Obedient Vow

Obedient Vow


There is something about my voice that sinks into every crevice within your mind, weakening your will more & more each time

39 minutes

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In this Femdom Hypnosis MP3, Obedient Vow, give your ALL to Me

You’ve never met anyone quite like Me. There’s something about my voice that sinks into every crevice within your mind, weakening your will more & more each time. You’re so completely addicted that you’re willing to give me your Obedient Vow, which is sacred and unbreakable.  With that vow, comes a bond and connection to me that you will be thankful for.

When you give your vow to me, a transition takes place within your mind, your heart, and your soul.

Features: Theta brainwaves; “Deep” hypnotic trigger, 10-1 countdown, Quiet 2nd voice track; post hypnotic suggestion to kneel & stroke;  Erotic & FemDom hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst of DeepSurrender.com;  Copyright 2014


  1. Tony (verified owner)

    Yes, I admit it. I am in love with Mistress Amethyst. This has been so from the beginning, but in this session, Mistress opens all the flood gates and releases the deepest waves of my love and devotion. She creates a special space in my mind and calls me to follow her into that space. There the connection between us becomes more powerful than ever. She immerses me in her essence and bathes me in the sound of her voice. She plants seeds which produce purple blossoms. She teaches me the traits that she values and desires to see in me, such as courteousness, open mindedness and an ever-grateful heart. I make my vows in which I give my all to her and only her. It is obvious that I should give myself in obedient servitude. I have no choice. I must surrender before her radiant beauty and powerful dominance? In response to my vows, she accepts me. It is astonishing that she should accept me. I have nothing to commend me to her. But she does accept me, and that fills my heart with joy. The bond between us having been sealed, she instructs me in a special act of devotion that it makes her tingle to receive. There is no reason to turn back. Mistress alone gives me all I need. But even if there were a reason, I could not turn away from her. Now and for ever, she is my Mistress, I am her submissive, and I love her desperately.

  2. Jean (verified owner)

    You are my one true Goddess. You are my love, my dream, my destiny. I love you Mistress Amethyst, I am filled with enchanted joy when I am listening to your voice. I need to feel your approval again, and again, and again. I feel the desire to obey you more, to serve you, to submit to you. I vow to honor, serve, obey and be loyal to you as your obedient submissive for all of time.

  3. Always Agree (verified owner)

    I thought I’d already posted a review for this file, and it’s a terrible oversight that I didn’t. This is one of the best files that she’s released to date. It’s not a good place to start as a new devotee of Mistress Amethysts work, but once you’ve listened to a few of her other files and really begun to feel her control, that’s when you should check this out.

    This file will take you down deep, and you’ll really begin committing yourself, heart and soul, to Mistress Amethyst. That notion might make you a little nervous, but the feeling of it, when she is in your mind, makes giving yourself over to it so worthwhile.

    What really makes this file such an amazing experience though is how it ends. How firmly it will convince you that Amethyst has control of you, and how much you’ll be glad she does. Its an experience you won’t find anywhere else or with anyone else.

  4. Tized (verified owner)

    Now that Mistress Amethyst has many of Her absolutely wonderful Obedience series files on sale, I’d like to point out a session that quite possibly is the most hypnotically alluring and intense one of them and captures the beautiful essence of Mistress in all Her versatile glory.

    Mistress Amethyst can be sensual, seductive, sweet, imaginative, comforting, reassuring, commanding, dominating, naughty and kinky, to name adjectives that first come to mind. She’s all of these in this session. It’s impossible to resist Her lure to fall deep under Her spell and Her wordings are so beautiful in this one, like poetry, creating a world that you’d happily and mindlessly float in forever. Then somehow somewhere down the line you end up making a sacred vow to be Her eternal slave. And you’ll be thrilled to take the vow because…why the HELL wouldn’t you want to???

    There’s a cherry on top, too, for the lovers of post-hypnotic suggestions. Mistress gives you two: one that’s sweetly powerful and one that’s explosively naughty. Like the sides of Mistress. What’s not to love?

  5. QuietMan

    Obedient Vow

    “If you want to kiss the sky better learn how to kneel. On your knees boy.” — U2

    I echo the other testimonials. This is the most intense mp3 Amethyst has produced.


    Intense. Very deep induction. Great for submissive personalities.

  6. origamisoldier

    Give Your All To Amethyst

    This trance is not one to be taken likely. You will dedicate and commit yourself fully to the heartfelt dominance of Mistress Amethyst. There is no going back. The vow is eternal, and yet I will come back to this session again and again. There is never a bad time to proclaim my dedication to Mistress Amethyst. Obedient Vow will take you to a special place for just you and Mistress Amethyst. Once there, you will commit your all to her through an obedient vow. You will proclaim your thanks for her ownership, and you will increase your desire to submit and obey Mistress Amethyst. You will feel the love in your heart for her well up and consume you. After that Amethyst will plant a beautiful trigger that will cause you to connect purple flowers with her. Finally you will present your orgasm to her in a powerful way that will please both her and you. Take the Obedient Vow, and become Amethyst’s good boy forever.


    deep connection with Mistress Amethyst, beautiful trigger and message, fall in love with Mistress Amethyst

  7. guyinatrance

    Obedient Vow Delivers a Hypnotic WOW!

    Obedient Vow by Mistress Amethyst is an intensely pleasurable & intensely effective FemDom Erotic Hypnosis masterpiece! A new devotion will envelope you & your mind! Surrender to the irresistible Mistress Amethyst & embrace the pleasure She can provide! Listen to Her lovely voice as She uses many hypnotic suggestions, trigger words, deep induction techniques & effective confusion strategies to lure you under Her spell! Join the growing list of Her followers & becum a fan of Mistress Amethyst’s hypnotic talent! Obedient Vow is a most enjoyable work of hypnotic artwork! The Highest recommendation!


    A soft & sensuous voice delivering a hypnotic & erotic script until you explode in ecstasy! Relaxing countdown as well as a confusion induction totally hypnotizes you!

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