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Get lost in the Embrace of my legs around your shoulders as you Pleasure Me!

35 minutes


Get lost in the Embrace as I wrap my legs around your shoulders as you pleasure me!

I am in need of pleasure, so naturally, I call for you. Once you are in deep trance, you transport to me, where I am waiting for you on my throne. After another entrancing moment of swaying my toes back and forth, I begin to lift my gown to reveal my erotic flower.

The perfume of my nectar draws you in closer, closer, closer, until you are pleasuring me with your tongue.  Your tongue explores the landscape of my petals, until I climax…. mmmm delicious nectar. You may even awaken from trance with the taste of your Mistress on your lips


  1. Tized

    There’s no joy bigger on earth for a slave than being allowed to service, worship and pleasure their Mistress. If you agree to this sentiment, this session is definitely for you.

    Being devoted to Mistress Amethyst the file gets better and better every time, like all Her other sessions do, too. But that’s part of hypnosis doing its addictive magic the way it’s supposed to in capable hands. And boy, is Mistress Amethyst capable. The seduction in this file is to die for. Her inductions are always so unbelievable sweet and sexy and goddamn effective, but when you get to the fantasy part the hotness just blows up. I have a huge fetish for worshiping the female sex and the way Mistress Amethyst plays with the theme here is just insanely arousing with Her first seducing and programming you at the same time, then teasing you more, and a little bit more, to the point where you’re but a drooling mess of submissive horniness, and then finally She wraps You sweetly and securely in Her loving Embrace and you get the ultimate blissful privilege to bathe your needy tongue in Her sweetness and pleasure Her the way She wants to be pleasured. Oh, the ecstasy! It doesn’t get better than this.

  2. Lola Hedwig

    My my. This dish indeed is being served hot and alluring.

    I’m not giving away too much of the plot, for part of the genius of ‘Embrace’ is the amnesia that is induced, so you only remember bits and pieces consciously as you awake, making every listening a seemingly new adventure.

    Never did i go so deep or did i get so hard listening to a hypno session.
    I found myself just barely conscious enough to conceive of the level i was being brainwashed and reprogrammed. Let alone that i coud resist it on any level. Sounds too good to be true right ? Wait, there is more.

    The arousal provoked here requires a premium physical health, yet induces a profound mental inbalance, all in favor of Mistress Amethyst. For your daily-life focus is being shifted to her and only her, and a craving for her voice and dominance is planted so deep into you mind, addiction is too nice a word to use. Try obsession. Try dependency.

    THIS FILE IS A MUST HAVE. For this embrace is too sweet to refuse, too firm to not get hooked, and way too hot to not get burned.

    PRO : very deep induction, layered voices, music, trigger implant, brainwashing, confusion, arousal, amnesia

  3. fetdb

    Astral Goddess Worship

    This is an incredible file. When listening I truly feel that I have been transported into Mistress Amethyst’s presence. I noted after listening that it “felt like Astral Sex”.

    This is an explicit file in terms of content, but not language. Mistress Amethyst’s words and imagery as she guides your worship of Her body are so sensual and beautiful. There is a slow and delicious buildup to that moment where you finally begin to lick Her pedals and taste Her honey nectar. It feels like a ritual performed between you and Goddess Amethyst that binds you to her deeply, rather than simply performing oral sex. I would say that is puts the “worship” in “pussy worship”, but I’ve never heard Mistress Amethyst use that phrase.

    I recommend this file for all of Her listeners. The embrace of Mistress Amethyst’s legs around my head is a feeling I definitely look forward to returning to again and again.

  4. subzillah

    A Sweet Taste of Heaven

    Not sure how much I can add to guyintrance’s review but Embrace is a very powerful hypnosis session. A submissive’s dream in fact. It is very tastefully done for a recording that is supposed to be about cunnilingus… now that’s an ugly word, ha! But seriously. Mistress Amethyst will have you eating out of the palm of her hand in this one… err… and another place that most of us submissives ache to worship and serve. As with all of Mistress Amethyst’s sessions, the induction had me completely relaxed and well primed for the seduction that followed. Embrace is a very sensual and highly erotic trance with imagery that stimulated both my body and my mind. This is one very remarkable and memorable recording that left me dazed, spent, and yes… smiling 🙂

  5. guyinatrance

    Embrace the Pleasure of A Deep Trance!

    Enticing, seductive, irresistible, are just some of the words that describe this relentless hypnotic bombardment on your open eager mind. Yes, Mistress Amethyst expertly uses numerous hypnotic techniques to seduce you into opening your submissive mind up to Embrace Her erotic influence. Yes, you will becum Her eager willing plaything, surrendering, relinquishing your mind to Her Dominant induction. Mistress Amethyst grants you pleasure beyond your wildest dreams in this FemDom Erotic Hypnosis Tour de Force! you will eagerly Embrace Mistress Amethyst as your Mistress. Open your mind to the pleasure that She can provide. Mistress Amethyst’s extremely erotic use of multiple voice tracks will have you descending to the deepest & most pleasurable trance ever! There is no flaw in Her Embrace, you will hear four distinct voice tracks, understanding all of them as they reverberate in your very open mind. Her trigger words are clearly heard and surrendered to in this masterful hypnotic creation by the most skilled & seductive HypnoDomme that is Mistress Amethyst! She will have you worshiping & eagerly eating out of Her hand and eagerly eating Her out when She climatically turns to hypnotic imagery after a most relaxing induction! Highly recommended.


    Trigger words, confusion techniques, seductive imagery, background music all blended together to form an intoxicating hypnotic concoction that will have you eagerly falling under Her erotic spell!

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