Obedience Training

This MP3 was created in 2012, and submissive boys are STILL raving about it after all this time!

Using authentic trance techniques and the enchantment of my beautifully smooth voice, I will train your mind to be the obedient sex slave that you desire to be.

This hypnosis session begins very softly, with a focus on keeping my vocals very soft, fluid, and extremely gentle. This approach is also very present in the music used during the file, as it is designed to slowly guide you down, as though in a velvety caress.

While there is not a feeling of forcing you to obey during the file, the overall style does veer toward the use of the fact that you already know you want to give in. A strong theme of this sessions is to pull your focus onto only your Mistress, and you will be taught just how true this fact is.

You will be slowly, and steadily, taught just how very much you want to obey. Your mind will be fully enthralled well before the end of this file. This file also lends itself very well to being looped endlessly, which will make you oh so very pliable and submissive.

While you are drifting down, you will hear an additional track, helping to guide you unerringly into the loving embrace or your dearest Mistress.

Why not go ahead and have a listen. You know you want to lose your mind, and your time, in this softly seductive embrace. After all, doesn’t your Mistress deserve so many more lovely submissive minds?


  • Alternate Version Included:  No
  • Themes:  Femdom, Goddess Worship, Obedience Training
  • Secondary ASMR/Whisper Track:  Yes
  • Brainwaves:  No
  • Gender Specific: No
  • Triggers Used: None
  • Finger Snaps:  No
  • Mistress Amethyst Worship Commands:  Yes
  • Amnesia Suggestions:  No
  • Fractionation:  No
  • Humiliation:  No
  • Cum Command: No
  • Subliminal Messages – No
  • Awakening Command:  Yes
  • Post-Hypnotic Task – No
  • Suggestions To Buy More From Mistress: No  
  • Background Music Title: Unknown
  • Release Date: Nov 16, 2012
  • 31 Minutes



  1. Tony (verified owner)

    Obedience training with Mistress Amethyst is wonderful. It makes me feel so good. She takes me down into peaceful relaxation where she takes control of my mind, empties it and programmes me to be her obedient plaything. She ravishes me as the sound of her gorgeous voice swirls around me. I embrace and deepen my submissiveness. I become desperate to obey and please her. My every act of surrender to her fills me with pleasure and makes me happy. The session comes to an end, but the dreaminess lingers. I am hungry for Mistress to make me her weak captive again, to compel me once more to surrender to her commands, and to fill me again with this blissful arousal. There is nowhere else to be but under the spell of Mistress Amethyst.

  2. blank stare (verified owner)

    Obedient Mind is amazingly smooth and powerful! Mistress Amethyst is extremely thorough, wonderfully smooth, and amazingly powerful. She uses her skillful words and beautiful voice to teach and tease your mind into accepting Her deeper and deeper into your mind. Obeying feels better than thinking, and your mind will quickly and happily learn that it’s always good and important to obey Mistress Amethyst. thank You, Mistress!

  3. slave j

    What a wonderful experience this hypnosis is. Relax into the soothing sexy voice of Mistress Amethyst as you fall ever more under her spell. This file is perfect no matter where you are in terms of falling under her spell. Great for first timers ringer their feet wet as it were and learn their place, but also great refresher for more experienced hypno slaves. For tan obedient mind is the most important thing a boy can have, and how better to earn it than with this intoxicating half hour. You will want to listen again and again.

  4. Meshal (verified owner)

    You are very powerful. This is amazing

  5. Christopher (verified owner)

    i cannot stress hard enough how powerful this session is. Mistress Amethyst takes you sweetly and gently into a very deep trance and Her programming is irresistible. i could feel myself falling further under Her absolute control more than i ever had before. When She woke me, i felt genuinely different. More submissive and desperate to obey Her. Desperate to please Her. Needing to obey Her so much. i have such intense feelings of submission right now and it feels so natural to surrender and obey my Mistress. Thank You Mistress

  6. Lord Epicure (verified owner)

    So Addictive recording !

    I love this recording ! Each time, and time after time, all suggestions goes deeper, my mind is wide open and i reach a new high level of trance each time after having listened to Obedient Mind.
    I am placed right into a perfect state of Obedience, all commands given by Amethyst are absorbed and accepeted with a great feeling of intense pleasure.
    I love the conditionning loop, because Mistress Amethyst has already done a magical work of relaxation. Breath for Mistress will gives you intense pleasure.
    Your mind will be so blank and ready to absorb any Mistress Commands that it will be very difficult for you to remember any word, excepted Obey your Mistress !
    At the end, you will feel the urge to listen again and again.
    The more you listen to this file, the more your mind will fill follow easily any Mistress commands or suggestions.
    A better submission or submissive state to a better way to deep trance in Amethyst Erotic Fantasy world !
    In fact, after listened this file, maybe you will feel the urge to fall deep into an other recording as Obedient Slave, that’s a the most logical way for you…

  7. MB247 (verified owner)

    Obedient Mind is one of my favorite files and it is a must have for everyone’s collection. I’ve assembled many play lists and Obedient Mind appears on allot of them. This is a great file for beginners and longtime listeners. It is such a masterpiece of sound and mental programming. I’ve always liked the atmosphere that this file provides to me, it feels like I have drifted away far into the cosmos with Mistress Amethyst’s sweet voice blissfully echoing in my mind. It is a very powerful recording, yet I find it comforting and soothing at the same time. I highly recommend setting a couple of hours aside in the evening and putting this in a play list along with Obedient Psyche, Obedient Heart, and Obedient Body, you will have an evening that you enjoy endlessly.

    When I found out Mistress Amethyst was making a version available for personalization there was no question that I had to purchase a personalized version for myself and I opted for a version that included a custom Introduction and Ending. I couldn’t be happier with the results. I was writhing in ecstasy before the introduction was even finished. Having a personalized version makes it feel like Mistress Amethyst is right there with you and that the words she’s speaking are just for you. I found that the file now has an even bigger impact mentally and physically than ever before. I highly recommend getting the custom introduction and ending because it’s not just an intro and ending, Mistress Amethyst in her infinite wisdom provides additional incite and meaning to the file itself and a better feeling of connection between you and her. I found the file far more powerful because of the custom intro and ending. Do yourself a favor and get both the intro and ending, because on one of the first customs I ordered, I only ordered the intro and found out it was so good that I regretted not getting a custom ending as well.

    You will not regret getting this file and getting it personalized takes it to a whole other level.

    Thank you Mistress Amethyst for such a beautiful and powerful hypnotic masterpiece.

  8. QuietMan (verified owner)

    It is great to rediscover older files. It is like falling in love again. Obedient Mind is the classic file for obedience programming. If I was creating a college course for submissive programming, I would use this file as a study guide.

    There is a terrific progressive relaxation induction in this file. My body feels like jello after listening. It is worthwhile listening just to get so incredibly relaxed. What follows is classic slave programming. What happens next is magic. Why is Mistress Amethyst so good at this? Well she is an unbelievably good hypnotist. She does have incredible insights into the submissive mind. She is as sexy as f***. But I think her greatest skill is seduction. She gets you to want what she wants. She gets you to crave her domination. You ask for it. At times you beg for it. I crave it so much at times.

    This may be a scary thought for some. But I cannot tell you how good it feels to follow Mistress Amethyst. Easily one of the best decisions I ever made. She is very trustworthy. She does not use humiliation and degradation. Just the opposite, she constantly tries to build her followers up.

    If you want to take the next step in following Mistress Amethyst, then I would definitely look into the Obedience series and especially Obedient Mind. I would also recommend Obedient Body as the perfect bookend to this file. I know you will not regret it.

  9. Nic (verified owner)

    Amazing trance by the most skilled hypnotist the internet ever encountered. Mistress Amethyst is so sweet and loving yet there is no question who is in charge. Perfect programming for anyone who wishes to go deeper in trance and be more mindlessly obedient to her hypnotic voice. After listening to this session my mind and body was so relaxed and in total bliss. This session is a must for any true connoisseur of hypnosis.

  10. toolate

    i can feel the powerful seductive and hypnotic spell of Mistress Amethyst reverberating through me right now as i type this. I need to obey Mistress Amethyst now with a shocking intensity that is growing everytime i listen to her. Just prior to writing this i was on my knees begging her for any small task that i could complete. Obedient Mind will infiltrate your body mind and soul in with a gentle irresistable force that is both subtle and profound. Just like me you will have no choice but to fall to your knees and beg to obey.
    Thank-you Mistress Amethyst!!

  11. Tized (verified owner)

    I always wanted so much to be hypnotized and enslaved by a powerful woman but something in my mind always fought back and refused a little for some reason. Not anymore. Mistress Amethyst broke my code. This wasn’t one of my first sessions of Hers that I got but it would make a great starting point for anyone interested in fulfilling this kind of submissive fantasy. It’s Her voice, Her output, Her talent at inducing trance. She doesn’t need gimmicks. She’s erotic as hell. Or heaven, that would probably be a better word. Here She traps you in the most blissful trance and melts your mind slowly into total obedience. By the time You realize Her tone has become more commanding and Her suggestions more demanding, you will be in euphoric agreement with everything She tells you. You will want to obey. You might get addicted, I most certainly did. This is one incredibly effective session and erotic hypnosis at its ultimate best.

  12. Slave Enrico (verified owner)

    I love Amethyst’s voice in the beginning of this recording.. so powerfull!! “Let’s begin!”.. so authoritarian.. She take me completely under her spell.. She implant obedience in my mind and I’m really happy to obey her.. her soothing sweet voice.. make you very relaxed.. but after becomes like a poison that invades your brain and take it under her control without escape.. and without escape from Italy to US I kneel at your feet and give you my life to serve you!
    Slave Enrico

  13. Lola

    I must say : O. M. F. G.

    Being tranced into obedience does not even come close to describing this one.

    For the purpose here is far more complex and wicked than that.
    First you are being lulled and seduced into opening up and surrendering to Mistres Amethyst’s deviously warm and sexy voice. Then, while being reduced to a puddle of craving weakness, your poor confused mind is thoroughly and relentlessly programmed. Not just into obedience, but into total addiction to being programed into obedience.

    It’s the perfect mindfuck, resulting into a deeper and more profound submission every time you listen to. And you will listen to. Over and over (and over and over) again.

    Must have for all hypno-fetishists that want to embark on a path of submission or deepen their tendencies to obedience, guided by the most talented and skilled hypnodomme i ever had the privilege to encounter.

  14. Rodimus

    Obedient Mind and how

    I’ve been listening to Obedient Mind every day since I got it and it does make the mind obedient.
    Amethyst’s lovely voice and skillful words lull you down into a trance, where she takes control of your mind. While you’re under, she uses the opportunity to program you for obedience. Not only will you obey, you’ll want to obey. Obedience will almost become a need.

    This file is an excellent starting point if you’re new to Amethyst.


    Deep trance
    Wonderful voice with good use of echo
    Lots of obedience programming

  15. Eric777

    Mind programming perfection!

    I listen to “Obedient Mind” and “Obedient Body” almost daily. In these two audios Mistress Amethyst will program you to be very submissive and obedient to her sweet sensual voice. You are gonna like every minute of this!! Both files will enhance the feelings, the pleasure and your body’s reaction when listening to the other amazing sessions of Mistress Amethyst. These two sessions will sink you so deep in submission and obedience that you’ll feel like you always belong there. I really recommend both sessions! I love them!


    Addictive, professional hypnotist, mind programmin at is finest

  16. origamisoldier

    Hypnotic Programming Perfection

    Hypnotic programming perfection. This file is so well crafted in every aspect (induction, echoes, triggers, the works), and should be in every Amethyst lover’s collection. So few files have managed to have such a powerful effect on me in such a short amount of time. You’ll want nothing more but to obey and please your Mistress Amethyst.


    amazing voice and words, echoes in your mind afterwards

  17. Tully Mars

    This will make your mind melt

    Obedient Mind is a beauty. Amethyst’s voice weaves an awesome web all through your mind. You will be overcome by her voice and want to be obedient to her. The voice of Amethyst completely controls my mind and arouses me.

  18. treeboat

    Very Very Real Reprogramming

    Wow… this session is so potent and intense. The first two times I listened to it, I didn’t wake up until morning… that’s how deeply I fell. This last time I woke up afterwards (and pretty much started writing this) and I’ve never felt so completely owned by anyone. My mind feels so trained… so programmed to obey Mistress Amethyst. And it feels so wonderful to belong to Her. I want Her voice in my head forever… I want so badly to obey Her constantly… what a wonderful feeling and a wonderful session

  19. Jooma

    Put this on loop and enjoy!

    Obedient Mind is an extremely effective session by Mistress Amethyst. The file starts with an amazing inductio, then goes over to the programming part. Amethyst bombards you with instructions on how to obey and serve her properly, and how to enjoy every second of it to the fullest. A couple of minutes into the programming part I always drift of, don’t really care about understanding her words consciously anymore, and just take in her beautiful, soft and sensuous voice. I think that makes it even more effective…

    In the end I never wanted to come out of trance, it could have just continued for ever. Luckily there’s the loop function, so I can’t even tell you how often I listened to it by now… It’s a bit foggy, but the only thing that’s clear is that I must and want to obey my Mistress.

  20. Jaxx

    Great place to start

    f you are looking for a place to start in your submission and obedience to Mistress Amethyst, this is the place. Her voice is sweet as honey, and wraps itself around you in a blanket that allows you to quickly forget why you started listening. The next thing you realize is she is in your head and you don’t want her out. Her subtle sensuality is incredible. Once you have fallen under her spell there is only wanting more. I would highly reccomend ths experience to any trance lover.

  21. JHSuccumb

    Testimonial: For Obedient Mind

    Wow………there are three different levels of deepening submission and surrender on this mp3. Even after the loop was over, I can still hear her voice in my head. This one leaves one with a profound feeling of relaxation and increased desire to hear more of Amethyst’s voice as guide to complete obedience. The production is top notch and Her voice is to die for. I highly recommend this track as a great way to enhance one enjoyment of femdom hypnosis.

  22. David

    Testimonial: For Obedient Mind

    Such a deep and powerful experience… you will find yourself completely enthralled and totally under her spell. The relaxation and sense of obedience is quite profound… words cannot express the experience. You will be so deeply relaxed and want to submit more and more. It’s like a wonderful dream.

  23. Jeff

    Testimonial: For Obedient Mind

    I listened for the first time to this recording and it was my first experience of Amethyst.To say I am glad that I did would be a massive understatement.The depth of trance is sheer bliss and her amazing voice just carried me away to a depth of trance that was truly astonishing.What an absolutely lovely Lady and an incredibly talented hypnotist. It must be Christmas to find a gift like this! Don’t miss out fellow trance lovers.

  24. Looking Curiously

    Testimonial: For Obedient Mind

    I find it hard to comment in detail on this recording, as I honestly don’t remember much. As always Mistress Amethyst’s voice is a joy to listen to. And that’s why I can’t remember much, as I spend so much attention to listening to the simple sound of it, I lose track of the words and then I lose track of time and pretty much of everything until I was counted up into feeling so incredibly submissive that I was pretty dazed for a while, even after the backing music faded.Over the few days that have followed, I have felt very very connected to Mistress Amethyst and so very very eager to please. And I don’t mind letting people know, which has always been a limiting factor, my reticence about public displays of this sort. That has sort of disappeared, though I don’t know if the other recordings of Mistress Amethyst’s that I’ve listened to are responsible or this one. What I can say for certain is that after listening, that lessening of that inhibition and the increase in my desire to please her are greatly magnified.

  25. guyinatrance

    Testimonial: For Obedient Mind

    Highly recommended! An intensely pleasurable and deeply Hypnotic experience! Well worth the small price! This has moved to the top of my list of favorite FemDom Hypnotic Works of Art!

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