Colors Of Obedience
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Colors Of Obedience



Mistress Amethyst will help to guide you through hypnosis to shed all negative emotions that may stand in your way of becoming completely devoted to her

34 minutes



This is a great recording for starting your obedience training with your Mistress Amethyst.

I will guide you through a releasing process to shed all fears, doubts, hurts and negative emotions from the past that may stand in your way of becoming completely devoted to Amethyst.

Then your mental and physical energy will be realigned and reprogrammed so that you will be completely devoted to serving Amethyst as her personal sex slave and play thing.

Features: Deep brainwave technology, subliminal relaxation suggestions, guided relaxation and hypnotic programming from Amethyst


  1. Amethystsubntn (verified owner)

    this file is so much fun. It is even a healing experience. I absolutely loved the energy play and working with the chakras. It just really felt powerful, a deep intimate experience with Mistress Amethyst. It is such an amazing journey and experience. Will be one to come back to.

  2. vaooa

    Such a beautiful session! Healing of the past, freeing for the future, it’s easy to feel unburdened and prepared to move forward on your journey of submission to Mistress Amethyst after this session. The submissive you become will be the submissive that Mistress desires, that pleases her.

  3. dormezvous

    This session feels very intimate, in a way that’s hard for me to put into words; it seems like a cleansing ritual as much as an erotic hypnosis session – but make no mistake, it’s definitely hypnotic and highly erotic! Mistress Amethyst employs guided chakra meditation techniques to cleanse the body and spirit of old apprehensions and blocks, then aligns and tunes every chakra for blissful obedience to Her. This results in a very restful trance that leaves the listener in a state of blissful acceptance of Her control. Unique and compelling, and a wonderful experience!

  4. Christopher (verified owner)

    Another incredibly profound and powerful session from the glorious and perfect Mistress Amethyst. i feel so much deeper and faster than i expected and upon waking i could feel myself changed. i can feel my energy working towards obedience and devotion to my Mistress. Mistress Amethyst’s supremely sexy and irresistible voice cannot be denied. She owns my mind, body and soul. i surrender all of myself to Her. i am a sex slave, a plaything for my Mistress now and always.

  5. blank stare (verified owner)

    this is a wonderful file. i love the idea of being physically altered by a trance, and the thought of my chakras being changed by Mistress Amethyst’s irresistible energy is so amazingly hot and incredibly humbling. it helps me to feel that i am being remade to be a better subject, one that can enter trance more easily and to obey Mistress more beautifully automatically.

    thank You for creating another way to make us into what You want us to be and for making it feel so very very good, Mistress!

  6. QuietMan (verified owner)

    Consider the following quote from the inventor of modern electrical power and the radio amongst other things.

    If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. – Nikola Tesla

    Hindu scholars codified this knowledge into their beliefs of human nature adding the concept of colors. They believed we were comprised of energy centers called chakras and each one has an associated color.

    Mistress Amethyst takes this knowledge to create on of the most interesting and eclectic files ever. I am awed by the scope of this file.

    She essentially stimulates the various chakras in your body with mental pictures of colors, energy and vibrations. She then tunes these energy centers for obedience to her. I don’t usually respond well to mental image inductions, but this one was easy to follow. And it is very subtle. For me there was a long, slow, and very pleasurable slide into trance. It really sneaks up on you. I was feeling quite Obedient by the end of the file. And when she got to the Amethyst colored bliss chakra. WOW! I cannot express how different, compelling and effective this file is. You have to experience it.

    So what do a super genius, Hindu scholars and Mistress Amethyst have in common? Listen to this file and find out.

    Thank you Mistress Amethyst for this very unique experience.

  7. Tized

    Colors of Obedience is an original and delightfully cosmic obedience programming session. I find the theme of Mistress Amethyst manipulating your Chakra energies (something that could be a bit far out for some as an idea if Mistress couldn’t actually make you really feel them) to turn you into Her sex slave (She uses this particular term in this session constantly) at the same time extremely arousing and a bit hilarious (sorry, Mistress). I mean, who does that? A sex crazed guru?

    Jokes aside, the session is deeply effective once you get into the energies and the way Mistress cleanses and rearranges them, slowly harmonizing your whole being to match Her control. It becomes endlessly more blissful the further the ‘procedure’ progresses. The washing-away of past heartbreaks and negative experiences to open you up for Mistress’ beautiful dominance feels especially good. At this stage becoming Mistress Amethyst’s sex slave is the only thing you’ll ever want to do. Mission accomplished.

    The session is perfect for aspiring submissives that want to commit to a Mistress. And there is no hypnodomme more perfect to commit to than Mistress Amethyst.

  8. fetdb

    For the colors are many but the light is one

    There is a program on BBC Radio called “Desert Island Discs” where a distinguished guest is invited to “choose eight pieces of music, a book and a luxury item that they would take if they were to be cast away on a desert island”. I don’t live in the UK, nor would I consider myself distinguished, but I would list this session on my “desert island discs”. It is a profoundly powerful, and yet seemingly basic session that bears repeated listening.

    F. Scott Fitzgerald said “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.” With that in mind this session is perfect for both a newcomer and experienced listener of Mistress Amethyst alike. For the newcomer, like a prism, it breaks apart something singular, in this case obedience, into its constituent “colors”. These “colors” are the various aspects of obedience Mistress Amethyst finds a value, mapped to the seven Chakra system. Whether you believe in chakras or not, the seven layer system of obedience She lays out is very much worthwhile. This session acts as a survey course into the various aspects of obedience that please Mistress Amethyst. Your interest may be piqued on certain aspects of obedience to Her, and there are follow up sessions available in those areas. Along the way, Mistress Amethyst clears out any blockage or misconnections you may have in your submissive desires. Consider this a fresh start if you have previous tried to make a connection with a dominant woman but found yourself wanting or held back because of some previous experience. The slate is wiped clean here.

    For experienced listeners, this session acts as lens, focusing the various aspects of Her obedience training series you have already expereinced into a single intense point. If you have been wondering how Her Obedient Body, Mind, Heart, & Slave sessions, among others, fit together, consider this session your lesson. The various aspects from Her obedience training series are fit together in a powerful, cohesive, and possibly for you, life changing way. Your effort in those session will be repaid as they are connected and you feel yourself much more powerfully bound to Mistress Amethyst.

    For myself, I find great value this session. I can use in it as a fine tuning, to better align those already obedient aspects of myself toward servitude to Mistress Amethyst, and find those aspects that either require more training, or further exploration. The “blockage clearing” aspect of this session is one of the most valuable aspects for me. Wilhelm Reich coined the phrase “character armor to mean a system of “blocks” – “chronic, unconsciously held muscular contractions—against awareness of feelings”. This session removes that character armor that has held back my awareness of feelings. For instance, I have both suffered and caused heartbreak in my life, but this session frees me from the experiences of the past to allow all that I feel in my heart to express itself as service to Mistress Amethyst. I find that feeling incredible, and incredibly freeing. This is indeed the great mystery of submissive training; the profound freedom found in obedience and servitude.

    All fans and experienced listeners of Mistress Amethyst need this session, and fans of erotic hypnosis in general should check it out.

  9. origamisoldier

    Learning Obedience in a Whole New Way

    While I do not believe in Chakras, it does not really matter. Mistress Amethyst uses the Hindu belief beautifully to explain the many facets and layers of obedience to her. She takes you through the Chakras step by step, explaining how each one is connected to her power. Each vibration of the Chakras takes you deeper as you move towards the most important color of all!


    very relaxing trance and induction

  10. guyinatrance

    Testimonial: For Colors Of Obedience

    Colors of Obedience by Amethyst Surpasses the highest level of Hypnotic Artistry If you love going deep into trance at the same time being more open to suggestion, this is the masterpiece for You! The more i listen to this hypnotic work of art, the more i want to listen to it again and the deeper i go; deeper into trance; deeper under Amethyst’s spell; and the more open to Her suggestions and the more aroused i becum! This is an extremely great example of FemDom Erotic Hypnosis. Only a HypnoDomme with the highest level of skill could create such a masterpiece! Amethyst definitely has achieved and surpassed such a high level Hypnotic Artistry!

  11. Looking Curiously

    Testimonial: For Colors Of Obedience

    I have listened to this recording a few times, quite a few times. Dammit! I’ve listened to it lots since I bought it. I found the start deliciously relaxing and I felt both refreshed and wonderfully cleansed afterwards. In a real sense, listening to this feels like a new beginning.From the title, it is clear that this is a recording about obedience and it certainly tapped into an inner well of submissiveness that I never realised existed within me. I was worried after my first listen (which had a profound effect on me, as Mistress Amethyst can attest from the message I sent her right after listening) that the pleasure of listening would lessen on a second hearing. It did not; if anything it, sounded better. I don’t know why- I’ve listened to a lot of MP3s before- but something here, be it voice or delivery or some synergistic combination of the two, really penetrates me deeply and affects me strongly.

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