fully enjoy a number of her other sessions. I highly recommend use of this file to train responses to Deep and Down.

    I thought training could be boring, doing repeats again and again and again. How wrong can one be? Listening to Deep Down Loop is getting more and more addictive for each time I submit to Mistress Amethyst to let my mind be moulded and improved. It is amazing how strong and captivating the soft words from Mistress Amethyst are. This is not only training, it is also pure hypnotic pleasure.

  5. sub2amethyst

    I have recently begun listening to Mistress Amethyst on a consistent basis after having a modest collection of her lovely work for the last few months. Because I am new to slipping under her control, I have decided to follow the schedule outlined in one of the other reviewers posted as I thought it was a great way to become deeply conditioned with the fundamentals( the deep down loop and the good boy loop):
    1.As many listens as possible for 3 days
    2. At least 2 repetitions of both files for the remaining days of 2 weeks
    3.At least 1 repetition of each file per day for the remainder of the month
    I am only on day 2 and can already feel the conditioning seeping into my bones. Simply amazing work Mistress.

  6. Lost2Purple (verified owner)

    Real hypnosis by a skilled hypnotist. MIstress Amethyst implants her triggers to take control in a way that makes me want nothing else but to accept her triggers and give her control.

  7. Igor (verified owner)

    I recently asked mistress Amethyst on advice for files that would help me practice going deeper in trance. This is one of the files she recommended as a must.

    I have to say that the file is indeed a must and is great on its own when you loop it. The way she speaks to you in this file is something I love greatly. To guide you in nicely, and then make you crave her more and more. It’s a nice repeating session and she also brings you up only to make you go back down in an even deeper trance state. I haven’t listened to it a lot yet at the time of me writing this, but I expect to be listening to this a lot more in the future!

  8. fioletowy czolenka (verified owner)

    Deep Down Loop sets up two triggers for Mistress to use on us — DEEP for going into the deepest trance, and DOWN for going into total obedience. I find both triggers to be tremendously powerful, both working instantly on me. I hear her say the trigger and my mind responds before I even realize what is happening.

    Mistress Amethyst has the listener “ride the hypnotic wave”. She takes me down so deep, then brings me up to become fully awake. Then she gives the triggers and I plunge down again into deep, deep trance and obedience. She repeats these actions and my mind responds accordingly each time as I feel the total control she has over me. Being controlled like this by Mistress enhances my feelings of obedience and devotion, which in turn help me respond to her even better.

  9. PolarisMaxum (verified owner)

    Deep Down is a file in two parts. Its purpose is to program two triggers used by Mistress’ Amethyst into the trance subjects mind. The triggers, ‘DEEP’ and ‘DOWN’, are both used to deepen a trance. From the standpoint of a trigger fan like myself it is a wonderful file. I love the idea that a simple word or gesture can drop me into trance or cause some other behavior. The fact that there is two triggers in one file is, for me, a bonus. This is also what I would consider a starter file. Like ‘Slip in Mindless’ and ‘Insatiably Silly’, this file’s purpose is to install triggers that are used to make her other sessions more effective. As such I recommend it a great trance for a new listener of Mistress Amethyst as well as one even her most dedicated boys. We can always use reinforcement and it is certainly no hardship to sink in the words of Mistress Amethyst.

    As for the trance structure itself, it is a trance in two acts. The first act is the programming of a deep trigger, while the second is dedicated to implanting the down trigger. It starts off in Mistress Amethysts standard conversation style. Though the induction is not as long as it is in most of her files. This is due to it being a loop and meant to be played on repeat or with other loops. The deepening and the programming are one and the same in this file, The liberal use of the Deep trigger as it is being programmed in caused me to drop very deep very rapidly.

    The second act with the down trigger is a slightly different style with some included fractionalization. This is the process of repeatedly waking a subject and then triggering them back into trance. While effective and very pleasant for me, it does keep me from listening to this file on repeat while I sleep. As with all loops there is not count up at the end.

    If I had one criticism of the file, it is the length. It’s longer than I like my loops to be, so I get less repetitions during my trance period than I do when I listen to shorter loops. That however, is just a personal thing, other people may find that a problem. It’s still not going to stop me from ordering a personalized session

    In conclusion I highly recommend this file for both New listeners of Mistress Amethyst and long enslaved boys.

  10. mugglewatcher (verified owner)

    Quite simply i don’t have the words to do this file, or Mistress Amethyst Herself for that matter, justice. This is a beautifully crafted file that quite simply makes me want to be a better slave for the Mistress. It’s 2am now, i have listened twice in a row and already it is calling me back to it, there’s no other way to describe it, i want nothing more than to feel that frisson of desire and excitement that Her voice engenders in me. Cannot wait to discover where my journey through the Mistress’ realm will take me from here.

  11. Voyager (verified owner)

    The file “Deep Down Loop” is an essential file for most other files. This has the triggers Mistress Amethyst uses most for bringing her “slaves” into deep hypnosis, yet it is much more. I have new files that use this a lot, so I am going back and retraining on this and “Good Boy”. (This uses “good boy” and the file “Good Boy Loop” uses the triggers from here, “deep” and “down”. I missed how tied these are into submitting to Amethyst as your Mistress, and obeying her. “Deep” does a fantastic job in taking you down, but don’t forget her phrase “for Mistress”. I seemed to have missed “down” almost totally. Down really does three things: strengthens obedience and submission, as well as helping “down”. You won’t really understand until you put them together. Obedience to her is submission. You are submitting with every thought of every file, as you do what you are told (obey). Dropping “deep” is an act of obedience, submitting to her will that you drop into deep trance when she says the trigger word.

    Yes, the words “deep” and “down” are words used to describe going into trance. This gives you the opportunity to hear her say two things at once, a description and a trigger!

    These files (Deep Down and Good Boy loops) are both very erotic. (That means they are also addictive.) That not only provides incentive, but also helps her words get to your subconscious. Listen many times for a few days, at least twice for the rest of two weeks, then less frequently (but at least daily for the rest of a month). If you don’t, you are not only throwing away time and money on these files and all files that use them, but you are missing out on being closer to a very kind, powerful and yes, kinky mistress. (You can learn a lot more about Mistress Amethyst by reading the full (long) page under the menu option “Photos and Fun Stuff” at the top of every page.)

  12. Matthew (verified owner)

    Bought “Deep Down” as my first foundational mp3 by Mistress Amethyst. I always enjoy the initial training phase with a new hypnosis program but, if you’ll pardon the pun, this really knocked me for a loop. Being new to Amethyst’s ways I was taken by her sweetly commanding style. Dominant yes, but gentle, persuasive and highly effective. I imagine it’s going to be fun trying some of her other programs that exploit these triggers.

  13. Lord Epicure (verified owner)

    Magic and hypnotic !

    Fantastic, Mistress Amethyst gives you in this file one of her kinky trick.
    A good way to work deep into trance, the triggers take completly control of your mind, just falling deeper and deeper.
    This is when Mistress Talkes you of trance, you feel awake, but instantly she uses the trigger and whitout hesistations you fall very deep and deeper.
    This sensation to be immediately caught up and dipped back into a profound state of trance is fabulous. In fact, entraine Mistress(Teacher) your spirit has to answer perfectly its slightest commands to plunge you quickly in a kinky deep trance.
    You must have this one, you will be perfectly trained to react as a good slave. I love it

  14. fashionbound (verified owner)

    Mistress Amethyst’s Deep Down has become the foundation for listening to Mistress’ other recordings. The programming is both very dominant while so seductive and sensual. Somehow i feel as though i’ve simultaneously surrendered to Mistress and been taken by Her, a yummy paradox. Each listen sends me deeper, responding to Mistress triggers instantly as i fall into submissive feelings of helpless yearning to please and obey. i love when the words “deep down” appear in other recordings now, those trances take on new meaning and depth, oh my goodness, so wonderful. For girlie boyz, i suggest listening to deep down and obedient sissy immediately afterward, i won’t say more, try it and see. i’m so hooked.

  15. Sandy hass

    Recently I asked myself the question which trance should I listen to to help heal my body, and I knew Deep Down Loop was the answer.i have loved the trance and the visualization of painting words as framed masterpieces in my mind has expanded to include all her triggers like a personal art gallery of museum quality. When I have looped this file it has taken me very deep indeed and I often use it as a diving board to dive into a favorite Silly or Slip file. When creating an overnight sleeping play list I put this file in every few trances to keep me deep and down. Why does it heal me? In my minds eye I know my mistress loves me and I see her writing the word healing right next to deep and down . I just want to say thanks to my Mistress Amethyst for taking me deep and down and healing my body mind and spirit

  16. Beau R (verified owner)

    This is very long for a loop file, and every second is put to devastatingly hypnotic use! This file can serve as an introduction to Mistress Amethyst’s ‘DEEP’ trigger; but no matter what, the induction and reinforcement here are impossible to resist, as Mistress treats acceptance of Her triggers and Her control as a fait accompli and simply proceeds to induce a wonderfully deep, relaxing and pleasurable trance.
    Mistress uses the trigger She has created, over and over, to produce a deeply receptive state – then uses that state to implant another amazing trigger, creating a state of such eager, unconditional obedience…mmmm, so wide open for Mistress…
    This session is also a perfect example of the synergy at work in Mistress Amethyst’s various files; the ‘DOWN’ trigger, once implanted, becomes noticeable in many of Her other files, making them even more powerful and effective. There are so many wonderful places to begin that it’s easy to find one’s way into Her hypnotic labyrinth – finding a way out, on the other hand, is as difficult as it is overrated ; -)

  17. David (verified owner)

    Its hard to believe Mistress is letting us have this 26 minute loop file for only 8 dollars. Thy hypnosis is extremely powerful and one becomes immobilized and mobilized. If i didn’t force myself awake and up at the right moments i could stay under forever so it would seem. Mistress Amethyst may well be the most powerful hypnotist available. If you had any free will when you get this recording.. you won’t have any left after a couple listens. Put player on repeat for best effects.. as you will go back under almost before you can wake up!

    Mistress Amethyst’s slave David

  18. Dan Evans (verified owner)

    This is an incredibly powerful file that will make you fall unexpectedly far down into trance before you know it.
    Mistress Amethyst implants deep feelings of submission and surrender to trance, using triggers, a deep trigger pulling you under, a down trigger taking you all the way down into the deepest states of hypnotic trance. She repeats this process over and over, first taking you deep, bringing you back up, then pulling you suddenly all the way back down again. You will come to the end of this loop, feeling relaxed, feeling submissive, wanting to listen again and again and again…
    Warning, if you don’t want to experience feelings of euphoria, pleasure, or deep submission to Mistress Amethyst, then you should not listen to this file.
    This file is best listened to in a nice quiet warm place while maintaining a positive and respectful attitude. This hypnotice loop is an incredible bargain at just $ 8.00. Just imagine finding a priceless Amethyst stone in the discount ben of your local super market. You would be crazy not to buy it.

  19. QuietMan (verified owner)

    Mistress keeps getting better and better at creating loops. She is getting too good at it. I only remember snippets of this file. I do remember floating in euphoric bliss. I do remember the Deep Down trigger. I do remember the post hypnotic suggestion to be the best hypnotic slave I can be. Kind of hazy for the remaining 23 minutes.

    Fans of fractionation should really like this file.

    This is the type of file where you don’t so much remember the programming, but feel it in your bones and cells.

    I love this file.

  20. origamisoldier (verified owner)

    Deep Down Loop was a session that was originally going to be part of Milk and Honey 2. While it would have been fantastic there, I think Mistress made the right choice to make it into its own session because otherwise I think a lot of boys would have looked over or missed out on the genius of it. Deep Down Loop is so much more than it appears at first. Mistress Amethyst combines an old trigger, a new trigger, fractionation, themes of submission, and so much more. She teaches you the triggers, and melds them together with profound metaphors and themes. The secondary tracks reinforce these ideas perfectly, and are mixed in with all the expertise we’ve come to expect from Mistress.

    This is one of the few sessions where I may have experienced session amnesia. I’ve tranced to it many times, and sometimes I just lose myself completely and wake up well after it’s complete (as there is no command for it at the end). I wake up feeling so good, so relaxed, so submissive, and I can’t wait to fall again. This session just brings out my desire to serve her so much, and it amplifies the pleasure I get from obedience and submission to her. The trigger combines all these feelings with a deep trance and it works in other sessions so well. It even manages to enhance sessions that only use the deep trigger because this session adds so much meaning to it. Even without the accompanying down, the Deep trigger just hits me that much harder in trance now.

    I think this session marks a new standard of quality for Mistress’s sessions. In her other recent sessions, I’ve seen the same depth of trance and depth of themes as I do here. Mistress Amethyst just keeps getting better and better in her writing, recording, and editing, and it really shows here. This is straight up one of the best hypnosis sessions ever made and the price is crazy. You would be stupid to turn down such a valuable session at this price. Mistress continues to blow me away with her dedication to her craft, her creativity in finding new ways to mold us, and her love for us as submissives to grant us these incredible gifts. I really do serve the best Mistress.

  21. Tized (verified owner)

    Ok, first of all, this thing costs 8 bucks. Second, it’s 26 minutes of sheer ever-deepening sensually erotic hypnotic bliss. If there ever was a no-brainer for a purchase, this is it. As for myself, I found the deepest depths of trance that I’ve ever experienced with this file. Then again, I’m completely open to Mistress Amethyst’s suggestions (She’s the only domme who’s managed to get to me 100% and then some) so every new file of Hers pretty much has the “whoa, I didn’t know it could be THIS good” effect on me. Biased – that’s what I am.

    I still do believe Deep Down Loop is a file capable of dropping anyone deep, deeper and the deepest. Mistress Amethyst is that good at what She does. Her hypnotic style of perfectly mixing no-frills directiveness and Her insanely sensual and seductive expressiveness is just irresistible. Plus She is a REAL pro as a hypnotist with a clinical background, very caring in Her dominance and completely trustworthy. She WILL hypnotize you if you’re open to the idea.

    During the session Mistress Amethyst (re)introduces and installs Her classic “Deep” trigger and a new trigger “Down”. These powerful deepening triggers work separately but when used together the effect is magnified – you truly sink like a stone into Mistress’ purple bliss. There’s a fantastic bonus in this for those who are familiar with Her catalogue: In addition to “deep” She also uses the word “down” a lot in most of Her files, so every one of them becomes instantly even more effective and enjoyable. How perfect!

    There is something super arousing about the way Mistress Amethyst works Her magic even when there’s no apparent erotic content in a session. Everything She says and the way She says it is always a huge turn on. There’s a bit of fractionation included in this one, too, which I always find extremely hot myself. The file takes me so deep it’s difficult to remember a lot of specific details about it. I just feel totally blissed-out afterwards and know that I’m yet another step deeper under my wonderful Mistress’ control, and absolutely loving it. Man, it’s good to be a hypnotized slave!

  22. rodimus (verified owner)

    I think I may have found my new favorite file of Mistress Amethyst’s.
    Deep Down Loop ticks a lot of boxes for me: deep trance, triggers, fractionation, lots of submission-related suggestions. I feel like Mistress Amethyst turned up the dial on her dominance a bit when making this file, compared to some of her others. I love it.

    And as a bonus, this file is an absurd value. $8 is a real pittance for a file as good as this. There’s no reason not to get this file. Especially since I expect Mistress will put the new ‘Down’ trigger to good use in the future.

  23. Vincent (verified owner)

    I was not prepared for this file. At all. Period. This file does what it says it will do. Mistress Amethyst takes you down, only to bring you up and take you down again. And again. Fractionation, baby! Goddamn, I have never experienced fractionation on this level before, not this powerfully! Mistress Amethyst turned my brain to complete mush with this session. Every session of Mistress Amethyst’s that I listen to is a treasure, something unique and to be cherished, and this session is no different. Fans of fractionation will LOVE this session. It is not to be missed, that is for sure. This session is so powerful, though, that it ought to come with a warning label; do not listen to this file if you don’t want to go deep, because this session will take you deeper than you think possible.

  24. guyinatrance (verified owner)

    If you love being triggered down into deep trance, then you should listen to this $8 hypnotic delight! Every time Mistress Amethyst said Her triggers, i felt a massive dose of pleasure in my brain & in my cock! It was if She was stroking my mind & cock with each trigger! And it was not any stroke of my mind & cock, but it was the climax stroke! That’s right, this is a 26 minute long orgasmic mindgasm! Massive bliss, ultimate erotic pleasure! Be prepared for some time past when the loop ends to remain in a very blissful, pleasantly distracted state! Mistress Amethyst will make you aware of how lucky you are to have found Her & listened to Her lovely powerfully erotic voice! Highest recommendation!

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