Amethyst Kisses Cracking your Resistance
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Amethyst Kisses Cracking your Resistance



In this Femdom Erotic Hypnosis session, each kiss from Mistress Amethyst tears down your resistance until you surrender yourself completely.

47 minutes


In this Femdom Erotic Hypnosis session, each kiss from Mistress Amethyst tears down your resistance until you surrender yourself completely.

If You LOVE Amethyst Kisses, you’ll LOVE THIS ONE EVEN MORE!!

Imagine yourself blindfolded, hands bound, and legs tied to the chair. Mmm Now add Mistress Amethyst covering you with kisses. Each kiss melting away any resistance you might have been keeping a secret. Then add in a little game – Mistress Amethyst is going to kiss that cock to see if you can resist and ask her to stop. LOL Ahhh, being set up for failure in this way is soooo much fun. In fact, handing over the control to your Mistress is quite orgasmic. Now stop imagining this fantasy and go download it NOW to EXPERIENCE it. Yes boys, I’m coming for you!

Features: blowjob fantasy! Layered voice tracks, light BDSM;  FemDom & Erotic Hypnosis by Mistress Amethyst of;  Copyright 2014

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  1. Amethystsubntn

    This is an amazing file even my Mistress Amethysts’ standards. It is such an erotic experience wrapped in a deep submissive journey. It felt like a love letter to submissives. So much intimacy but control and sensual domination. Like some of the above said, i can’t believe i waited until now to listen to this recording.

  2. Always Agree (verified owner)

    First let me begin by saying that this file is simply amazing and I should have bought it a lot sooner.

    I tend to prefer files that aren’t very visualization heavy. I find that sometimes my conscious mind gets a little too hung up on what I know is happening in the real world and what’s being described in Amethyst’s session. Here though, I didn’t have any issues with that.

    As you listen to the file she sets the scenario, and it’s wonderful to imagine Mistress Amethyst visiting you in real life. I could feel her stockings, and the silkiness of her panties. I could feel her breasts rubbing against me. Then the kisses. Oh wow, the kisses. My body would tremble with each kiss until, by the end my whole body was quivering uncontrollably.

    In the end, it wasn’t the sensation of the kisses though that really took me over the edge, it was the feeling of having my resistance so thoroughly undone by those kisses. The overwhelming feeling of having my will disappear and the waves of pleasure fill that vacuum.

    Like I said: simply amazing!

  3. Mark

    Kisses that truly break Your Resistance and your will

    Amethyst already knows that I am a sucker for Kisses as evidenced by my reaction to Amethyst Kisses. This is a sensual wonder! The induction is gentle and irresistible. i felt so calm, so relaxed and already so submissive that the rest just took me that much further. It never ceases to amaze me how seductive and sensuous Mistress Amethyst’s voice is. It just flows through my mind like silk and takes me deeper. The amazingly seductive Kisses that you can just “feel” when you hear them is unreal! Each Kiss made me melt a little more and completely weak to Her voice. My will and resistance were broken very early, but Mistress Amethyst managed to eliminate them completely and easily.

    The sound quality and the “special” effects never cease to amaze me and play ticks on my mind. I am by nature a very analytic person and the left/right mix just tears right past that and drags me down. It feels so good to let go to Her voice.

    The sound of Mistress Amethyst’s voice when she teases is something completely unto itself. It takes on a sultry even more seductive, if that’s possible, tone. My complete submission has always been there, but was permanently sealed early on in the blowjob tease. i was longing for a release but was yearning for it to go on and on, it felt so good! The power She has over me is undeniable and i wouldn’t want it any other way. My submission to Her is based on the love of a wonderful individual and how She shares that love with all Her submissives.


    sweet mind melting kisses, utter submissiveness, feeling of love and being loved, a voice beyond compare and a sound quality and effects that others will never match

  4. QuietMan

    Amethyst Kisses 2 – Breaking Resistance

    In summary, my resistance feels like a pinata at a large birthday party. Broken into many pieces, gathered up and and run through a trash compactor. The remnants express mailed to Amethyst. This session is like being run over by a purple bus.

    As usual the induction is great. Technical elements are good. Amethyst seems to be at her best when teasing. She is an exceptional tease. I can only speak for myself, but she knows what buttons to push and when.


    Great induction. Lovely fantasy. Great teasing.

  5. origamisoldier

    Better Than the Sequel We’ve All Been Waiting For

    This session was amazing!  The induction didn’t take me as deep as other sessions have, but with this session, I felt relaxed, weak, and submissive.  I loved the layered echos.  Other sessions have sort of a 3D effect where the words rotate around my head, but this one gave a sensation that the echos were shooting straight through my head from left to right.  I’m constantly amazed how well Mistress Amethyst accomplishes these effects without using a binaural mic!  The kiss sounds were great!  They sounded juicy, wet, sensual, and tender.  Each one was planted with the same amount of love and passion I have for Mistress Amethyst.  I really enjoyed the theme of “love in submission” used here.  One of my favorite things about the D/S bond I have with Mistress Amethyst is the love we share.  It’s not just that I love to submit to her, or that she loves to dominate me.  It’s more about how I submit to her out of love, and she dominates me out of love.  It’s even better that her love is shared with all her submissives!  The blowjob game really surprised me though.  I thought she would frame it in a tease and denial sort of way.  That she would only finish if I pledged myself to her and begged for release.  But she knew that wasn’t necessary.  She knew my submission was a done deal before I even started listening.  She just used her power over my pleasure to seal it, and remove every last bit of resistance.  During the game, I wasn’t even thinking about the blowjob (except when she mentioned it specifically).  Instead my mind was flooded with thoughts of submission to Amethyst, memories of how good it felt to please her, and thoughts of how I need to surrender completely to her power.  This sequel is better than the original in many ways, and is a special treat for any Amethyst submissive.


    submissive feelings, passionate kisses, best blowjob

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