A Morning Edge Routine That’s SOOOO Good!

It’s important to start your day out right, so why not start with some erotic trance and a morning edge for your Mistress Amethyst.

I’m going to guide you into a light state of trance, and mesmerize you into becoming insanely aroused.  You will then follow my edging / JOI instructions, but no further than the edge, my sweet boy.

Just follow along, and get ready to invigorate your day!  Your mornings will never be the same!


  • 10-1 Countdown
  • JOI,
  • Double Voice,
  • Isochronic Tones,



  1. Jackhole Slug (verified owner)

    Mistress has changed my mornings. As soon as I wake up I feel my obsession lighting up and the desperate urge to listen to her immediately. When I am granted a morning edge (or several) it makes my day. It sets up my obsession for Mistress at the highest level, and inspire me for a day of submission.

  2. Speed Stick (verified owner)

    There is no better way start your day than by submitting to Mistress Amethyst’s “Good Morning Edge”!

    Still half-asleep, the first words I hear are Mistress greeting me with a ‘good morning my love’ and then I’m totally helpless as my arousal instantly begins to grow hard, completely under Her control.

    After quickly and relentlessly sending me deep into trance, all the while increasing my arousal as I drop further, Mistress makes me gasp aloud as she directs me through some light teasing. And when I am commanded to stroke, the only thing keeping my eyes from popping out of my head with pleasure is the fact my eyelids are shut.

    Then Mistress turns up the heat, instructing me to pick up the pace and I am barely able to hang on, helpless to Her words, on the edge of orgasm for what seems like an eternity, loudly bleating out a mixture of desperate pleas, sexual moans and a steady stream of precum.

    I was notoriously grumpy in the morning but no longer! After Mistress Amethyst’s “Good Morning Edge”, there’s always a dirty smile on my face first thing now!

  3. Hypno Craver (from

    We all know mornings can be difficult, staying awake and not drifting off again. Thankfully, Mistress Amethyst is here to help. She proposes a fun new way to start your days: edging!

    Using a combination of confusion, trigger word with snap and fractionation added to your dreamy waking state of mind takes you deep into hypnosis. And that is where the mutual enjoyment really begins, with her telling you just how to pleasure yourself up to the edge, but not further, and you pleasing her by being nice and obedient. Feels good.

    No doubt you could get used to this, showing your devotion to Mistress first thing in the morning. Puts a smile on your face. Ending up horny is just what you need to be able to start your day energized, everything will be easier this way. It’s a session that has a profound effect on the rest of your day.

    Discover just how good waking up a little bit earlier can be.

    multiple induction techniques
    guided masturbation
    a session to remember

  4. Ingenio

    Edging at it’s best. If you have problems to wake up or feeling grumpy in the morning, this is the session for you. This hypnotic session is much better than drinking buckets of coffee. Getting up in the morning never felt that good before. Listen to Mistress Amethyst as she takes you on a fantastic ride right to the edge… and back. Afterwards you feel refreshed and horny, and your blue balls will keep you thinking of her for the rest of the day… Highly recommended.

  5. origamisoldier

    Worth the Extra Effort

    Taking the time for a little edging in the morning with Mistress Amethyst is a special treat for both of you. Mistress Amethyst takes you into a trance with a great induction that manages to give a deep trance without making you fall back asleep. For me, I know I can fall asleep immediately if given the chance, but with the combination of her powerful voice, and some eye opening exercise, I found that I had no trouble staying awake for her despite the depth of trance. Once in trance, Mistress Amethyst guides you through a fantastic edging experience that combines both subtle and intense stimulation to create an incredible arousal. Even if you’re not a morning person (trust me, I’m not a morning person), you’ll want to make the extra effort to get up a little bit earlier for your morning edge with Mistress.


    fun way to wake up, feel horny and refreshed, wonderful edging tecniques

  6. fetdb

    Start your morning right

    What man doesn’t desire to find himself waking up next to a beautiful sexy woman and having the chance for a little “morning action”? Many men in this situation would focus on their pleasure. As a submissive male, though, you would find yourself thinking thinking the opposite in that situation. You would want to please the woman, provide for her pleasure first thing in the morning.

    This session gives you just such an opportunity, when Mistress Amethyst has you engage in one of Her desires, edging. The induction uses fractionation to build up your obedience to Her and when She has you deep under Her control, She has you start teasing your cock for Her. Her execution of this leaves you feeling as She is there with you, watching your stroking. As such it doesn’t feel like standard masturbation or a JOI session. It feels like female dominant/submissive male sex, and this is what you want after all, isn’t it? I certainly do.

    By listening to this session first thing in the morning, I find that the rest of my day is filled with sexy thoughts of obedience and submission to Mistress Amethyst. I take a sense of pride knowing that I have pleased and obeyed my Mistress to start that day. I’m not an experienced edger, but the chance to edge for Mistress Amethyst leaves me hungry to work my edging ability, knowing that this pleases Her.

    I would recommend this session to listeners of Mistress Amethyst that desire a little “hands on” action, to test their obedience to Her. I would listen to this session every morning. (Before coffee even!)

  7. guyinatrance

    Hypnotic Cravings Never Tasted or Felt Sooo Good!

    Tease & denial is the main course with a post hypnotic suggestion being the sweet dessert of Mistress Amethyst’s Good Morning Edge hypnoerotic masterpiece. Add in side dishes of hypnotic triggers, progressive relaxation, confusion induction & fractionation makes this one delicious hypnotic meal for the submissive. Do you yearn to be a Dominant Female’s good boy? Then Good Morning Edge will satisfy your hypnoerotic cravings! Mistress Amethyst’s recommended daily hypnotic diet now includes sampling this tremendous trance inducing hypnotic cuisine. Before your morning coffee you should indulge in this tasty hypnoerotic morsel! Mistress Amethyst’s sweet lovely voice will guide you deep into trance as you feast on Her blissful delicious hypnotic breakfast!


    A Dominant Female with a lovely voice with an extremely talented hypnotic mind using Her extensive creativity to seduce & enthrall submissive listeners!

  8. QuietMan

    Good Morning Edge

    Mistress Amethyst has recorded a masterpiece. Outstanding induction. She pulls out all the stops here. Listening to Amethyst first thing in the morning is better than coffee. It does give you a jolt. Highly recommended if you like edge play.


    Great induction.
    A must have if like edge play.

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