My smoke is like a Siren’s call to your soul!

42 minutes

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Each Blow of my cigarette is like a siren’s call to your soul. A need builds within you, to lift up from your body, and come find me.

Once you arrive in your disembodied state, each puff of smoke tantalizes your mind, and sets your flesh, which is back where you left it, on fire. A duality where mind & body are separate… yet you sense them at the same time.

As you float, weightless, drawn by each blow, I wonder if you can picture my lips…. red….. plump….as I hug the tip of the cigarette.  I wonder if you can imagine as I inhale gently followed by a blooooowwww of smoke, which calls to you from over here to where you are.  You are floating somewhere in search of my lips;  my plump, red lips. This is what you need!  You need my lips and each blow of smoke brings you closer to me.

Each blow of smoke arouses you more and more.  Your mind & spirit are floating with me, but your horny body is back where you left it.  Even though you are in bodiless form, you feel your flesh burning with desire.  It’s that odd duality of being weightless and away from your body, yet you are feeling the carnal desires of your physical form.

There is a separation of mind and body, but your body begins to stroke faster until the pleasure erupts.

Even if you’re not into the smoking fetish, I urge You to check this one out!



  1. guyinatrance

    Mistress Amethyst Blows Past All of your Previous Trance & Pleasure Levels

    Mistress Amethyst at Her most seductive! Her Blow hypnotic masterpiece is most enjoyable for the lucky submissive listener! She blows your doors off in this hypno-erotic masterpiece! Mistress Amethyst whispers in your ear, lulling you into a most pleasurable relaxed state! She allows you to unwind from whatever day you want to escape from! Multiple voice tracks caress your eager mind down into a very erotic & pleasurable trance! Breathe Her in & bring Her into your open mind. No one can resist Her, you will follow where She safely leads you, deep down into Her erotic trance! There is No One you would rather give your mind to! Highest recommendation! Intense erotic pleasure & deep hypnotic trance is & will be experienced by the fortunate subject!


    An astonishing creative & effective hypnotic script perfectly & genuinely delivered by The Most Beautifully Voiced HypnoDomme!

  2. subzillah

    Get Blown Away

    Blow is a soothing and sexy recording. Mistress Amethyst’s voice during the induction had me so very relaxed and tingly. Perfectly preparing me for what was to come. Her soft whispers were quite effective in bringing me down to a passive relaxed state and leading me into this highly erotic session. Blow is very soft and sensual. The cadence and delivery had me sedated but very aroused as the sensations kept building with every word. My heart was pumping, my body aching, and my soul yearning to just meld with this beautiful Goddess. Blow really blew me away!


    soft, sensual, soothing, arousing

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