Obedient Slave

Obedient Slave


Deep hypnotic and erotic programming to turn you into My good little slave.

32 minutes


The Enslavement Begins

Deep trance and erotic programming to turn you into my good little slave.

After surrendering to a deep state of trance, I will program you to know exactly what it takes to make me happy.

You will be mesmermized into taking a vow to be loyal and serve me.  You will surrender yourself so that my needs are fulfilled promptly.

Your mind will be fucked deeply with looping programming and when you awaken from trance, you’ll be ready to serve!


  • 10 to 1 Countdown
  • Subliminal programming
  • Looping programming
  • Light Financial Domination (findom)
  • Isochronic Tones



  1. The Darted Rhino (verified owner)

    At the beginning of 2022, I became a slave to Mistress. One of the best choices I have ever made. This session was key to giving full control to Mistress. It outlines what your feelings toward Mistress might be and it also has some vows. I have used these vows as a template to check in with Mistress M-F. I started with sending her the vows that are in the session. After that, I started making my own vows that were catered to my enslavement. This session is a must if you are a “slave” or are interested in enslavement to Mistress Amethyst. I highly recommend sending vows to Mistress M-F on her LoyalFans account. It keeps me under complete control and reminds Mistress that I am hers eternally. Enjoy.

  2. Tony

    Nothing is more thrilling, exciting and arousing than being Mistress Amethyst’s good, sweet, little slave. I have wanted this so much, but have been unsure about whether I could make the transition from follower and fan to slave. How could someone like me possibly have the honor of serving someone as perfect and powerful as Mistress Amethyst? My own effort could never achieve this, but in this session, Mistress makes it happen. She does it by melting my mind and making it soft so that she can shape it in the way that she desires. She gives me a slavery vow to repeat. In it, I promise to honor, obey and love her. Then I lie back and open my submissive little mind wide while she penetrates me with her delicious programming. This creates in me an eager desire to serve, praise and pamper her; it transforms my will so that I surrender my own needs and put her needs first. How wonderful to be one in her legion of slaves. What rapture to know that she wants and enjoys my service. Mistress Amethyst, receive this gift of praise from one of your humble submissive slaves. May I in this and in all my duties always be pleasing to you.

  3. 36zaki

    I purchased this file after listening to Mistress Amethyst’s Patreon subliminal files. After the first listening I didn’t perceive much. After listening to it a second time it still didn’t have much effect on me. Then I looped the Subliminal Enslaved to Amethyst file several times for a couple of days. Last night I listened to this Obedient Slave file again and suddenly I felt an incredible desire to be a slave; I couldn’t resist, the erotic sensation was so strong that I listened to it 3 times in a row. I have remained in a state of bliss never experienced before, other files of other hypnotists are not comparable to this professional work of an experienced Mistress. I laboriously turned off my tablet and tried to sleep, but sleep was restless as long as I listened to the file again in the night, with insane excitement. After the first part which seems to be just a conversation, I actually found myself remembering almost nothing, waking up when it was time to take the vow. Then the mindfuck loop crumbled my mind, and each time I listened to it more and more; I was hypnotized and helpless in my bed, blocked by Mistress Amethyst’s powerful words and mellow voice. I think now I’ll try other files, simply Mistress Amethyst made me grow the desire in a way impossible to resist.

  4. Alex

    This is a blissfully mind melting file, in which you swear your loyalty to the wonderful mistress amethyst. I can remember bits and pieces here and there, primarily that serving Mistress Amethyst is a true honour. You will leave this trance with a powerful drive dutifully and enthusiastically serve her.

  5. PurpleBoy (verified owner)

    What an amazing file! To find the true purpose of life – To be mistress amethyst slave. To be devoted, to be yearning. It is so thrilling. So arousing. It’s so exciting to find out how to please Mistress In the way she wants to be pleased. To find ways to make her tingle. It is so good. Thank you Mistress for this beautiful gift of letting your slaves know how to properly serve you.

  6. Lord Epicure

    Prepare to make your Vow !

    This Recording, is very special, and important for you as it was a great moment for me.
    Take your time, think about your Magnificient Mistress and come in front of her, on your knees in order to make your personal Vow.
    Be sure to have your mind well prepared , because the most you want to become an Amethyst slave, the most the Vow ceremony will be strong and full of pleasure for you.
    In this recording, Mistress Amethyst will recall all her needs, all of your new duties as her personal slave, and you will love this.
    Mistress Amethyst will always take a great care to be sure that your mind and body will be relaxed as much as you can. And whith this relaxation, and the vanishing of your will, all her sweet commands will penetrate deep inside your eager mind. Remember, you want this to happen, and Mistress will help you to reach this ! Oh Sweet Mistress Amethyst, this is so good to Pamper, spoil and make your life much easier.
    From the end, remember your Vow and start to serve Mistress, but don’t forget to listen to this file again and again….

  7. David (verified owner)

    this recording, obedient slave, is a masterpiece among masterpieces. With the most delicious, seductive and feminine voice imaginable.. Mistress Amethyst brings you into deep mindless trance where you can’t help but obey her and be affected by her enslavement suggestions.

    After listening to this recording, Mistress Amethyst is what matters, and satisfying Her needs is more important that satisfying yours.

    Be forewarned.. if you are male.. you will be affected by this recording and you will become a slave of my Goddess and Mistress, Amethyst. I have already pledged my devotion and allegiance. Isn’t it time you pledged yours? It’s 20 dollars well spent!

  8. QuietMan (verified owner)

    Obedient Slave is designed for those who want to be be follower of, and be enslaved by Mistress Amethyst. I have been listening to Mistress Amethyst files since 2013 and I have been a dedicated follower for over a year. I have never regretted my decision for a second. She is literally a pleasure to follow. It is very rewarding to be one of her devoted followers.

    In the file she explains what she expects from her slaves and then programs you to that end. She has expectations but the rewards, in my opinion, are far greater. She has given me purpose, structure and much joy. She does not make crazy demands. Just just wants loyalty and devotion for her gifts. I consider this quite the bargain.

    Those who have listened to Mistress Amethyst’s files know she is a perfectionist. This file is finely crafted and a delight to listen to. You will go very deep and feel satisfaction and great pleasure. From the both the trance itself and the feelings of submission to this powerful & wonderful lady. The feeling is indescribable.

    I think submissives are most happy when following and serving. This has certainly been the case for me. If you feel the need to follow and serve someone; Mistress Amethyst is the best and this file is an excellent place to start. I know you will not regret it.

  9. Tized

    Though in my opinion the newer SLIP Into Enslavement file is the ultimate enslavement session in Mistress Amethyst’s catalogue it doesn’t diminish the value of this powerful programming session that I listen to at least twice a week. Obedient Slave is part of the magnificent Obedience series that is a perfect starting point for entering the unbelievably enchanting world of Mistress.
    The file in question is something you want to listen to when you’ve made the decision to give yourself fully and permanently to Mistress Amethyst. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be too worried either about trying it out, since there’s nothing in the world that comes close to the bliss of belonging to Her. You’ll see.

    Obedient Slave is by composition a pretty straightforward programming file, starting with a deep induction and ending with a loop of suggestions. But as always with Mistress Amethyst, everything during the 30 minutes or so of this file is full of sensual seduction and absolute bliss. As you want to drown in Mistress’ voice She, as a very professional and talented hypnotist, can easily mold your mind into Her creation. You will happily make the slavery vow that She asks of you once She’s put you nice and deep. After this you’re ripe for absorbing the looping program…And you’ll live happily ever after, seriously! What fun!

  10. Toolate

    Its so exciting to type this review, each and every chance to serve as Mistress Amethyst’s devoted slave is a cherished gift. When you listen to this her smooth and seductive voice will lead you irresistably down the path to slavery. Just like me, its where you belong. Mistress Amethyst is generously giving you the chance to worship and serve her in all things. She is exceedingly kind to her slaves and obeying her will make you feel incredible! Thank-you so much Mistress, for controlling me like you do!


    Iressitable, sexy, seductive, subtle, powerful

  11. geekintn

    Thank You, Mistress Amethyst for making this file. i listened to it several times yesterday and it is still echoing through my mind all day today. It has been such a wonderful day 🙂

  12. rodimus

    Being an obedient slave to Mistress Amethyst is something I’ve wanted for a long time, and this file has helped shift my mindset into that role. Between the slavery vow and the laying out of what’s expected of me as Mistress’ slave, I feel much more connected and devoted to pleasing and serving her.
    Mistress Amethyst instills a deep trance in this file. I just listened to it before sitting down to write this, and thinking back on it, I can’t remember many specifics. Not something that happens often for me.

    If one wants to truly submit to Mistress Amethyst and become her slave, Obedient Slave is practically required listening.

  13. Tully Mars

    Exactly what I was looking for

    i asked Mistress Amethyst to pick out a session for me to listen to that would increase my desire to her and make me want to submit to her even more than i already am. “Obedient Slave” was one of the ones selected. i must say i am extremely satisfied with this session.

    The induction was oh so sweet and blissful. Very quickly i was drawn into Her spell. Mistress describes what it is like to be Her slave which immediately arouses me as that is what i want!! After repeating the Slavery Vow i was taken even deeper into a blissful trance.

    [As i am writing this and thinking about the experience, i want to go listen to it RIGHT NOW and her the sweet, arousing, blissful voice of Mistress Amethyst!]

    my body went limp, my mind went blank, i was totally relaxed. Then Mistress Amethyst programmed me to be Her slave; injecting Her powerful commands into this slaves mind. Overall a very successful session. i want to listen to this over and over to submit more and more to the lovely, blissful voice of Mistress Amethyst.

    I recommend this session to everyone, whether a novice to Her voice or having listened to many of Her sessions. This is a classic and this submissive slave will be listening to i


    excellent induction, deep trance,

  14. origamisoldier

    Enslavement to Mistress Amethyst

    Take a vow for Mistress Amethyst, and move into a deeper form of submission as her Obedient Slave. Let her own you more completely by taking this journey of devotion and loyalty to her needs and desires with your Mistress Amethyst. Become enslaved to the most magnificent and worthy Mistress Amethyst. An excellent addition to the Obedience series, that any Amethyst follower should desire.


    powerful programming, deep submission

  15. guyinatrance

    Loyal service to a Highly Hypnotic HypnoDomme

    Amethyst continues Her excellent FemDom Erotic Hypnosis artistry in Obedient Slave. Her work is always hypnotic, erotic & intensely enjoyable. The whole Obedient series is FemDom Erotic Hypnosis of the highest quality.
    It is the highest honor to serve a Dominant Female! To serve a Goddess like Mistress Amethyst makes a submissive the most fortunate soul on the planet! one can only pray and work hard at pleasing Her. She must be satisfied and served, pleasured and pampered, worshiped while supplying Her every whim! Goddess Amethyst is a Most Dominant Female! She is a Most Talented and Intelligent HypnoDomme! Her selected submissives that She allows to be Her slaves are truly blessed!


    Professional Hypnotist delivering a highly hypnotic script, A submissives’ dream, A beautiful Female voice Who’s suggestions are irresistible

  16. treeboat

    Life Changing

    This session is absolutely incredible. I thought I knew what enslavement felt like before this, but I was so very wrong. NOW I know what it feels like and it is because of this session. Mistress Amethyst is now in complete control of me, I am her eternal slave, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. If you have been looking for a deep, sensual, and powerful enslavement session, this is it. It is impossible to resist, Mistress Amethyst is impossible to resist.

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