Countdown Loop

Countdown Loop


Hit play / repeat, and drift into a deeply aroused state of trance with continuous 10 to 1 countdowns.  Each countdown takes you deeper.  Each countdown makes you more aroused.

15 minutes


Counting down triggers you into a deeply aroused trance

Hit play / repeat, lay back, and get ready to be counted down over and over into the most erotic state of trance.

During the loop, your mind will be programmed repetitively that when I count backwards from 10 down to 1, You will not only drop deep into trance, but you will also become aroused with each number

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  1. Beau R

    In this steamy, sexy, devious loop, Mistress Amethyst will train your mind to respond to Her countdowns by dropping into deep hypnotic trance. It’s an enticing enough idea to start with, but under Mistress’s subtle guidance, each countdown becomes more and more arousing, as you continue to sink under Her spell. Soon, overwhelmingly aroused, and deeply absorbing all of Mistress Amethyst’s commands, you melt into
    the sensations, and She has her way with your pliant, obedient mind, over and over… just thinking about it gets me hot all over again!

  2. Lord Epicure (verified owner)

    A must have !

    You need it absolutly ! Because in this recording you will be triggered to have a powerful response to each Amethyst countdown. After this programming each countdown will provides you a sweet and powerful wave of arousal.
    However, this is just a first step and Mistress will gives you an other lesson to strenghten your response in Amethyst Countdown !!
    Don’t hesitate to listen to this file again and again in order to ambed this trigger deep inside your eager mind.
    Mistress is so graceful with you , just follow her silky spell and obey on each of her commands !

  3. David

    My mind went into a hypnotic loop

    This session was amazing… I felt as if my mind were in an unbreakable hypnotic spell… one that only she can free me from…. the trance just spiraled deeper and deeper, making me submit more and more.

  4. QuietMan

    Countdown Loop

    If you are a fan of Mistress Amethyst this is a must have. It is basically as advertised so I won’t spoil it. I will say that the more you loop through it the more aroused you will get. I have trouble listening more than two times in a row to it. 🙂

    The induction is fantastic, but that goes without saying. Amethyst is always great at the induction part of it. But I really liked the technical elements on this one. Great job of layering. The timing of the tracks is phenomenal. Listening to this one is like listening to a fine jazz recording. Bravo Mistress Amethyst.


    Short but sweet. Great induction. Superlative effects.

  5. guyinatrance

    Mistress Amethyst Urges you to becum Her eager edger!

    Hypnotized, aroused & Dominated – these are Mistress Amethyst’s goals in Her Countdown Loop & you are, thank Goddess, the target of Her objectives and thank Goddess, She scores on all counts. She uses triggers, multiple voice tracks & hypnotic music to assist Her beautiful voice in sinking you deep in trance! This is a most enjoyable FemDom Erotic Hypnosis Masterpiece! And the unique way that She employs multiple count downs will have you listening, looping this masterful work of hypnotic art very often! Surrender to Her pleasurable trance will becum your most frequent erotic habit! Highly recommended!


    HypnoDomme with the Loveliest Voice, Hypnotic Creative HypnoDomme, Numerous Hypnotic Triggers casts Her web & spell capturing your mind

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