Bear in Mind
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Bear in Mind



Act out the sexual dreams you’ve been having  with another man.

43 minutes


Act out the sexual dreams you’ve been having with another man

You’ve come to me to discover the meaning of the sexual dreams you’ve been having involving another man. I will take you into a deep state of hypnosis so that we can relive your dreams from the beginning. With the help of my assistant, you will be able to act the dreams out to assess your feelings. Are you having thee dreams because you secretly desire to be a cock slut, and naughty little ass whore?

You’ll experience the sensation of being embraced and kissed by a “Bear” – a man who is muscular, tall, with a bit of hair on his chest and belly. You’ll move on to discover how good his cock feels in your mouth and up against your own cock with some frottage. Then surrender your ass to your lover and swallow his cum.

Features: 10 to 1 countdown, Gay / Bi Curious Fantasy, Isochronic Tones; Gender Specific for men



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