SLIP Into Chastity
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SLIP Into Chastity

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Chastity is indulgence in MY control
The longer you’re in chastity, the stronger & more meaningful submission becomes. SLIP hypnosis trigger / FemDom hypno

40 minutes

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Chastity is indulgence in MY control

The longer you are in chastity, the stronger and more meaningful submission becomes.

I love controlling you:  controlling your mind;  your body;  your arousal;  your masturbation, and lack there of.  And let’s face it;  you need to be controlled, don’t you?  Mmm yes!!

My control is defining you!  In the past, you’ve used your erotic fantasies to take you to climax, and that has left you feeling hollow.  Isn’t that a shame to close out that growing desire sooo quickly like that? its so much nicer to prolong it;  to stretch it out;  to surrender to my control and be my obedient chastity pet.  Mmmmm Yes!  That’s what I want and you want what I want!

In this file, you will be hypnotized to value chastity & to desire it.  I have also included suggestions that chastity causes you to become more submissive.  Yum!

My Control – My Rules!  There are going to be times where you feel as if you just can’t take it anymore and you will desire permission for a release.  Simple begging will not suffice.  In order to obtain permission for 1 climax, you must honor me & work for it.  This is what I will require:

  • Complete a MINIMUM of 2 weeks!  That’s really a “beginner” level of chastity.  I want you to strive for longer, but 2 weeks is an absolute minimum.
  • I have created a SLAVE TASKS page with task options specifically for earning permission to climax.  Pick an option (or 2) and complete the task.
  • Email me at:  Please use a subject line of:  Chastity Slave Climax Request.  I receive hundreds of e-mails a day – this will help me locate your e-mail request quickly.
  • In your e-mail, I will require the following:
    • # of days that you have completed chastity
    • The items that you have completed from the Slave Tasks page
  • I love ambitious slaves who are self-starters.  These are the slave that will receive a response from me, so select the task option on your own & show me what a good slave you are.
  • If you are a good slave and receive my permission to have 1 climax, then you must return immediately to chastity.  Remember… chastity is indulgence in my control.  Yum!


  • FOR BEST RESULTS:  Listen to my FREE File:  SLIP Into Mindlessness
  • ***  This is the same file as SLIP Into Sissy Chastity w/ revised wording – no need to purchase both files  ***
  • Induction includes 10-1 countdown
  • Includes a section of mantra work
  • Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
  • Deep delta brainwaves
  • Audience:  Male;  General chastity interest
  • Count up at the end
  • Cum Command:  No
  • JOI:  No
  • 40 Minutes

Erotic Hypnosis & FemDom Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst of Copyright 2016. 


  1. silverbullet99 (verified owner)

    This is probably the most powerful chastity hypnosis recording I’ve ever listened to – and I’ve listened to quite a few. It may be partly the fact that I’m biased in favor of the absolutely wonderful and charming Mistress Amethyst, but her techniques bring me into some of the deepest and most submissive states of trance I’ve ever been in.

    If you’re anything like me, you can expect to end this session with your ability to orgasm securely locked away, under her control … and a deep desire to be of service to Mistress Amethyst in any way that you can – and not out of a desire for release, but sheer gratitude.

  2. Redhammer

    I purchased this recording as my first personalized customized recording ever and let me tell you, when I listen to Mistress Amethyst say my name and when you give your control to her its the most erotic and intense feeling of obedience I’ve felt. Its worth the buy and a powerfully arousing file.

  3. QuietMan (verified owner)

    This file works on many levels. Like most of Mistress Amethyst’s files there are so many layers and nuances that make this a great file.

    Physically, there is nothing like the orgasm you receive after being in chastity. That’s obvious. But if that was the only component of it, I doubt I would like it as much as I do. Mistress Amethyst understands that it goes way beyond physical release. This file focuses on the mental and emotional aspects of chastity and the reason why it is so powerful.

    What I like most about chastity is the aching and yearning for the object of your desire. I crave that heady intoxication of lust, love and desire that chastity can produce and augment. That constant ache between my legs and in my mind. Mistress spends a large portion of this file exploring and evoking these feelings. The result is pure bliss. I covet that constant yearning and desire for Mistress. I love how it inspires me to greater heights of servitude and devotion. The pleasure makes my whole body tingle.

    Chastity also augments my feelings of submission. Mistress Amethyst understands the submissive mind like no other. She understands the feelings that chastity can evoke in the submissive mind. I feel very pliable and yielding while in chastity for her. My submission is something I want to give her. She makes it clear that she appreciates these gifts. Being appreciated makes me tingle. This file strengthens these feelings for me, and this submissive boy loves and craves it.

    Technically this file is superb. Her voice is at her best. The effects mesh perfectly. But what I really liked was the induction. She uses one of her personal meditation techniques for the induction. I just love it when she shares glimpses of herself. I love having that connection with her. Needless to say the induction just melts my mind. My mind just disconnects from my body and I just float off into the ether. It is pure pleasure and ecstasy.

    This is the perfect file for chastity beginners. So if you are on the fence about it, this is a great way to try it. The file suggests a minimum of 2 weeks of chastity. This is easily achievable. To get out of chastity you have to perform a slave task. These tasks are easy and very fun to do. In fact, I predict that after chastity they will be a source of pleasure for you. Give it two weeks. The worst thing that could happen is a really great orgasm at the end. 😉

    This file has affected me on an physical, emotional and mental level. A perfect trifecta. I feel like this file was written expressly for me. It was not, but I am willing to bet others would say the exact same thing. To me that is the hallmark of a great file. That feeling that Mistress is right there in the room with you. That she is speaking directly to your mind, body and soul. And that for that brief period of time it is just the two of you. This file speaks that directly to me. It crystallizes what I have felt for a long time. Thank you Mistress Amethyst for this wonderful gift.

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