Obedient Body

Obedient Body


Deep FemDom hypnosis programming to train your body to respond exactly as a good sex slave should.

30 minutes


Obedient Arousal

Deep trance programming to train your body to respond exactly as a good sex slave should.

You’ll instantly respond with profound sexual arousal to Mistress Amethyst’s feminine dominance. Without even thinking about it, you’ll easily transform into the submissive that you desire to be.

Features: Cell Command (TM) Therapy, deep brainwave technology, subliminal relaxation suggestions, double voice mind control programming with bilateral effects, and guided relaxation and hypnotic programming from Amethyst


  1. Tony (verified owner)

    Mistress Amethyst knows how easily she can get me just the way she wants me. My body belongs to her. It is her property and it exists for her purposes and pleasure. She expects my body to respond automatically to her presence and the sound of her voice. She wants it aroused and filled with lust. She demands that every part of it rise up before her in instant devotion. In this session, she programmes my mind so that my body submits to her commands. The experience of being under her spell fills me with blissful pleasure. I have no choice but to obey because she has removed my resistance and installed an irresistible urge to surrender to her. Through this session, Mistress Amethyst gets exactly what she wants. She always does.

  2. slave j

    What a relaxing, sexy and controlling and perfectly produced hypnosis… Goddess Amethyst at her sensual best.

    I purchased this as part of the Obedience Beginner Pack, which I recommend for all boys. Normally I would not have purchased this one on its own as I also listened to Useless Dick from darkamethysthypno.com… and that has a powerful powerful effect.

    So it was a real treat and an extra glorious mind-fuck to listen to these two together, to be both broken and stimulated by Mistress Amethyst. I strongly recommend this session for those who have listened to Useless Dick, but then again… I highly recommend this for everyone. It really sets a great tone of relaxation and stimulation and obedience that lasts a long time.

  3. Lord Epicure (verified owner)

    Having begun to train your mind with Obedient Mind, (and don’t forget to work on it again & again) It’ nown time to move on to the next stage!
    Yes, that’s it, the next stage is to let Mistress Amethyst taking care of your body and teaching how to respond quickly and correctly to all her commands.
    This will take some time, but the more you submit to your Mistress, the more you will get fully trained and your responses will be powerful !
    As your Mind had been properly trained, you will not any difficulties to follow the sweet spell of your Mistress Amethyst.
    The relaxation is very deep, quickly you fall deeper and deeper, your conscious mind fades away and You sink into a mindlessness state easily. In this state, connection is closer to your Mistress, and it feels like Mistress Amethyst was just held above you, whispering in the hollow of your ears.
    Just feels like her silky hands caress your forehead in order to start the conditionning of your body.
    Throughout this programming, I smelt that Amethyst’s orders penetrated profoundly into my body. And slowly the sensations were made more and more strong has measure that my body accepted the programming, and it was so good. Proud to be so Obedient, accepting all these new commands and body reactions as a devoted slave wants to please his Mistress.
    Just hearing the words : ” Your body belongs to me !” plunged me into a profound state of Obedience !
    Perhaps at the end, You will have no idea of what was able to take place !
    Unconsciously the conditionning will have already begun and will show itself in your sleep and your dreams.
    But You will find the answer in the next sessions with your Mistress.
    You may repeat this session again and again to be sure to obtain the best possible reponse to Mistress’s commands !
    Now you can access to your next step with these two recordings : Cock tease and Obedient Cock
    Enjoy your submissive state, be sure to please and pamper your Mistress Amethyst !

  4. blank (verified owner)

    Obedient Body is actually about making your mind helplessly obedient. Mistress uses Her Voice to make your body writhe with pleasure and arousal, which opens your mind completely to Her control. pleasure is obedience, obedience is pleasure. Mistress’ Voice causes massive arousal and euphoria, so you will obey automatically because you can’t help it and because you WANT to obey Her pleasure-intoxicating Voice. Absolutely Wonderful!

  5. QuietMan

    I think when you submit to Mistress it should be body, mind and soul. In that respect I think that Obedient body is the perfect match to Obedient Mind and Obedient Psyche. They are the perfect trifecta.

    It is always fascinated me to what succumbs first. The body or the mind. In this file Mistress definitely wants to control your body. Let’s face it Mistress Amethyst’s voice is so sexy, compelling and alluring. She seduces and induces so much pleasure into your body that there really is no defense. You have no choice but to capitulate to her control. And control has never felt better. I find that over time, I am craving more and more of her control. And that the Obedience series is perfect for this. They are classic files for slave programming and conditioning. And feeling intense pleasure in your body is a great way to start.

    I think for submissives looking to feel the control of a powerful dominating woman Obedient Body is a great place to start. I would listen to Obedient Mind or Obedient Psyche next. Or stack them. Yum.

    So which succumbs first, the mind, the body or the soul. You will just have to experiment to find out. And that should be a lot of fun. 🙂

  6. Rodimus

    Obedient Body, much like Obedient Mind and pretty much all of Mistress Amethyst’s Obedient files, can serve as a wonderful starting point for those seeking to trance for and submit to Mistress Amethyst.

    This file focuses on making your body, and a certain part in particular, obedient to Amethyst. It explains to you that it is meant for her pleasure and enjoyment, and as a sub, that’s exactly the sort of suggestion I enjoy. And I could be wrong, memory of the file not being the clearest right at the moment, but I’m pretty sure it also dealt with the pleasure of obedience to Mistress Amethyst.

    I also have to say that even if you already own this file, it’s worth going back to from time to time. On my last listen, I found that my responses to some of the suggestions was more pronounced after having been exposed to other files of Mistress Amethyst’s. Eruption in particular likely had an impact…

  7. origamisoldier

    Wonderfully Redundant

    Obedient Body

    This one seems a little redundant. Amethyst has such a naturally erotic voice that It seems unnecessary to have a recording that links her voice to arousal. Still, it never hurts to have a little reinforcement! This is actually the first session from Amethyst I ever heard. I listened to it first on Descent Hypnosis Radio, and loved it. It didn’t capture me in the same way as Amethyst Addiction, but it got me started on the Journey. This session will tie Amethyst’s amazing voice to your arousal with an unbreakable bond. Your body will be as obedient as your mind, and it will feel amazing! The recording has a consistent feeling of floating on Mistress Amethyst’s words, a fitting feeling for this session.


    great feelings throughout, love Amethyst’s voice

  8. Eric777

    Your full body will tremble full of arousal

    I listen to “Obedient Body” and “Obedient Mind” almost daily. In these two audios Mistress Amethyst will program you to be very submissive and obedient to her sweet sensual voice. You are gonna like every minute of this!! Both files will enhance the feelings, the pleasure and your body’s reaction when listening to the other amazing sessions of Mistress Amethyst. These two sessions will sink you so deep in submission and obedience that you’ll feel like you always belong there. I really recommend to buy both sessions! This one is my favourite!


    Addictive, professional hypnotist, mind programming, waves of pleasure

  9. JHSuccumb

    Testimonial: For Obedient Body

    I listened to this one as a compliment to “Obedient Mind”……….Obedient Body is truly arousing and mind-blowing. Again, Mistress Amethyst’s voice and choice of words are quite effective in achieving Her desired result……….your obedience. I love the way She takes one down, plants Her word “seeds” and then lets it grow and stay within your mind. I am quite taken by Mistress Amethyst and will enjoy listening to Her over and over again. Don’t miss out on this if you are looking for your Femdom muse.

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