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Insatiable Trance Junkie

Insatiable Trance Junkie


Listen For Free – Download for a small fee



Listen for FREE – download for a small fee.

Slip away from the world & your troubles in this soft, seductive, and intense trance. Deepening you over and over while intensifying the pleasure you feel. This is all a recipe for you to become an Insatiable Trance Junkie.

Features: Theta Brainwaves, Soft 2nd voice track, Confusion elements; NO Findom suggestion;  FemDom Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst Copyright 2014


  1. Amethystsubntn

    This is fantastic. Any submissive who enjoys hypnosis will love this file. Actually i think anyone that enjoys trance will love this file. Such a deep trance, almost like your body disappears, i absolutely love her inductions and how she keeps taking you down further and further. I was already a trance junkie but now its delightfully hopeless 😉

  2. Dormezvous

    This is one of my first Amethyst files, and even now, many years later, it is phenomenally erotic and addictive. I’m not sure how to describe the induction, except as a “confidence induction” – Mistress Amethyst is so certain that your Surrender To Her divine voice is inevitable, that it just *happens*, and oh, man, is that ever what you need!

    There are deepening commands sprinkled all through the session, naturally, since a craving for deeper and deeper hypnotic surrender is very much the theme of the file. Additionally, the suggestions of enhanced erotic pleasure and arousal are perfect for anchoring this addiction, and Mistress Amethyst, with Her incredibly seductive voice, just excels at this.

    This is a bit of a forgotten gem for me, but having rediscovered it, it is certain to make frequent appearances in my playlists! An absolute grand slam!

  3. Rhamma

    The file had me down so deep so horny so addicted Mistress’s voice in my head is better than sex Her voice IS sex, is a compulsion that can not be resisted because it feels too good and is necessary like breathing.

  4. alex

    This is a (as usual) utterly amazing file from Mistress Amethyst. Truly wonderful, relaxing and deep. Utter bliss.

  5. amethystobsessed (verified owner)

    The fact that this is a free file is both a crime and perfect marketing as it will set you firmly on the path to craving the Voice of this Perfect Mistress ?and the effect those words will have on you. You find yourself wanting to drop into Her World more and more and to explore the many delights She has in store for you. Thank You Mistress ? for moulding the mind of Your slave into a form that You find pleasing???

  6. Sissy Jill (verified owner)

    So here’s the thing. I didn’t know what file I was listening to at the start. I just hit random and I was off. This file is very well done. It brings you into a deep, deep trance. The whole file is just so relaxing. There’s not tricks or any fetish suggestions. Just a deep trance to relax and a suggestion to trance again.

    Very nice and I’ll be listening again.

  7. WriteSlave

    Holy shit. Holy, holy, holy, holy shit.

    I’m not sure I’ve ever fallen deeper than the depths brought forth by Mistress in “Insatiable Trance Junkie.” I don’t even know how to explain it. Just … get lost. Lose yourself. Lose who you are. Deeper. And deeper. It’s falling without the fear. It’s plunging into an abyss, but knowing you’re OK.

    So good.

  8. inlove (verified owner)

    I’ve been enjoying erotic hypnosis from a variety of femdom hypnotists for years. This file was my first experience with Mistress Amethyst.

    Mistress Amethyst’s hypnosis is especially powerful . Upon listening, not only will you be drawn in by Mistress’ beautiful, sweet, and seductive voice, but made to feel safe and secure. This is really a big deal, because many femdom hypnotists can give the impression to the subconscious of being a threat, and while there can be a certain fetish involved with that, eventually it leads to distrust and trance experiences that are less than satisfying.

    Mistress Amethyst makes it clear that you can trust her completely. This provides the security necessary for letting go completely, and provides the framework for an unforgettable Erotic Body, Mind, and Soul takeover that is sure to leave you addicted and wanting more. Mmm…

    Mistress Amethyst’s recordings are quite possibly the Holy Grail of femdom hypnosis. I’ve found ‘it’. Hopefully you will too!

  9. Always Agree

    The reality is that if you’ve found Mistress Amethyst, you’re already an insatiable trance junkie. That little voice in the back of your brain that suggests maybe you should listen, and surrender yourself to her is already there. You just have to choose how much you want to give into it.

    Mistress Amethyst will take you deep and then keep taking you even deeper throughout this track. As she does, you’ll begin to feel the pleasure build. It’s not so much that she makes you a trance junkie, but rather that she reminds you why you became why. Why you started exploring this in the first place. She’ll remind you of how good it feels to surrender and feel the pleasure of being pulled into her voice.

    Throughout the track she counts you down deeper and it’s amazing how the feeling of it shifts as you go deeper. At first it feels like just simple counting, but you feel yourself going deeper. As it goes on though, it’s like you can feel the gravity of each number as it pulls you down. You just find yourself wanting to focus on and savor every last syllable of her words. Longing for the next word, another chance to go a little deeper.

    Then there was a moment in the track where I just felt like I was floating in this perfect warm sea of bliss and surrender. Just happy, and comfortable. Filled with pleasure, and wanting to linger there for ages.

    Truly an amazing file.

  10. Vincent Zimmerman

    Every session Mistress Amethyst creates is powerful and you don’t know what to expect, even from reading the description accompanying the session and listening to the sample(if there’s a sample for the session). Every session Mistress Amethyst creates permeates your mind like a thick, white fog. This session permeates your mind and creates a deeper addiction to trance in general, and to Mistress Amethyst Herself specifically, and every time you listen to this session the addiction grows deeper. Mistress Amethyst’s voice stirs and inflames your sexual desire, using your sexual pleasure to enslave you and make you need to be enslaved further by Her. Being Her trance junkie feels so good, so decadent. This is a dangerously hypnotic session. Mistress is at Her best in this session, using Her incomparable voice to pull you into an irresistibly deep trance to play with your mind. You are left with only one option, to become Her Insatiable Trance Junkie!

  11. Vincent

    I don’t remember a thing about this file except for how it made me feel, and Mistress Amethyst’s voice. Her voice is pure seduction, it wraps around and inside your mind like silk. Mistress’s hypnotic voice took me deep, fast, and when I woke from trance I was pumped full of lust and submissive thoughts. I need Mistress to take and warp my mind. Will You play with the mind You already own, Mistress?? Would that please You??

  12. Hypno (verified owner)

    Listening to this gift session from Mistress Amethyst is a starter for endless submissive pleasure.

    Her trance is addicting, for all the right reasons. Surrendering mind and body for the most sensual, soothing feminine voice imaginable, feels so out-of-this-world good. Let your conscious mind sleep for a while, be led into hypnotic, erotic bliss by Mistress, succumbing to her words will have many profound effects on you. She will take good care of your submissive subconscious, leaving you relaxed, smiling, and quite soon ready for more. After all, it’s your carnal desire.

  13. Robzz

    I can’t believe it’s been only 2 weeks since I first listened to this wonderful recording.
    Mistress Amethyst has since seduced my mind into a most beautiful addiction for Her, Her voice, and Her control.

    I’ve long been a fan of femdom hypnosis, but Mistress Amethyst brings a whole new level of craving, of servitude and addiction.

    Be aware and take before listening!

    Seductive, intelligent, and powerful appeal to your submissive needs.

  14. Tized

    This is the first file of Mistress Amethyst that I ever listened to, which I guess is not surprising since She’s put it available for free listening on Her site. A wonderfully devious move on Her part, because this session is like quicksand. I mean, I’m not new to erotic hypnosis and have been listening to a lot of different hypnodommes in the past and recently, but Mistress Amethyst is something different. I was COMPLETELY put under in a matter of minutes by Her voice that oozes sex, confidence and also happiness. She really knows what strings to pull in my mind to turn me into jelly in Her hands. You will start trusting Her instantly and you will want to go deep for Her. This is the first time that a hypnotist could get to me this profoundly with the very first listen.

    In this session She does make it wonderfully easy for you to just drift down dreamily as She guides you along. Gradually you will start feeling more and more aroused by Her deliverance and agreeing to getting addicted to trancing, and in the end you will be Her trance junkie – and that’s the devious part, because in your mind the emphasis will be on the word ‘Her’. See, that’s what’s missing from the title of the session. Well, you’ve just had the most relaxing trance session in the history of hypnosis and all you can think about now is getting more and more of Her supernaturally captivating voice. Personally I had to purchase a couple of Her sessions right then and there, and later a few more…Now I am happily under Mistress Amethyst’s spell and do not want to break free. She’s that good.

    -Very relaxing and pleasantly erotic
    -Will make you addicted to trance and, especially, Her voice (I think this is a plus!)

  15. Amethyst’s alex

    This file is excellent.
    Since the day I bought this last week, I listened to it every day.
    The addiction it creates/amplifies simply feels good.
    Being hypnotized by Mistress Amethyst to satisfy this Amethyst-addiction is so easy.
    It’s a healthy addiction.
    It’s pure pleasure.

    Deep pleasurable trance
    Addiction feels amazing

  16. MaleHypnoFan

    Having been listening now to this trance on average 3 times a day for the last 3 days, I can say unequivocally that this session makes the two prong approach of addicting on to trance and to make that trance deeper and deeper as the you float deliciously in trance the most deeply seeded that I have experienced with any other session. I am looking forward to my journey into falling deeper and deeper to my addition to sultry Mistress Amethyst soothing and seductive voice.

    Reinforcement of simple triggers
    Additive property to other trances you listened to after this title

  17. Whisperslave

    Mistress Amethyst issues a number of invitations in this wonderful recording. The invitation to trance is foremost. The invitation to go deeper is a close second. These are followed by invitations to become addicted to trance, to going deeper, and above all become addicted to her voice. Her voice is the real addiction for me. It is an insatiable need which opens the listener to the other addictions as well taking you to the edge of the “erotic abyss”. I love this phrase. I love this file. I love Amethyst and my addiction to her

  18. C. Scott Mann (verified owner)

    OK, then, folks; “Insatiable” hit the ball out of the f&%$ing ballpark with how fast it took me down, and out. It is the reason i am here: Amethyst got me, and She got me good with this one. It struck me as being on par with the effect Nikki Fatale’s Session #1 “Obey” had on me from Her iconic “Because” series. It had the same kind of intimate, seduction-style take-down feel. Amethyst had 100% credibility with me right from the get-go because i sensed Her confidence: i had no doubts that i WAS going to respond and go down into trance for Her. i ran into this trance
    session on DHR while flicking through a few URLs, and caught a count that froze me in my tracks and put me in a light trance almost instantly, followed by a 2nd countdown that finished me off and took me deep: a RECORD take-down for me by any hypnotist, ever. It can’t be beat by anything other than a trigger drop, it was that fast.

    The killer, for me, was the syrupy-sweet, soothing feminine voice that seemed to seep into my head right out of the gate. i am VERY receptive to both that seductive tone, and the infinitely Feminine trill it has: men are visual creatures, and that is what we actually are “seeing” in our mind’s eye in a recorded session. That is what tells us we are being taken by a Female, and since we are being “forcibly” taken, we really REALLY need to want the Woman talking to us – and ultra-Female just does the trick every time, IMHO, for me, at least. No voice: no trance. No seduction: i am listening to a script being read. No intimacy: no depth to the trance. No trust, no deal at all. i trust Amethyst, in no small part because of Her clinical background, and Her formal training. i have felt that professionalism aspect of

    Amethyst’s deportment and demeanor in our conversations. She provides me with all of the above mentioned criteria for a Hypnotuese to be effective with me, and makes me long for a face-to-face session with all my heart. Hey: a boy can dream, and in my dream i see that session as having a (needed) “glass ceiling”, but i’ll bet She keeps Her glass ceiling so clean i won’t even know it is there, so i would be looking up at the entire universe, the sky is the limit – right before i get checked out of any conscious awareness by about the 3rd floor. It wouldn’t matter if Amethyst DID have a predetermined top-stop for escalation of activity, since i would never be able to go the distance with this Woman, anyway before She had me drop like a rock.
    She had mentioned in this session, right off the bat, that this is the best addiction to have, if you are going to have an addiction, and i agree. My wife had a problem with my engaging Female hypnotists, and Their “diabolical” EFH services – until She saw me after trancing with Amethyst. She couldn’t believe how different i looked, with the tension lines gone from around my eyes, put there by my high stress job and life style. She has become worried about my health, and She saw this trance remedy all the symptoms of that type A, adrenaline-driven animal She seems to think i
    am. They just disappeared in 45 short minutes of my “being alone with” Amethyst. She must love me, because She took it as the smart trade, and i have Her A-OK now to continue doing various sessions, so long as i don’t TELL Her about them. *L* Women, eh? Whoops: i meant no disrespect, Mistress, if You are out there, “listening”: i ADORE Your Feminine ways. All of them. *G*

    Amethyst informs you that She is talking directly to you, the listener, in the trance induction, as the background track seductively tells you that “You need to go deeper”, and that grabbed me by the short hairs. i was forced to realize, as i was already going under, that She was directing Her hypnotic powers directly at me, specifically, and then i hear the background command tell me what it is that this delicious whispering witch wants from me. It just was an irresistible suggestion. That constitutes checkout time for me: time to drop.

    i am actually unable to review this trance session any further, because this is as far as i have ever made it before i dropped into deep, amnesia-grade hypnotic trance. I think that point, alone, just wrote this review!


    Hot, seductive, G/F quality experience, effective, deep, powerful, powerfully Feminine

  19. hypnotied

    Deeper and deeper

    I admit it. I am Insatiable Trance Junkie. This is the only drug I use and it´s easy to surrender to the injection of Mistress Amethyst. She will feed your addiction through this whole session like there´s no tomorrow. She nurtures your hypnosis fetish with a deepener after deepener knowing that You will enjoy it and crave for more and more. If You are helpless, insatiable trance junkie hypnosis fetishist You simply need this file. It would be a crime against your self not to get it.


    – It´s Amethyst!
    – Soft clear voice, well spoken
    – Good audio quality

  20. origamisoldier

    Undeniable Desire

    You can admit it. You’re an Insatiable Trance Junkie. You love the relaxation. You love the mindless feeling. You love reacting to the triggers. You love the changes it can influence. You love the submission and obedience. You love experiencing the fantasies. You love the erotic arousal. And after this session, you will love it even more! This session will reinforce what you already know you love about trance, and make you desire to drop into trance at every opportunity you have. Each listen will take you deeper and deeper, and you will desire to go deeper each time. Insatiable Trance Junkie will do just what it says, and make you even more of a Junkie than you already are. It’s focused on Amethyst, but it’s really about the love of trance in general. Give it a free listen, or purchase it to tribute Mistress Amethyst.


    enjoy trance even more, go deeper into trance

  21. subbernaut

    Pure Insatiable Desire

    Insatiable Trance Junkie is such an awesome and addictive file. This powerful session will drop you deeper and deeper with more intense feelings for Mistress Amethyst. You may not wish to ever leave her trance or her seductive voice. With each drop, the feelings are increased and then the process is repeated again. Mistress Amethyst voice is like a sirens call to fall for her over and over to which you will gladly comply. So sexy is this session, so calming and relaxing that you will not know what hit you but you will come back for more and more until you too become her own Insatiable Trance Junkie


    Seductive, spell binding, sexy voice, intoxicating. Great work; a masterpiece!

  22. Jaxx

    No Pill Can Cure This

    Normally my comments can be rather long. I could do so for this one again, but, this is different. This is Amethyst at Her sensuous best. The love of falling deeper under Her spell and succumbing to Amethyst’s irresistible charms is something i love being a Junkie for. Mistress Amethyst, You are amazing.


    Sensuous voice, love of the trance, falling deeper

  23. darth

    Why we love the trance

    Here it is folks. This session illustrates to perfection why we love the trance so much. It’s all about the feeling. The feeling of dropping deeper, the feeling of surrender, the feeling of being so seductivly taken. In this session, you will feel hypnotised and taken. That’s how we get addicted. We just simply feel so good. Just like a junky who needs his fix, you will need her voice to hypnotise you. You will follow her voice deep down, and will love every second of it.


    Dreamy seductive voice
    deepening countdowns

  24. guyinatrance

    Mistress Always Leaves you Smiling!

    Hip bucking, toe curling, fist clenching, breath sucking – what do you do at the height of orgasm? All of these & then some is what will happen when you listen 2 Mistress Amethyst’s Insatiable Trance Junkie! And this will occur even though there is no direct orgasm suggestion, but if you are like me, you will find Mistress Amethyst’s voice orgasmic! There are several positive suggestions too! Even a suggestion to smile, but I don’t think that you’ll need to be told to smile because Mistress Amethyst always leaves you smiling! You can trust Mistress Amethyst with your mind, body & soul! I have and I am better for it.


    A soft & sensuous voice delivering a hypnotic & erotic script! Many pleasurable trigger words, countdown inductions, multiple voice tracks, confusion techniques, theta brainwaves

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