Eruption Level 2 – Hand Possession
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Eruption Level 2 – Hand Possession



In this Eruption, Hands Free Orgasm Trigger Training Hypnosis, Mistress Amethyst will possess your hand to masturbate you & trigger your orgasm upon command

29 minutes


Mistress Amethyst possesses your hand & masturbates you until she triggers your orgasm!

Level 2 – Hands Free Orgasm Training!  I know you’ve been dreaming about becoming possessed by Me… well, now is your chance. 

I drop you into a deep, sexy trance.  From there, I slip My hand inside of yours, and guide you to stroke exactly the way that I want you to be stroked.  Be prepared to want Me to activate the trigger… want is a weak word.  Holy Hell… you’re going to be BEGGING!!

I’m turning you into My little cum puppet, and you love it!

Features:  Subliminal Eruption programming, JOI, Eruption trigger training for Hands Free Orgasm, soft 2nd voice track; FemDom & Erotic hypnosis by Amethyst of  Copyright 2014  29 Minutes

Hands Free Orgasm Training Instructions:

Level 1 – Listen to the Hands Free Orgasm Trigger Training Hypnosis as many times as you would like.

Level 2 – After you have listened to the Level 1 training audio (preferably more than once), you can begin the Level 2 training.

Each Level 2 recording will include a JOI with the Eruption trigger given in order to bring on your orgasm. Work on your timing – get really good at having your orgasm when I give the trigger.

Then when you’ve mastered timing your orgasm with the trigger, begin to use lighter and lighter touch, until you are able to achieve a Hands Free Orgasm.

Level 3 – Once a Hands Free Orgasm has been accomplished, you are now ready to move on to Level 3, or you may continue to listen to other Level 2

I prefer that you purchase through DeepSurrender, but I do have this title available on NiteFlirt

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  1. blue

    I received this file as part of the Eruption 2014 package, and feel it deserves a special mention. I’d stepped through Level 1 a couple of times, then tried the other Level 2 files in the package, but didn’t really feel the benefits. I recently came back to the series, looped Level 1 a number of times, then opened this file for the first time.

    Oooh my! This is the file for me. Mistress Amethyst slowly, teasingly, brought me to a sense of delicious urgency. The big difference between this and other hypno files is that my hands are doing what she commands, so she effectively redefined what I thought “hands-free” really meant.

    So if you are like me and tend to take things a bit too literally at times, this (combined with Level 1) may be the HFO file for you.

  2. Lord Epicure (verified owner)

    Completly controled like a Mindless Puppet !

    Before start, i must precised that you have to focus first on Eruption Trigger training. The more you will be properly trained and conditionned by Mistress programming, the more your response to the Eruption Trigger will be powerful.
    In order to be fully trained, you can follow Mistress Suggestion iby listening to Eruption trigger training in loop at low volume just before sleep. You will pleasantly be surprised by the results.
    Perhaps like me, it will be the first time that you wil hear Mistress gives this fabulous trigger.
    So, in this recording, Mistress takes great care to your relaxation, in order that you reach a deep state of relaxation for your body. Also Mistress will take time to calm your mind in the best and sweetest way.
    You will have no conscious control and soon your mind will be possesed by Mistress Amethyst, and this will be so divine. Programming your mind, making you feel the arousal grow stronger and stronger, leading you in your best erotic way like in a wet dream !
    Personaly, Mistress has led me gently to orgasm, in her total control, i was so deep and so aroused, feeling my orgasm building with the power of her silky spell.
    Then, when i heard the word ERUPTION with the snap of Mistress fingers, I felt the sensation of a volcano on the point to explode! My body was taken at first by shocks, and at the second Eruption Command, It was translated by an intense orgasm and an explosion never felt before ! Completely out of control.
    Up to the count up, I needed some time to recover my mind.
    This file is perfect for beginners, and after you can try The Countdown to Eruption wich is more stronger.
    Personnaly, I prefer to take my time and to be sure to be fully trained in order to fully enjoy all the Eruption Level 3 training !

  3. tristen

    I have been using this for about a week and it is amazing the progress it has made. I have use almost no pressure at all and I erupt on command of mistress.

    Once you listen to Mistress Amethyst you will not need to look for another hypno-domme

    very easy to follow mstress and gives the space to train at your pace. Makes you want to keep trying for mistress.

  4. anothertoy4Love


    I will start by saying that I rarely buy anything that isn’t by Mistress Love these days. I felt a need to pick this one up based on the subject matter and the fact that Amethyst recently single-handedly started a rebellion. 😉 Having a hands free orgasm has been pretty much a lifelong fantasy of mine, or at least since it happened to me when I was 15. If you’ve seen Generations, think of Malcolm McDowell trying to get back to the Nexus. 🙂 I have come close, but it always takes a bit of contact to… make it go off. This file is phenomenal. When I hit play I had never heard Amethyst’s voice before. Rest assured, it is smooth, silky and sexy. It relaxed me instantly. I’ve only listened to it once, but I know that I will need to listen to it more and likely get the rest of them in hopes of Erupting in the near future.


    It’s called Eruption. 🙂 and it’s really good.

  5. Eric777

    The beginning of the real definitive erotic hypnosis experience!!

    Being programmed by Mistress Amethyst is a truly unique experience! And she really knows how to train you to total obedience. Her triggers are so sweet that they will just fall into place inside your mind and make you to crave for more… Every session with Mistress Amethyst is an incredible experience and it’s very hard to explain by words. If you try one of her session you will know that I am right! And this one is a perfect place to start!!!

  6. HypnoOrgasmSub

    Amethyst’s new hit recording!

    Amethyst’s new recording is something that everyone should include in his library. It is deeply arousing and it is emphasizing Amethyst’s caring attitude. Listening to the recording feels so good it provides a great relief from stress as well among all other positive emotions it wakes. I have no doubts that the ultimate goal can be reached finally as well. Amethyst’s voice is also so sensual that it is a pleasure to go under Her spell, no matter the subject. She handles also Her recording methods perfectly and the product’s high quality sound and the skillful use of audio effects speak for themselves.

  7. Fernando

    The perfect Series!

    Almost all my life I’ve waited for this series, especially by that is made by someone that I trust and admire, Mistress Amethyst. Imagine being led on a journey where a special woman as Amethyst has total control over you and your orgasm, with only a word takes you to where she wants and she can use that word when she wants… If you really like to be erotically hypnotized, you should not miss this series. I can assure you.

  8. origamisoldier

    The Start of Something Amazing

    After weeks of work Mistress Amethyst has released her Magnum Opus of HFO: The Eruption Series. I’ve only just started on this Journey, but I’m already certain that what Mistress Amethyst wants in this session will come to fruition. These are some of the reasons why I think this HFO training will be successful.

    The whole design of the series is geared towards taking it slow and working gradually towards a true HFO. Instead of just trying over and over slowly losing hope the series lets you work towards it through normal stimulation that you use less of over time. Everyone’s different and this series lets people take it at their own pace. The trainer itself uses multiple techniques to reinforce and train the trigger. The induction is a little more classic. You don’t have to be used to Mistress Amethyst’s other sessions for this one to take you deep. Several times in the session she ties HFO back to wet dreams. I like the use of this analogy. It gets my mind on the right track and helps me to believe that it can happen. She uses a visualization of her using the trigger on you. You view it a few times before being pulled into the image and “experiencing” it. I found myself replaying it over during the repetitions at the end of the session. I would scrub back and forth, speed it up, and slow it down at various points.

    I’m really excited about this series! Everything about it is just so well thought out and designed around taking it slow at the pace of each sub. If you’re curious about experiencing a true HFO I couldn’t think of a better place to start.


    designed around taking at your own pace, great ideas to reinforce the believability

  9. guyinatrance

    Everything you would ever want or crave

    Tome, epic, series, classic, unequalled heroic are all words that come to mind as well as cum & mind. Epic probably is the best i think, “extending beyond the usual or ordinary especially in size or scope” Eruption Hands Free Orgasm Training by Mistress Amethyst is FemDom Erotic Hypnosis of Epic proportions! If you want to experience a most profound deep pleasurable trance then you will want to listen to this unequalled classic series! Relaxation countdown, multiple voice tracks with subliminal confusion techniques as well as a very hypnotic script describing the ultimate erotic fantasy. Everything you would ever want or crave is in this epic series.


    Irresistible hypnotic voice, Sexually stimulating script, perfect pulse quickening performance, terrifically technically trance inducing techniques

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