Amethyst Dream

Amethyst Dream


In this sultry hypnotic programming, Mistress Amethyst will condition your mind so that you begin having sexy, erotic dreams that are so vivid & memorable

45 minutes


Wet Dream Hypnosis

Amethyst Dream has been completely revised – New script – New format.  I’m very pleased with this update & I feel confident that you are going to love it!

In this sultry hypnotic programming, Mistress Amethyst will condition your mind so that you begin having sexy, erotic, orgasmic dreams.

Relax profoundly to the sound of my voice. I give you quit a bit of time to surrender into a nice slow, deep trance. Once I have guided you into a deep hypnotic state, I will use three whispery voice tracks to bombard your mind with my conditioning.

Your subconscious mind will listen very carefully and absorb everything that I say. I’m going to fill your mind with programming to increase the frequency and clarity of your sexual dreams. The type of dreams that you will begin to have will tantalize your mind with sexual submission and the erotic sensations are magnified. When you find yourself in an Amethyst Dream, submissive pleasure engulfs you. You may find yourself experiencing many wet dreams after receiving the conditioning of this file because I will program you to cum so hard in your dreams. So many sexual dreams are in store for you.

Your dreams are so vivid, so clear, so memorable. When you orgasm in your dreams, the pleasure will be so intense.

Features: Long, slow induction, triple whisper track during the programming section, choice to either come out of trance or drift asleep; 45 Minutes; Erotic FemDom hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst of Copyright 2015


  1. Amethystsubntn

    This is a dream of a session. Such a gentle I’d say loving induction. But it was also just relentless. Sensually relentless . It’s one of the deepest experiences I’ve had and that’s saying something. I cannot wait to see what happens in my dreams

  2. Marco (verified owner)

    Wet dream confirmed tonight 🙂
    I was very excited to find this recording as I have always had the most mind blowing orgasms through the wet dreams I’d had.
    Occasionally I’ve still had a random spell of wet dreams in between long gaps and felt blessed when they do happen.
    I wasn’t expecting any miracles but thought it was worth a try and hope id be lucky.
    After purchasing last week I’ve listened each night, I thought I was going to blow on first listen but wasn’t sure if I was actually hypnotised,was very sexual but I didn’t achieve my goal.
    The next few nights I started to feel disappointed as I hadn’t reached the same level of excitement of the first listen.
    I thought a bit of edging tonight would maybe help and we’ll,I’m not sure if that’s what tipped the balance but I woke up tonight with the most ecstatic shudder! And yes,this was a full on proper wet dream.
    I’m so aroused still just marvelling at the fact that this made me ejaculate after a few listens!
    At least now days I don’t have to hide my shameful semen stained sheets 🙂

  3. blank (verified owner)

    this recording has helped my mind to train itself to obey Mistress Amethyst even while i sleep. this past weekend, i spent each night listening to Mistress’ recordings while i slept. on the night after listening to Amethyst Dream, Her words filled my dreams. Her voice flowed from the mouths of figures in my dreams, and Her words filled the air around me everywhere. it was amazingly wonderful, and truly helped me feel that Her words are becoming more powerful and present in my mind. thank You for another wonderful file, Mistress!

  4. Patc (verified owner)

    I love this file. I have been listening to this every night for the last 3 nights. It is wonderful to go to sleep listening to such an arrousing file that takes you really deep. It starts hot and once you are deep it just gets steamier and steamier. Also i love the increased feelings of submissiveness it has given me. I highly recommend this if you are looking for a file to sleep to because there is no count up.

  5. inloveslave (verified owner)

    Whoa… I’m not sure I have the words to describe how wonderful this file makes me feel.

    The file begins with a deep relaxation induction… At first, it feels like you’re imagining – just thinking about the submissive, erotic fantasies that you’d love to experience. But after a bit longer, for me the file turned into actually experiencing them – in the form of wet dreams while listening to the session.

    This file is seriously powerful.

    Thank you, Mistress.

  6. Speed Stick (verified owner)

    ‘Amethyst Dream’ plays in my ears every night when I go to sleep, over and over again, always pulling me deep down into erotic slumber. And in that magic zone between sleep and wakefulness, Mistress Amethyst breathes seductively into my weakened mind, programming my dreams with vivid sexual fantasy, where my submissive training continues on even more powerfully.

    I love half waking up in the middle of the night listening to Mistress Amethyst’s voice, feeling like I am drowning in sexual pleasure, desperately aroused and dripping. Her words and whispers wash over me like a siren song, pulling me back deeper down into pure submissive, erotic bliss.

    For full effect, I pair ‘Amethyst Dream’ with ‘SLIP into Wet Dreams’! Hearing Mistress Amethyst speak my name grants her total control, plunging me into sleep.

    I forever have to clean my sheets now but I always smile sinfully when noticing new evidence from the foggy night before, knowing how good it felt. Sometimes, ‘Amethyst Dream’ is not just a dream!

  7. Enrico (verified owner)

    I’m sincere.. At the beginning i didn’t understand the power of this recording.. then.. more I listen it and more the voice of Enchantress Amethyst echoes in my mind.. in my dreams!! Is incredible to wake up at morning.. and continue feel the voice within my mind.. She talk very slowly.. and this crack immediately my thoughts.. and put immediately my mind in a dream.. like a coma state.. my mind react immediately to the sensual erotic slow voice of Enchantress Amethyst.. maybe because by now it is completely enslaved at her voice!! By now.. my mind is available for Enchantress Amethyst during my days.. and during my nights.. in my dreams.. 24h!! Enchantress Amethyst you are my only Dream!
    Enrico from Italy

  8. origamisoldier (verified owner)

    I’ve been able to trance to both the original version of this, and I must say Mistress Amethyst really outdid herself with the improvements! While I love all my Amethyst files old, and new, I can see why Mistress wanted to remake this one. She’s updated and reworked nearly everything about the original: script, style, music, effects, etc. It’s all been rethought and reworked with her fantastic dedication to hypnotic perfection. While the original session focused on general programming for sexy dreams, the new version expands on that and focuses on having vivid, sexy dreams about female dominance. And with Mistress Amethyst dominating your dreams, there are sure to be some lasting effects! She takes you down deep as always, and slowly moves through all the all the things that she wants you to experience in your Amethyst fueled dreams. The writing and voice work of the main track flows smoothly through each topic, and the background suggestions really get you aroused and exited for your new dreams. She guides you through what she wants your dreams to be, and gives great examples to fuel your fantasies. And after all that sexy programming, she calms you down and drops you right into sleep to enjoy your new Amethyst Dreams. So if you’ve ever wanted to say Yes Mistress in your dreams, pick this new and improved session, and let Amethyst dominate your mind no matter which kind of sleep you’re in.

  9. David (verified owner)

    Female domination never felt so good. Forty five minutes of heavenly, ethereal bliss. Amethyst doesn’t so much speak the words but breathe them. Both relaxing and arousing at the same time. You could listen to this while commuting, but there is an excellent chance that you will miss your station. The usual top-notch technical quality we have come to expect from the most talented hypnodomme in the business. It is a pleasure to submit to Amethyst.

  10. Looking Curiously

    Testimonial: For Amethyst Dream

    It works. Oh! How it works! My dreams since listening have been profoundly erotic and intensely memorable.The only downside is the fact I have to wash my sheets far more often.Thank you thank you thank you for such a wonderful recording.

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