For those who need a little extra help with achieving deep trance.

Close your eyes and Unfocus!

This is perfect for those who have a difficult time letting go and drifting into hypnosis.

This MP3 uses indirect language, embedded commands, right brain stimulation, and repetitions to help your mind learn to Unfocus.

Headphones are a MUST:

Left Ear – Stimulates the right brain

1 Voice track on left ear

1 Quiet track on left ear

Right Ear – Stimulates the left brain

1 Voice overlapping track with lower volume



  1. Lord Epicure (verified owner)

    Simply brilliant !

    For all newcomers, this is the perfect reccording to put your mind on the way to deep trance.
    This files helps and train your brain slowly, gently, all in sweetness but you will get a powerful effect for the next session.
    I’ve try it recently, and it was incredible, a perfect brain stimulation and just after the session i felt a strong increase of my trances.
    Focus / Unfocus, confusion, it’s a feeling like a body-building session of the brain guided by the spell of Amethyst.
    You will fall realy deep into trance after listened this file. And the better your listen to this file the more you will fall deep into trance.
    Put your trust in Mistress Amethyst spell, Amethyst will lead and train your mind go deeper into trance.
    Just before sleeping is the best moment to listen and surrender completly. When you wake up you will be stronger and abble to reach deep trance more easily.

  2. Rodimus


    I’ve been sitting, wracking my brain, trying to come up with something fitting to say about Unfocus, and I just keep drawing a blank. The details of the file refuse to stick in my mind.
    I know it’s a deep trance, one of the deepest I’ve experienced. And I know I’ve been having a tendency to kind of ‘blank out’ and miss portions of the file. From a few minutes here and there to the time I kind of shocked awake going ‘wait, the file’s done!?’.

    All I know is it’s a quite good file and a very deep trance. If you’re looking for that, then I would definitely recommend Unfocus


    Deep trance
    More of Mistress Amethyst’s addictive, velvety voice

  3. guyinatrance

    Mistress Amethyst’s Seduces you into a Most Pleasurable State of Trance & Unfocus

    Mistress Amethyst demonstrates Her considerable hypnotic expertise in Her Unfocus erotic work of art! Only a HypnoDomme with professional training and many years of hypnotic experience could produce a deep trance inducing creation that is Unfocus! Echoes, multiple voice tracks, & trigger words are skillfully assembled together to form a most effective hypnotic masterpiece! Mistress Amethyst breaks down all of the barriers to trance in Her wonderful Unfocus! Relaxation is the first of many steps that Mistress Amethyst employs to convince your mind to Unfocus! Her strategy is to seduce you until your mind relaxes & falls deep into Her trance until Unfocus is the word that She suggests to you! you will eagerly & happily comply with Her wishes! you will be converted to a horny hypnotized subject in this most enjoyable erotic hypnosis masterpiece! Unfocus has my highest recommendation!


    An astonishing creative & effective hypnotic script perfectly & genuinely delivered by The Most Beautifully Voiced HypnoDomme

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