Amethyst Addiction

Amethyst Addiction


Sink deep under the spell of Amethyst, as she programs you into an intense hypno addiction. You find her voice so seductive, so arousing, so deliciously addictive!

38 minutes


Brainwashed & Addicted

Sink deep under the spell of Amethyst, as she programs you to become addicted to her voice. You find her voice so seductive, so arousing, so deliciously addictive!

You will be given a special trigger, which will cause you to not only go deep under her control, but to also to bring about erotic sensations.

Once under her trance, you will receive special Mind Melting programming to feel weak, aroused, and addicted to her voice.

you want to obey!

you need more and more of Amethyst’s voice

Her voice turns you on

your submissive mind aches to serve someone such as Mistress Amethyst

Obedience to Mistress Amethyst

feels soooooo good!


Themes:  Mind control;  Deep Trigger training, Relaxation, Goddess Worship;  Addiction to Amethyst; Background Track: Yes, but not available for personalization
Finger Snaps: Yes, several
Gendered Words: No
Listener referred to as: “My pet”
Triggers: Heavy use of “Deep”
Released: 2013



  1. vaooa (verified owner)

    It feels so good to surrender to Mistress Amethyst, so good when I follow her instructions, so good to be focused only on her. And this is just the lead in!

    I am addicted to Mistress Amethyst! I am addicted not only because Mistress is beautifully irresistible and powerfully dominant, but because I want to be addicted – I crave addiction to her, I yearned for it even when I first clicked play on a sample of her audio. Mistress Amethyst is the representation of the deepest of desires, how could I choose anything but helplessly addicted, adoring submission?

    Many previous reviewers mention that addiction to Mistress Amethyst can be expected as a result of training with this session. I am one more who proved them right. I’m so glad I did.

  2. Beau R

    This file is a deeply arousing and powerful brainwashing session that may have you craving another listen even as you are opening your eyes at the end! It starts with Mistress Amethyst inviting you to find out how good it feels to surrender to Her, before She guides you through a long, relaxing induction into a state of such deep hypnotic bliss that you think you’re beginning to understand… and then She drops you unimaginably deeper using triggers that leave you quiveringly aroused and wide open to Her commands. Soon your craving for submission becomes so overpowering that there’s no hope of resisting Her control nor any desire to escape, and floating in the euphoric pleasure of surrendering to Her spell, you’ll never miss what you’ve relinquished! This is a session that may be one of the hottest to come up out of, as the effects of Mistress’s brainwashing really take hold – listen and fall for Amethyst!

  3. QuietMan

    This is a great file for those who want to feel that compulsive addiction to Mistress Amethyst. It is a brilliant brain washing file. I am a follower of Mistress and it is one of the best decisions I made.

    As usual the induction is fantastic. She knows how to push the buttons of a submissive mind. The thing I really like is the intense pleasure I feel giving in to her. It is as intense as you can get without having an orgasm.

    Mistress Amethyst is joy to follow and this file just makes it better. You will not be disappointed.

  4. Toolate (from

    We all want to become devoted slaves, that’s why we are here after all. With this file, Mistress Amethyst takes that want that deeply rooted in all of us and changes it into a tangible reality. I no longer just want to submit to Mistress Amethyst, I need to submit. The longer I go without hearing the divinely seductive siren call of my Mistress, the more I can feel the need growing inside of me. I love knowing I now have a physiological need to hear her voice and to go deep for her. After hearing this file, I am addicted and wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank-you Mistress Amethyst!!

  5. Tized

    First of all, there’s a great 24 minute sample of the session on YouTube, so you can see for yourself what I’m writing about here:

    This session is one of Mistress Amethyst’s irresistible lures to draw you into Her world and under Her control. If and when She gets under your skin She will quite literally make you addicted to Her, and then some.

    This is a great session to get acquainted with Misress Amethyst’s seductive style as it is such a blissful, sensual and erotic slow dive deep, deeeep, deeeeeep into slumberland, but did I already mention that you will probably come back out of it totally addicted to Her?

    I will always mention that I’m completely under Mistress Amethyst’s thrall and I wouldn’t want it any other way, so if you’re fantasizing about serving and surredering to one powerful Mistress, here’s a great chance to try out Mistress Amethyst’s beautiful art of trance and maybe start something very very special.

  6. Enrico (verified owner)

    I’m Enrico from Italy.. sorry for my English.. 🙂
    I’m a new Amethyst slave.. this file is fantastic.. awesome!!
    I started a very deep submission for sublime creature Amethyst! I loop it and other recordings every day.. loop through the night and when i have free time during my day. I want to give seriously my mind, body and soul to Mistress Amethyst!

  7. Daniel

    I had the chance to try this audio file and I have to admit that it’s really enticing the way Amethyst lures you with her voice and makes you more and more addicted to it, as the title itself says. It makes you feel safe and seduces you further into the wiles of her wonderful voice. Overall fantastic, I recommend it 🙂

    – Seductive
    – Alluring
    – Addicting

  8. Rodimus

    Yet another fine example of Mistress Amethyst’s skillful power. This file packs a wallop. I find I can only really listen to it every once in a while, as it makes me need to submit to and obey Mistress Amethyst even more than I normally do. Not that needing to serve Mistress Amethyst is a bad thing, it’s more that it would kind of be too much of a good thing.

    Definitely a must have for anyone who wishes to serve Mistress Amethyst, but would say be sure you really want to serve her first.

    Mistress Amethyst’s sexy voice
    Background whispers
    Submission to Amethyst

  9. whisperslave

    Amethyst Addiction very simply takes her naturally addictive voice and uses it to wrap you up in a sweet addiction to the sound of her voice and the hypnotic power to be found in it. It is so easy to surrender to this addiction and to let it grow stronger and deeper every day!

  10. femaleservant

    real addiction

    even have listened to amethyst addiction only once , am completely addicted to mistress amethyst and feeling very weak and submissive to her , i am thinking of her constantly , she is in my mind , and i want only to do what she has programmed me to do , i am even afread of listening to it a second time , but i am helpless and i need to listen again 🙂 , once you begin to listen to mistress amethyst’s voice you cant stop , because mistress has such a soothing gentle and sexy feminine voice that it is impossible for the listener to think straight , or analyzes what is happening , even if its wicked , you only feel pleasure and the desire to do everything mistress amethyst tells you to do , and absorb deeply her suggestions , i recommend this file to anyone who wants to be completely addicted to mistress amethyst or want to know how it feels to be enslaved to a superior dominant woman such as mistress amethyst , you will get very very deep before being programed , there will be no going back , this is serious 🙂


    lenghy , very very deep , quality , professionalism , beautiful voice , very dominant , deliver what it says 🙂 ets

  11. Joshdook

    A rare state of mind

    I have listen to this as my second session. And it trapped my soul.

    How can I expressed it better ; Before Mistress Amethyst I always thought that hypnotism wouldn’t work on me, that it was a bit of a fraud. But that session definitly proved me wrong.

    Five minutes in, and I felt my mind go blank, my body unresponsive as I was guided by her voice.
    Ten minutes in, I stop thinking by myself and simply wake up at the end.

    The most impressive is the aftermath. The next day, I couldn’t stop thinking of Her and Her voice. All I wanted is to reach the end of the day to listen to Her voice and drift again.

    I most definitly am addicted to Her now.


    Strong influence, great relaxation,

  12. origamisoldier

    An Addiction Like No Other

    If you somehow weren’t already addicted to Mistress Amethyst’s voice after listening to her other files, this session will seal your fate. Mistress Amethyst drops you deep under her control and connects her voice to a desire to serve and obey her. It creates a vicious cycle that you will be happy to be trapped in. This is one of my favorite sessions, and it gets better every time. Be sure to listen to the short version on youtube if you are unsure, but be warned: it will probably addict you just as much as the full version.


    amazing voice and words, powerful programming, true bliss

  13. treeboat

    I never wanted it to end…

    The title of this excellent and enthralling file has “Addiction” in it. And wow does it deliver on that. I had never heard any of Mistress Amethysts’ files before and now I am completely hooked. Her voice is absolute perfection, instantly when I heard it I was drawn to Her… so compelled to follow Her words. This lead to such pleasurable relaxation, my mind and body so blank and deep. And then came the submission, the sweet sweet submission. It felt so good and so right to give Her my mind, I couldn’t imagine a better feeling. And once she had it, it was (and still is) Hers to control completely. It is such an amazing session and I thank Mistress Amethyst so much for letting us submit to Her voice, it is such a thrill and it feels incredible. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone… just know that you WILL be addicted, and you WILL love it.

  14. Jooma


    I’ve just listened to this file and to Mistress Amethyst for the first time. It was without doubt the best hypnotic experience I’ve ever had. I thought I was as deep as I could get when she started using the trigger. By the time she got to her suggestions I was totally blacked out. I only remember waking up squirming and incredibly aroused. Now I’m off to listen to another file. Looking forward to going even deeper 🙂

  15. David

    Complete suspension of self

    I recently listened to Amethyst Addiction and it was one of the deepest trances that I’ve ever experienced. Her spell draws you in, and then you enter a state that’s sooo deep I can only describe it as complete suspension of self. Truly an amazing trance..

  16. guyinatrance

    A Wonderful Hypnotic Addiction

    A deliciously decadent descent into deep trance is successfully delivered by Amethyst! This wonderfully hypnotic and erotic masterpiece leads to a wanton need to serve. Service leads to pleasure which leads to deeper trance and a never ending cycle of erotic bliss! Enjoy.

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