Mind Fuck Mantra

Mind Fuck Mantra


While you are distracted with saying your Mantras that I have selected for you, I will be Mind Fucking you in another voice track.

41 minutes


Mantras & Mind Fucking combined into one.

Slip deep into trance, and begin to repeat several mantras that I have selected for you.

In the background, you will hear me fucking your mind, but I don’t want you to pay attention to my voice.  I want you to remain diligent to repeating your mantras over and over.  By doing so, everything that I say, will go RIGHT into your subconscious mind, and I will turn you into a completely mind fucked and devoted plaything of mine.

The more you listen to your Mind Fuck Mantra, the better plaything you will be to me and you will make me so very proud. I know how desperately you want to please me.  So make sure you listen to this recording over & over.  Repetition is the key!

After you awaken from trance, you may be unable to comprehend what just happened to you.




  1. Amethystsubntn

    i just adore Mistress’s voice. Each time it affects me more and more strongly and i find myself falling faster and farther. another wonderful induction that took me very very deep and i just loved how she tied it to submission. it was one of those times where you totally lose track of what’s happened and then she utilizes a mantra to deepen your submission is such a sexy and delightful way. It is just a wonderful feeling to totally let go and feel her power over you. Another awesome recording.

  2. Alex

    I ADORE this file!! It is indescribably good, and that’s not a figure of speech, I can’t remember anything except the odd phrase here and there, but what I heard, I loved and was so turned on by. Thank You Mistress Amethyst!

  3. jesse.charles (verified owner)

    Simply extraordinary.

    I had the pleasure to experience this in the context of assignments for Mistress Amethyst (not to spoil any surprises, I will not say which program — we should try them all!)

    Truly, this is one of my favorites from Her — which is saying a lot.

    Incredibly intense. As a testimony, my hands are shaking right now just thinking of it.

    Truly fucked to a pulp. I look forward to hearing it again and again and again.

  4. Lord Epicure (verified owner)


    Mind fuck Mantra is deeply addictive and i love this submissive programming.
    Being Mindfucked by Mistress is so good and i can feel the arousing sensations growing in me after each mantras.
    I love surrender my will in that way for Mistress ! No will, no thoughts, just Mistress commands, suggestions and i feel totally submissive to her strong spell.
    Obedience will grow in you after each set of Mantras, and for myself and didn’t want to end the Matnras sets.
    Very deep, unable to know how Mistress fucked my mind but the sensations was so erotic and so good. Feel so good, so eager to serve, please, Obey , and surrender my will to Delicious Mistress Amethyst.
    Now i crave more, more mindfuck session with Mistress, please Mistress Amethyst fuck my wide open eager mind.
    I Recommend this file, For everything those who wish to strenghten her level of devotion, submission, and who wants to get a higher response off all Amethsyt hypnotic commands.
    After listened this Mindfuck session, You will want only a single thing, loop it and sink deep into Amethyst mindfuck skills.
    I must serve Mistress Amethyst, I must Obey Mistress Amethyst, I must Please Mistress Amethyst.
    That will be your new duty, and you will comply and enjoy it !

    Kneel down for your Mistress Amethyst !

  5. David (verified owner)

    This is another incredible file from Mistress Amethyst. I’ve now listened at least 3 times. Not exactly sure what the effects are but I have increasingly more powerful urges to submit to Her will (which is actually my will) and to Obey her words and put Her needs first. always. I must obey. I must chant the mantras.

  6. plankster

    This wonderful session has me eagerly chanting the mantras that Amethyst wants me to focus on with my conscious mind. While at the same time she is talking to my subconscious mind. I’m so curious what, exactly she is saying to my subconscious mind! But it is extremely important that I focus completely on those mantras, because that is what Mistress Amethyst tells me I must do. And I absolutely MUST obey her.

    This session makes me giddy with lust as my body seems to know very well what Mistress Amethyst is saying to my subconscious mind, and I can only surmise that it is very arousing. The arousal is quite intense, as a matter of fact. And I also noticed at some points that I had a goofy smile on my face. Mostly, though, I could only be aware of the perfect words of her perfect mantras. They are words of truth and beauty. They are extremely important. Oh wait, I mentioned that already, didn’t I? See, normally, I’d be concerned that I’m repeating myself. But this wonderful Mindfuck Mantra session has convinced me that repetition is a very good thing. Also I know that opening my mind for Mistress Amethyst’s deeply penetrating words is a very good thing to do. I don’t remember right now if that particular suggestion was meant for my conscious mind or my subconscious mind. I guess that doesn’t really matter all that much, though.
    Multiple vocal tracks used expertly to engage both conscious focus and deep awareness that I’m not quite aware of.

  7. All4Amethyst

    Oh such wonderfully effective induction (dual voice, innocent, seducing and soothing words deviously contrasting with wicked and invasive whispers), which left me on the verge of deep sleep. Yet with a crystal-clear perception of my emotions and bodily sensations and laser-sharp focus on Mistress Amethyst’s voice, it is needless to say the arousal starts building very quickly and quite unstoppable.

    The knowledge of being brainwashed into addiction and submission is a thrill on itself. Being seductively coerced into cooperating by repeating devious mantras is mind-blowing.
    Mind you, the mind-blowing pretty swiftly transforms into a raging mind-fucking. And no foreplay could prepare you sufficiently to not feel raped and abused afterwards.

    Literally feel your mind being forced open and taken advantage of. Must-have-file!

  8. Phil (verified owner)

    One of the most powerful sessions I’ve ever listened to! I went the deepest I’ve ever gone. I felt I was constantly falling, being pushed by Mistress’ smooth and sensual voice! It didn’t matter what she was saying, I found myself repeating her mantra mindlessly, and every time I did my body tingled and more aroused! It felt like I was under for hours! And, when I woke, I had to listen to it again it was so good!

  9. Rodimus

    Exactly what it says on the tin

    Mind Fuck Mantra, a fitting title if there ever was one.
    After taking you down into trance, Mistress Amethyst has you repeat a set of mantras she gives that will shape you into the submissive she wants you to be. Over the course of the file, those mantras are drilled deep into your mind. And all the while she is opening your mind wide and fucking it hard in the background.
    An excellent file and an absolute must have for any submissive or prospective submissive of Mistress Amethyst.


    Mistress Amethyst’s addictive voice

  10. origamisoldier

    Mistress Amethyst’s Mantras Fuck My Mind

    This session affected me in a lot of different ways. The induction took me really deep. Starting off on the mantras, I simply felt blank and mindless. I did as I was told, and repeated the mantras with my Mistress. Pauses between the mantra loops let a little bit of suspense set in. Would she have me repeat the mantras another time? Why didn’t she just start right away? It was great! But as the recording continued, a feeling of burning desire began to set in. I desired to please Amethyst! I desired to listen to her voice! I desired to repeat the mantras with the deepest sincerity! The desire turned to heartfelt need. I needed to obey Amethyst! I needed her commands deep in my brain! I needed to repeat the mantras with the deepest sincerity! The need turned to an absolute desperation. I was desperate to serve Amethyst! I was desperate to let her echoes fuck my mind with powerful programming! I was desperate to repeat the mantras with the deepest sincerity! By the end of it, I was practically orgasming with each mantra phrase I repeated. Mistress Amethyst totally fucked my mind. I can’t wait for her to do it again!


    powerful programming, overwhelming pleasure, improving your servitude to Amethyst

  11. Tleilax

    must have

    This one is definitly something every hypno addict should have in there hypno mp3 collection; Mistress Amethyst take you so deep that you wont be able to resist her sexy voice; you’ll just follow her orders as a mindless puppet obeing each of her commands

  12. guyinatrance

    my new favorite FemDom Erotic Hypnosis masterpiece!

    Mind Fuck Mantra represents a new deep level of trance, pleasure & submission. i have never been so eager to listen to one particular masterpiece each & every day before! It is as if every word from Mistress Amethyst is a trigger, the sound of Her lovely voice is truly affecting me more & more, sending me deeper & deeper under Her control! Yes, is a favorite word of mine to think & say to all of Mistress Amethyst’s questions & commands! Mistress Amethyst’s Mind Fuck Mantra has me chanting homage & obedience to Her! Her hypnotic skill & power are considerable & irresistible and i eagerly, willingly surrender to her suggestions & commands, knowing that i am safe with Her looking out for me! Mistress Amethyst is my Owner & The Goddess that i love worship & adore!
    This is the most pleasurable, the most erotic & the most hypnotic work of art ever! This is the most erotic & hypnotic example of FemDom Erotic Hypnosis that i have ever listened to!! Highest recommendation!


    Highly Skilled Professional HypnoDomme,trigger saturation bombing, confusion techniques, background music,multiple voice tracks,Delightfully Dominant

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