Amethyst Countdown
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Amethyst Countdown



A Countdown trigger is used over and over… overtly, covertly, and quietly in the background. Don’t be alarmed to find that your sex pounds with arousal with every countdown

43 minutes


Triggered – Aroused – Teased

A Countdown trigger is used over and over… overtly, covertly, and quietly in the background. Don’t be alarmed to find that your sex pounds with arousal with every countdown.

Once you are properly conditioned, you’ll experience Tease & Denial masturbation torture. But a little torture, is what you crave, isn’t it?


  • Fantasy Style Trance
  • Multiple Voice Tracks;
  • Trigger Programming
  • Isochronic Tones
  • Tease and Denial


  1. Lord Epicure

    A Higher level of Arousal !

    You’ve been nicely triggered by Mistress Amethyst in Countdown loop, so you are ready to jump on a new level of programming. All in this programming will brings you in a higher level of arousal.
    You will finally so deeply addicted to Amethyst Countdown that you will beg Mistress Amethyst to start the Countdown.
    Each Countdown will brings you eroticaly mindless and eager to sink down more and more.
    Totally aroused, submissive and obedient is the state that you will embrace just near the end.
    Definitly a must have !!

  2. Redhammer (verified owner)

    Mistress Amethyst Countdown loop is amazing, every time I listen it keeps getting better and more addictive. With such an easy start, time just seems to slip by.
    I never get bored listening to Mistress Amethyst, every time I hear her count I just feel the arousal constantly growing and I keep slipping down for her and its her trigger with its lasting effects from this file that I wont soon forget and keep coming back for more.
    I will never listen to a countdown the same ever again.
    Thank you for such a great file

  3. nosemask

    You are so smoothly taken down into deep pleasure and bliss. You will love her voice as she envelops you. Its the most wonderful feeling to let go to her voice. All you are left with is the craving for one more countdown.

  4. Hoseaaaa (verified owner)

    This is an amazing session. I love the pleasure and bliss that builds with each listen. Mistress has such a wonderful voice that keeps brining me back. You’ll love to go deeper and deeper into her grasp. Its so perfect.

  5. Tized (verified owner)

    I am totally and blissfully enslaved by Mistress Amethyst, not least because of this file. It was my first purchase from Her collection after listening to the beautiful Insatiable Trance Junkie for free on this site.

    I remember the progression of this session got me a little startled at first listen since the tone of the events presented here becomes gradually quite different from the mellow ITJ, but the experience was so insanely hot I wanted to do it again, and then again.

    The session starts innocently enough with Mistress taking you under slowly and seductively using Her sexy sensuous voice and Her brilliant technique. Then She installs Her 10-1 countdown trigger that will take you deeper with every number. She also makes you get more and more aroused accordingly. Af the same time the countdown starts repeating on two different voice tracks and things start getting…interesting.

    This is where I’ll leave you but prepare to worship and to be stripped naked and blissfully tormented, both physically and especially mentally, while you’re riding the wave of submissive sexual ecstacy. She will end up swallowing your soul if you get hooked on this file, like I did. This is one of the hottest FemDom hypnosis sessions in the history of hot.

  6. rodimus

    Somehow every time I think back on Amethyst Countdown, I seem to focus only on the installation and use of the countdown trigger. And in doing so, I do the file a massive disservice because it does much more than that. The submissive fantasy and T&D sequence are very hot and further reinforce the role as a slave of Mistress Amethyst.

    One of her many must have files.

  7. whisperslave

    Yes, as the overview Mistress Amethyst installs a countdown trigger designed to take you deeper and to become more aroused. Her spellbinding words do exactly that as she begins a wonderful tease and denial sequence that leaves you quite breathless! She says this is light torture, however if this is torture count me in. This file is something very special

  8. origamisoldier

    A Fantastic Trigger and a Powerful Fantasy

    Amethyst took my mind and body on a wild ride of arousal to rival any roller coaster! It starts off slow and soft. I felt as though I was floating in a sea of her words. Then she taught me the countdown trigger. It did as intended and dropped me deeper into trance while the arousal grew. I loved how the trigger worked whether said fast or slow. Even with words in between it was effective. The trigger then enabled me to experience a mind blowing fantasy of submission to Mistress Amethyst. I found myself answering “Yes Mistress Amethyst!” to every question she asked. The tease and denial may have been torturous, but the submission felt so good. This is a must buy file from Amethyst.


    slow building arousal throughout, deep trance, vivid fantasy

  9. Tleilax

    amazing file

    and here is another master piece from Amethyst!

    if i would rate others Amethyst files 10 out of 10 this one truly deserve more .

    Her skills to make you obedient and docile never cease to impress me specially as when i ‘ve tried this file i wasn’t really in the mood for hypnosis…

    thank You Mistress

  10. PS thomas

    Deep, deeper, deepest

    This session from the wonderful Amethyst has consistently resulted in the deepest most relaxing trance experiences I have ever had. Everything about this session and this Hypnotist is perfect and I recommend this to anyone looking for an introduction to Amethyst. There is not much I can add to what others have already said about this session. You will not be disappointed.


    Very gentle and relaxing voice. Extended induction with repeated deepening. Incredibly relaxing.

  11. survant

    I am trapped in the Circle

    I would say it hard to put into words what Mistress Amethyst has done to me with this mp3. be warned that once you listen to this there you will ace to your very core. I love this one at the same time it makes me ache and I am enthralled and know now that this is a true hypnotist with true powers that I have been seeking all along.

  12. LBS

    So Many Questions (Only One Answer)

    Amethyst Countdown. An amazing conversational induction that you can’t see coming {your eyes are shut}
    The subtlety of this file hides the Genius of Mistress Amethyst, I do not want to give too much away. The fact that She describes it as Gender neutral, Ignore that it does not make one bit of a difference. The fact that She describes it as tease and denial & torture. If this is Torture sign Me up for Guantanamo Bay.

  13. Jaxx

    Deeper and deeper and wanting more!

    From he the first sound of her sensuously soft voice, all of your attention shifts to that and nothing else. An intensely relaxing induction that leads into an ingenious deepener. SO simple yet so effective. Using a countdown as a trigger is wonderful. It took a few listens and substantial effort to maintain track of what Amethyst was saying to figure it out. Each of the subsequent countdowns, her voice becomes more sexy and sultry and gives no choice but obey and listen. The depth of trance achieved is unreal and I am sure will lead to future “fun”. I remember willingly answering questions of some sort and feeling more aroused as they went on. I listened to selected parts of the file to listen to what I answered, only to get sucked in a countdown, It took several tries to find the questions I answered, and I am sure she knows my answers to all of them. This is easily one of Amethyst’s best files. Tease and Denial never felt so good! I am sure I will listen many, many times!


    Sensual voice, so simple but so effective.

  14. Bas Jongsma

    countdown to pure bliss

    The moment Her voice sounds, it shifts your attention to only Her voice. Her sweet, smooth, silky voice captures you.
    A very slow and sensitive induction causes relaxation and Her words encourage you to relax even more.
    You feel you are all alone with Her and it’s not really confusing, but also not very clear.
    All you want to do is follow Her into the unknown, just because it feels right to do so.
    As She counted down, it was hard not to lose track, thoughts where gone and i could only hear Her count down… every number going deeper… at the same time the arousal builds and i keep hearing Her counting down.
    I remember answering questions and it aroused me only more…
    when i woke up naked, i felt collared and in heaven


    Slow countdown, slow relaxation, deep trance, complete surrender,tease and denial

  15. guyinatrance

    Mistress Amethyst’s Amethyst Countdown & the Most Unique Trigger Ever!

    Mistress Amethyst sends you deeper than ever under trance in Her fabulous Amethyst Countdown hypnotic masterpiece. She installs the most unique and effective trigger ever in this massive mind blowing mindfuck! If you wish to be collared by a highly hypnotic HypnoDomme, you will find this an irresistible piece of erotic artwork! Becum part of Mistress Amethyst’s mindfucked collection, surrender to Her hypnotic suggestions and experience FemDom Erotic Hypnosis at its very finest!


    Lovely hypnotic voice, hypnotic script, Seductive HypnoDomme, Unique Trigger, Subliminal Erotic Suggestions, Irresitible Audio Special Effects

  16. Lucidair

    Mistress knows her slaves very well 😉

    Incredible, what a simple countdown countdown can do to
    my body when Mistress amethyst speaks it with her silky voice.
    And it’s damn arousing what she does to me…
    First a little interrogation in which I admitt all my dirty
    little secrets and fantasies.
    Actually, that was a bit of humiliating, but in a good way.
    After the interrogation she enslaves me,
    in a way that I feel ashamed to write, but which made me very hot.
    Well, and last but not least, it says, tease and denial in the description…
    Guess what that means. A very wonderful session! Many thanks and congratulations
    to Mistress Amethyst for her new life as full time hypnotist :-).

  17. Bjarne

    Deceptively Simple, Supremely Effective

    From the very start this trance grabbed me like few others. There is a confidence in the delivery, a perfection in the timing, tone, and wording. But what it is that makes this session so intensely arousing escapes me. The intensity is very definitely there though. This session is so sexy to me, I could listen to it all day. Now there’s an idea … Thank you for this addictive treat, Mistress Amethyst! You are so good to us play toys!


    intensely arousing

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