SLIP Into Sissy Chastity
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SLIP Into Sissy Chastity



Chastity is indulgence in MY control
The longer you’re in chastity, the stronger & more meaningful sissification becomes. SLIP hypnosis trigger / FemDom hypno

40 minutes

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Chastity is indulgence in MY control

The longer you are in chastity, the stronger and more meaningful sissification becomes.

I love controlling you:  controlling your mind;  your body;  your arousal;  your masturbation, and lack there of.  And let’s face it;  you need to be controlled, don’t you?  Mmm yes!!

My control is defining you!  In the past, you’ve used your erotic fantasies to take you to climax, and that has left you feeling hollow.  Isn’t that a shame to close out that growing desire sooo quickly like that? its so much nicer to prolong it;  to stretch it out;  to surrender to my control and be my obedient chastity pet.  Mmmmm Yes!  That’s what I want and you want what I want!

In this file, you will be hypnotized to value chastity & to desire it.  I have also included suggestions that chastity causes you to become more of sissy.  Yum!

My Control – My Rules!  There are going to be times where you feel as if you just can’t take it anymore and you will desire permission for a release.  Simple begging will not suffice.  In order to obtain permission for 1 climax, you must honor me & work for it.  This is what I will require:

  • Complete a MINIMUM of 2 weeks!  That’s really a “beginner” level of chastity.  I want you to strive for longer, but 2 weeks is an absolute minimum.
  • I have created a SLAVE TASKS page with task options specifically for earning permission to climax.  Pick an option (or 2) and complete the task.
  • Email me at:  Please use a subject line of:  Chastity Slave Climax Request.  I receive hundreds of e-mails a day – this will help me locate your e-mail request quickly.
  • In your e-mail, I will require the following:
    • # of days that you have completed chastity
    • The items that you have completed from the Slave Tasks page
  • I love ambitious slaves who are self-starters.  These are the slave that will receive a response from me, so select the task option on your own & show me what a good slave you are.
  • If you are a good slave and receive my permission to have 1 climax, then you must return immediately to chastity.  Remember… chastity is indulgence in my control.  Yum!


  • FOR BEST RESULTS:  Listen to my FREE File:  SLIP Into Mindlessness
  • ***  This is the same file as SLIP Into Chastity w/ revised wording – no need to purchase both files  ***
  • Induction includes 10-1 countdown
  • Includes a section of mantra work
  • Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
  • Deep delta brainwaves
  • Audience:  Male;  General chastity interest
  • Count up at the end
  • Cum Command:  No
  • JOI:  No
  • Sissy Hypno
  • 40 Minutes

Erotic Hypnosis & FemDom Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst of Copyright 2016. 


  1. Sisetanja (verified owner)

    This file is honestly a big must have if you wish to really accelerate your submissiveness and your sissifaction. I’ve grown rapidly thanks to this file encouraging me to lock myself for mistress Amethyst. It caused me to be enslaved even further to her control. She may not hold the keys, but just giving her complete control over when I’m allowed to take it off and also wether I may have an orgasm has been an amazing and very enslaving experience. If you’re not interested in being a sissy, then there’s also a non sissy version which I’ll still highly recommend for submissive training.

  2. Joost (verified owner)

    Ok, now you are reading a review chastity for sissy’s. Hesitating or just looking for the most fun file.?Oh… You are on the right spot with this file. Sissy’s needs to be controlled and you know you need it. Be silky ..and controlled. It feels so good. Mistress will encouradge you just a litlle bit :).

  3. Subbernaut (verified owner)

    The thought of being controlled in this special way makes this file ultra hot. You will love how giving this control to Mistress Amethyst makes you feel and the sensations build with every listen. You may find yourself begging in more ways than one so get this session and feel the blissfulness of surrendering to a powerful, sexy Mistress. You will lose control to Mistress Amethyst and love it.

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