I have plans to incorporate more photos and videos of me holding, squeezing, and showing my cleavage, so I want ALL of you to be trained to Obey My Breasts!!

This training will penetrate deep within your mind, enslaving you with the desperate need to please and obey Goddess Amethyst.


  • Themes: Layered #ASMR #Whispers #SlaveTraining #BreastWorship
  • Secondary ASMR/Whisper Track: Yes
  • Sound Effects: No
  • Cum Command: No
  • Brainwaves: No
  • Gender Specific: No, but there IS a reference to stroking
  • Triggers Used: Deep/Deeper; Drop
  • Finger Snaps: Yes
  • Financial Domination: No
  • Amnesia Suggestions: No
  • Count Up: Yes


  1. The Darted Rhino

    Dropped so incredibly deep under the control of Mistress Amethyst. I dropped fast and was “brainwashed” to worship the amazing breasts of Amethyst. Let’s just say that it doesn’t take much coaxing. I became mentally overwhelmed as she implanted thoughts of her perfect tits in my psyche. I highly recommend getting this file personalized to make it hit that much harder.

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