Obedient Physique
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Obedient Physique



Your Mistress has very high standard on the subs that she keeps in Her company. She likes for her boys to be lean, healthy, who make proper eating choices.

32 minutes


Your Mistress has very high standard on the subs that she keeps in Her company. She likes for her boys to be lean, tone, healthy, who make proper eating choices, and who groom their body according to Her desires.

In order to achieve what She desires, you will be taken into a deep level hypnosis, where your mind will be programmed to eat fresh, alive, and vibrant foods. You will be hypnotized to eat only when you are truly physically hungry, and to be diligent in your efforts to please your Mistress. When She’s done with you, you will find healthy salads sexy, fresh fruit and vegetables will be the foods that You crave, and you’ll drink lots of water. You must obey your Mistress!

Features: Mind Control, Subliminal messages for eating healthy, Brainwave technology for deep trance

32 Min MP3

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  1. Amethystsubntn

    i personally have struggled for some time with motivation when it comes to working out and eating better, but as long as i check in with this file every now and then, it has really helped me be more consistent in taking better care of myself in order to be a better submissive. Mistress knows exactly the right way to encourage and motivate you. i think a lot of people could benefit from this recording, but to be able to pair going under to the sound of Mistress’s voice with improving your compliance with a workout routine and a healthier diet, well that is pretty tough to beat.

  2. Tony (verified owner)

    Whatever Mistress wants, Mistress gets. Amongst the things that Mistress wants is for her playthings to have healthy minds, emotions and bodies. If I am to serve her as she deserves, my body needs to be strong and in good condition. She knows that without her I am weak willed and fall into bad ways that harm my body. She therefore gives me the help I desperately need by programming my mind to obey her commands. In this session, she installs in me the habits of keeping my body, clean and smooth and of taking daily exercise; she controls my cravings, so that I only eat when I really need it and am satisfied with smaller amounts; she makes me desire to drink water and to eat fruit, vegetables and salads. As I surrender to her conditioning, my obedience deepens. As my obedience deepens, her control over me becomes more complete. When her control is absolute, I will become the pleasing servant she desires and deserves. That day is coming because whatever Mistress wants, Mistress gets.

  3. slave j (verified owner)

    Update to my last review. I am still going very strong with the Mistress Amethyst workout regime. I went down there sizes and am feeling so much healthier now. I am stronger and have more energy and stamina and eat much healthier.

    I cannot recommend this enough. You owe it to yourself, boys! Plus since more energy and health makes it easier to worship your Goddess, you owe it to Mistress Amethyst too.

  4. slave j (verified owner)

    Like every hypnosis from Mistress Amethyst, this one is to be treasured and deeply appreciated. But this one, should be treasured and appreciated even more than most. Mistress Amethyst is so sexy and persuasive in this recording, it is impossible to resist the instructions in this life-improving session.

    Probably like many boys, I had found working out and eating well to be good goals that I always had an excuse for not doing. After just one listen, that changed. I have only been at a it a while but I’m already consistent in eating better, drinking more water and working out consistently.

    If I ever think of waivering, I recall Mistress’s voice telling me my body is her property and then I know I must make the effort. And of course, my health and life is so positively changed.

    Anyone who isn’t in the best shape owes it to themselves to listen to this now. Who knows how many years of better health and energy Mistress Amethyst has generously gifted us with herein?!

  5. Alex (verified owner)

    I LOVE this file. While I’m already “into fitness,” having Mistress Amethyst’s seductive voice in my mind inspiring me to stay on track 100% of the time is priceless. The bits about hygiene and skin care were also a thrilling surprise for me. I’m personally not into actual “sissy” stuff, but taking something that might normally be considered “feminine” and making it a ritualized part of pleasing Mistress Amethyst with my presentation/appearance is just…awesome. In her consummate genius, she really has made a normally banal activity into something exciting and erotic.

  6. HeliSub (verified owner)

    This file really worked well for me. having struggled to lose weight over many years this file has helped me develop healthy habits. It provides a strong motivation for a healthy lifestyle and eating habits with a most enjoyable D/s context.
    Over the last seven months, I have lost over 30 pounds, a steady loss of just over a pound a week and this file has played a large part in that achievement.
    In particular, I now love to eat salads, drink a lot of water and it would seem wrong to me not to do at least some exercise every day.
    Thank you Mistress Amethyst for a truly life-changing file.

  7. Andrea (verified owner)

    I don’t want to bore anyone with my crazy obsession with Mistress Amethyst, so all I’m going to say about this file is this:

    As of the writing of this review, I have lost 17 pounds in fewer than 3 weeks thanks to my mistress’s guidance. I’m eating better, I’m working out in my home gym EVERY DAY, drinking lots of water, and obsessing over pleasing my mistress.

    Get this file. Listen regularly. Obey. Serve. Love. The rewards are great!

  8. QuietMan (verified owner)

    I was looking for some extra motivation for getting into better shape, and I think I found it with Obedient Physique. This file is like two files in one. There is the sexy domme element, and there is the self help element. Together they are very effective.

    Mistress Amethyst is at her dominating best in this file. She knows what she wants from her subs and makes it clear what she expects. Mistress’s domination is so sexy and effective. At least to this submissive boy. Her voice is so sultry, sensuous and compelling. Her style is so seductive. I was very eager to submit and obey by the time she finished with me.

    Mistress Amethyst was a hypnotherapist before she became a hypnodomme. I have come to learn how important the phrasing and sequencing of suggestions can be. This is very evident in this file. She is not just giving orders in this file. She is dispensing good practical advice for being healthy. And she dispenses them in a method that will have the strongest possible effect. Mistress is very good at writing goals/suggestions. IMHO she really shines at this.

    The combination of a sensual domme and powerful effective suggestions combine together in this session very effectively. The sum is greater than the individual parts.

    This file is not about killer workouts or extreme diets. It is about being strong and healthy for Mistress, which pleases her. There is nothing better than to please Mistress.

    I don’t think you have to be a follower of Mistress Amethyst to benefit from this file. Everyone can benefit, no matter who you serve or follow. This file would also be effective to help prepare yourself to be a good sub.

    This file is a bargain. You could spend hundreds of dollars with a hypnotherapist to get the same benefits that this file offers. Imagine Mistress as your own personal trainer. Yum.

    Thank you Mistress Amethyst.

  9. Servus Amethysti (verified owner)

    Get in Shape for Your Mistress!

    Obedient Physique is a perfect way to change your life for the better! Stop setting meaningless “New Year’s Resolutions” that fail after the second week in January. No need to pay a bunch of money for a personal trainer. Mistress Amethyst has all you need right here with this recording!

    If you’re like me, the key problem in going to the gym and eating healthy is finding the proper motivation. Mistress Amethyst fixes this problem by providing the perfect motivation to getting in shape. That is, it is all part of your service Her. She wants Her followers to be healthy, toned, and vibrant!

    Her style is very positive in this recording. There is no humiliation, belittling, or name-calling. Instead of that nonsense, Mistress approaches it from a self-fulfilling angle. Part of Her core philosophy is that Her submissives ought to flourish under Her loving guidance. She wants to bring out the very best in Her servants – allowing them to actualize their inner desire to please a strong, dominant Woman and to become better people along the way. As such, the goal of this recording is another means of attaining that end; namely, by being healthy and fit, not only are you helping yourself, but you are pleasing Her. Classic “Win-Win” situation!

    Lastly, don’t be frustrated if you don’t get results immediately! It takes time to get in shape if you’ve been out of the game for a while. As the saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Mistress Amethyst will give you the impetus to take the first step and She will be walking along side the whole way!

  10. Tully Mars

    Obedient Physique will train your mind and body to please Mistress Amethyst.

    This is one of my favorite trances by Mistress Amethyst. The induction and trance are the most relaxing ever. i really feel like i am floating in a cloud. The more I listen, the more I want to follow her instructions: eat the right things, exercise daily to please Mistress Amethyst. i also want follow Her instructions on exercising and other things to please Mistress.

    The instructions provided in this session have helped me make the changes to my live that will allow me to have a body that please Mistress Amethyst.


    Mind Training, Relaxation

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