Amethyst Whispers “Touch Yourself”

Amethyst Whispers “Touch Yourself”


An entire session filled with whispers so erotic, that you’ll find that you want, need, and cant help but touch yourself.

32 minutes


Erotic Whispers To Arouse Your Flesh

An entire session filled with whispers.

I will whisper you into a gentle relaxation, followed by mesmerizing trance programming to build your arousal.

It’s not direct guided masturbation… it’s far more subtle and seductive. Just lay back, and let the arousal slowly build until you find that you’re wanting to touch yourself!


  • Relaxation
  • Mind Control
  • Subtle JOI / Masturbation Instructions
  • Erotic Whispers
  • Gender Neutral


  1. QuietMan

    Amethyst – Touch Yourself

    How can Amethyst’s voice get any sexier. Easy, listen to her whisper. I would not believe how much the whispering and background whispers enhance the trance for me. Imagine very soft, plush, purple velvet. Then wrap that velvet around a ten pound sledge hammer. The get smacked upside the head. That is what this mp3 is like. I highly recommend it.


    Very powerful trance. Very easy to go deep. The ending is very nice. 🙂

  2. Eric777

    Sensual whispers…

    Imagine the most warm, sensual, seductive voice whispering in your hear… guiding you into deep relaxation and then softly seducing you until you feel so aroused that you must obey her sweet command… “touch yourself”… belive me you cannot resist… your only desire will be to obey Mistress Amethyst!


    Gender neutral, seducing, very erotic, professional hypnotist

  3. Jaxx

    Amethyst leaves you no choice but to stroke yourself to her voice

    Imagine the most beautifully seductive voice there is, whispering in your ear. Guiding you to deep relaxing surrender. There is no choice but to succumb to the magical voice that is Mistress Amethyst. Amethyst slowly coaxes you into exploring your own body and sensations. She allows you to touch yourself and pleasure yourself but not to fast and not too hard. She builds the desire and her sexy voice just oozes sensuality, leaving you with no choice but to follow her commands and the end is inevitable. I love being seduced by the soft Amethyst whispers.


    Such a sexy sensuous voice! Resistance is impossible. Both men and women will easily succumb to the lusciousness that is Mistress Amethyst.

  4. guyinatrance

    Amethyst stokes your erotic desires with Her sexy voice

    Amethyst’s lovely, seductive voice blows your mind in Her Whispers – Touch Yourself hypnotic masterpiece! No man or woman can resist Her voice’s siren call in this highly erotic work of hypnotic art. No one should deny themselves the pleasure of Amethyst’s hypnotic skill & sexy seduction! Let Amethyst relax your mind with Her hypnotic Whispers & let Her coax you to excite your body while She stokes your erotic desires with Her sexy voice in this gender neutral masterpiece!


    Amethyst’s lovely, sexy voice is so hypnotic! Amethyst exhales eroticism with every breath! Each word She speaks strokes your mind in the most pleasurable way!

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