Wrapped With Care
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Wrapped With Care



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A Fun, Erotic, Christmas-Themed Hypnosis

Listen for FREE – download for a small fee.

To my good boys

From your Mistress Amethyst

This is my gift to you!

Come and sit with me under the glistening Christmas tree.  Once you look up at the mesmerizing lights, you can’t help but begin to relax.  A long, slow, deep induction, guided by my voice, leads you so very deep into hypnotic confusion.  You are laying there, under the tree, surrounded by beautifully wrapped gifts, and you begin to feel as if you are also a gift.   Christmas gifts are under the tree…… you are under the tree…. feeling so mindless… and your body feels like a box…. therefore, you must also be a gift.  Yes….. you must be a gift…. that’s exactly what you are.  But where is your ribbon?  Gifts should be wrapped with care, shouldn’t they?  Yes!

***There are no suggestions to worship me & only me etc.  It’s just a fun little hypnosis trance.  Enjoy!

PLEASE NOTE:  This recording is not quite “mainstream”, but it’s one of my more vanilla topics.  For more of my erotic topic, please browse through the other categories on my website.

Features:  Long, slow induction, fractionation, single voice track for the induction, hypnotic confusion, body transformation, triple voice track for the programming section, post hypnotic suggestion, gender specific for men,  38 Minutes;  Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst, Copyright 2014



  1. Polaris Maxim (verified owner)

    I took Mistress Amethyst’s dare not know what to expect as I had not read the reviews. As I gazing upwards through the branches of my tree, I let her voice lull and guide into a nice relaxing trance. being taken up and down, open my eyes and gazing up into the tree server to heighten the experience for me. I was deeply under, her voice explained what I was and what I had to do to complete my transformation. I found myself envisioning myself, wrapped up, under the tree with a ribbon in the right spot. When she finally counted me awake, I could not resist the urge to obey. It is a very well done and enjoyable trace, which left me feeling oh so good at the end.

    As another review has stated, there is no programming to obey Mistress Amethyst in this recording. It is strictly recreational.

    Thank you for making this available to us as your gift Mistress.

  2. Origamisoldier

    Wrapped With Care is one of the most creative Christmas hypno sessions I’ve ever tranced to. Mistress Amethyst loves Christmas. She loves getting lots of loving gifts and presents. One of the best gifts you can give to her however, is your submission. In this special Holiday session Mistress Amethyst takes you deep into trance as you lay under the Christmas Tree. You’ll stare up at the lights as your vision blurs and you fall deep for her. Mistress Amethyst then explains to you how you are the gift she really wants this year. The secondary tracks repeat how you belong under the tree, wrapped with care.

    I highly recommend you come prepared with a ribbon, and that you get under the tree before you begin. The fractionation induction really works well with staring up at the tree. It really enhances the whole session. After all, you do want to be a gift for Mistress Amethyst, don’t you? Subs not devoted to Mistress Amethyst need not worry. There are no suggestions of service to Amethyst, nor does she compel you to buy anything off her wishlist. It’s just a fun, festive holiday experience with Mistress.

    And because Mistress Amethyst is such a generous woman, she has put out this session for free! Don’t miss one of the most unique sessions out there.

  3. Clark Mann

    Your “Wrapped With Care” freebie Christmas trance session was a surprise, delightful – to say the least. *S* Your voice took on a syrup-like quality, sugar sweet in the way You coo Your induction, feeling more like an all-out sexual seduction of Your man-prey than just a straight-up trance. As a Woman, and as a professional hypnotist; i know that You know that is the hook – a man is going to lock onto the voice of a Woman talking to him so seductively, and pay full and rapt attention. As his cock surrenders to Your charms, his conscious mind preoccupied with his fantasies of You and where You are going, Your velvet soft voice is weaving its way into the deep recesses of his subconscious, to take him down… down… down… to where You can work Your hypnotic magic on him. Him being me, in this case, and “me” lasting not 5 minutes into the induction before i was going deep, and hearing Your voice grow louder and more central in my mind as that familiar euphoria began creeping over me. Well done, my Seductress, my Enchantress: nice gift! What did You give everyone else? *L*

  4. Lola

    Never did i experience a trance so deep and confusing. Yet the effect was overwhelming and so effective.

    Stunned really. Mistress Amethyst is a very true and very very talented Artist. And i am Hers to open up and do with as She pleases.

    Thank You so much for this amazing enchantment.

  5. Amethyst’s Disciple

    Mistress Amethyst Offers the Perfect Christmas Gift!

    First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for this gift! “Wrapped with Care” is a free recording that Mistress Amethyst has given to all of Her followers for Christmas of 2014. If you haven’t listened to it yet, I highly recommend doing so post-haste!

    This unique recording begins by casting the listener into an incredibly deep trance. Her sexy voice will have you enraptured under Her spell in no-time! After you are deep under trance, a certain transformation will take place. Once done, you will understand your proper place in this world; namely, as a gift to Mistress Amethyst! Indeed, you will even experience an overwhelming urge to tie a ribbon around your… “most valued asset”.

    It is an incredible gift for all Her followers. The beauty of this recording is that one can return the favor immediately, by offering himself as a gift to Her. It forms a wonderful circle of “receiving and giving”, which is perfectly in-line with the Christmas season! Such symbolism further demonstrates the poetic genius of Mistress Amethyst!

    In sum, it is a perfect way to celebrate the Christmas Season. Again, I offer my deepest thanks to my Mistress for this wonderful present!

  6. slave l

    Thank you Mistress Amethyst for such a strong, deep and erotic file. Mistress’ languid, sexy velvety voice will ensure that you go deep and feel transformed for Her, into Her gift.

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